Adjectives for Laser

Adjectives For Laser

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing laser, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the various adjectives related to the noun 'laser' unveils the complex and fascinating world of light amplification. Whether it's a pulsed laser, known for its short, high-energy bursts, or a dye laser, celebrated for its tunability across a wide range of wavelengths, each adjective adds a unique shade to our understanding. The ruby and yag lasers highlight the diverse materials that can generate coherent light, while tunable lasers showcase the adaptability in wavelength selection. The richness of these descriptors, from neon lasers with their distinct glow to other types, opens up a universe of optical technology. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives below and illuminate your comprehension of lasers.
dyeThe dye laser can produce light pulses with durations as short as a few picoseconds.
rubyThe Ruby laser was the first working laser, invented by Theodore H. Maiman in 1960.
tunableThe tunable laser precisely adjusts the laser wavelength to the desired target.
yagThe Yag laser is used to remove tattoos, skin blemishes, and other skin conditions.
neonThe neon laser emitted a brilliant beam of red light.
lockedThe locked laser was used to etch the intricate pattern on the silicon wafer.
sapphireThe sapphire laser is a versatile laser source that can be used for a variety of applications including laser surgery and cutting.
singleThe single laser beam cut through the darkness.
infraredThe infrared laser was used to measure the distance to the moon.
stateThe state laser was cutting-edge technology.
continuousThe continuous laser beam was focused on the surface of the material.
freeThe scientist discovered a new type of free laser
redThe red laser beam shot through the darkness.
arfThe arf laser was used to measure the distance to the moon.
greenThe scientist pointed the green laser at the distant star.
solidThe solid laser emitted a bright and focused beam of light.
typicalThe typical laser used has a wavelength of 1064nm.
excimerThe excimer laser is used in photolithography to create very small patterns on the surface of a semiconductor wafer.
levelThe level laser projected a bright green line across the room.
confocalThe confocal laser microscopy technique allows for the detailed visualization of three-dimensional structures.
powerfulThe scientist used the powerful laser to conduct experiments.
dopedThe doped laser provides a narrow and intense beam of light.
argonThe argon laser is a continuous-wave laser that emits light in the blue-green region of the spectrum.
conventionalThe conventional laser is a light source that emits a beam of highly focused and coherent light.
emittingThe new device was emitting laser light that could be seen from a great distance.
blueThe blue laser was used to cut the metal.
visibleThe visible laser was pointing towards the sky.
surgicalThe surgeon wielded the surgical laser with precision, removing the cancerous tissue.
cavityThe cavity laser is a type of laser that uses an optical cavity to resonate light.
externalThe external laser beam was focused on a dye solution.
basedThe measurements were based laser interferometry
powerThe power laser quickly cut through the metal.
opticalThe optical laser is a device that emits a highly focused beam of light.
co2The co2 laser is used in many applications, including cutting, engraving, and welding.
multimodeThe multimode laser emits light in a variety of modes.
doubleThe double laser shot out from the spaceship.
modulatedThe modulated laser emitted a coherent beam of light with a precisely controlled wavelength.
modelockedThis modelocked laser demonstrates exceptional stability and low timing jitter.
guidedThe guided laser beam cut through the metal with precision.
wavelengthThe wavelength laser is used for precise cutting and welding in various industries.
commercialThe commercial laser was used to etch the intricate pattern into the metal.
garnetThe garnet laser is a solid-state laser that uses a yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) crystal as the gain medium.
glassThe glass laser fired a powerful beam of light through the room.
intenseThe intense laser beam cut through the material like a hot knife through butter.
polarizedThe polarized laser beam was directed at the target.
diodeThe diode laser is a semiconductor device that emits coherent light.
molecularThe molecular laser is a device that emits a narrow beam of radiation at a specific wavelength.
airborneThe airborne laser system was used to create a detailed map of the area.
excitingThe exciting laser show lit up the night sky.
narrowThe narrow laser cut through the metal like a hot knife through butter.
crystalThe crystal laser emitted a brilliant beam of light.
photonThe photon laser emitted a concentrated beam of light.
idealThe ideal laser would have a single, well-defined wavelength and a perfectly parallel beam.
cooledThe cooled laser was used to measure the speed of light.
coherentThe coherent laser emitted a beam of intense, monochromatic light.
efficientThe efficient laser quickly seared through the metal.
passivelyThe surgeons passively laser off the skin.
verticalThe vertical laser beam cut through the thick metal like a hot knife through butter.
stableThe stable laser emitted a continuous beam of light.
excitedThe excited laser emitted a brilliant beam of light that illuminated the room.
lunarThe lunar laser ranging experiment uses a laser to measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
percutaneousThe percutaneous laser was used to remove the tumor.
runningThe scientist was running laser on the prism to learn the refraction index.
compactThe compact laser can be used for a variety of applications.
dynamicThe team used a dynamic laser system to create 3D images.
integratedThe beam diode laser has an integrated laser with a multilayer structure.
liquidThe liquid laser emitted a brilliant beam of light.
heterostructureThe heterostructure laser is a type of semiconductor laser that emits light at a specific wavelength.

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