Adjectives for Lat

Adjectives For Lat

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lat, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'lat' significantly alters the meaning conveyed, highlighting the importance of adjective use in shaping nuanced expressions. Descriptors like 'late' transform 'lat' into a concept tied to time, while 'low' shifts the focus to a spatial qualifier. The adjectives 'south', 'greco', and 'neo' inject geographic, historical, or stylistic layers, respectively, enriching the context. Each adjective, from 'late' to 'date', opens a new dimension of interpretation, demonstrating the versatility and depth language can achieve through simple combinations. Delve deeper into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'lat' to explore the breadth of expressions at your fingertips.
lateMy boss was late late to work this morning.
lowThe low lat helped me get to the store quickly and easily.
southThe south latitude is 33 degrees.
grecoI am studying Greco lat in my spare time.
neoThe neo lat was a new form of Latin that was developed in the Renaissance.
dateI'm going on a date laters.
nearThe shop is situated near lat
oldThe old lat stayed home all day.
lowerIt was difficult to do a pull-up because his lower lat was injured.
northThe ship sailed north lat to find the new continent.
19thThe 19th lat of the 21st century is now.
southernThe southern lat was misty and cold.
15thThe 15th lat was a time of great change and upheaval.
graecoThe graeco lat revolted against the whole Latin civilization.
ancientThe ancient lat was a Roman throwing weapon similar to the javelin.
aboveThe airplane flew above lat clouds.
meanThe mean lat of the trip was 30.509385.
totalThe total lat from the left to right is 25 minutes.
rightThe right lat deltoid is the part of the deltoid just lateral to the teres major insertion site.
vaticanI visited the Vatican lat year and it was amazing.
centralHis central lat comes down to his knees.
lateralThe lateral lat machine targets the lateral deltoids.
femaleThe female lat is a type of insect.
minuteThe group met on the minute lat
medievalThe old chapel contained beautiful medieval lat windows.
approximateThe approximate lat of 46.077443 is 46.
middleThe latissimus dorsi muscle is located in the middle lat of the back.
parallelI watched him running down the parallel lat
leftThe left lat muscle is responsible for the movement of the shoulder.
correctThe width is correct lat
northernThe northern latitude of the city is 40 degrees.
honestShe finished talking and couldn't even look at me with an honest lat
medialThe medial lat of the tibia is the smooth area on the inner side of the bone.
suraeI am going to buy surae lat
secThe sec lat is a type of latitude measurement.
differenceThe difference lat and long was about 1.41 degree.
balancedThe gymnast had a balanced lat musculature.
cerebralHis cerebral lat was larger than expected for his age.
geomagneticThe geomagnetic lat changes rapidly over time due to internal magnetic field variations.
mediaevalThe mediaeval lat figures outside the list
4thThe 4th lat is a great place to go for a walk.
supracondylarThe supracondylar lat estimates force with tensional sensors.
correspondingThe corresponding lat is 10.235515.
dorsalJohn's dorsal lat is enormous.
gradualThe gradual lat increased in intensity over time.
obliqueThe oblique lat is a muscle located on the back of the torso.
passiveThe passive lat was hidden behind the cabinet.
dayHe called me the day lat
tearThe tear lat was a great disappointment.
rectusThe rectus lat muscle is one of the most important muscles in the back.
stableThe stable lat arched over the horses' heads.
shapedThe mold shaped lat flat with molten metal.
condyleThe mandibular condyle lat processed by the software is suitable for clinical application.
70thThe 70th lat can be found by navigating vertically on a globe.
vaticThe vatic lat is a large bird of prey.
probableThe probable lateness of the train was not mentioned in the announcement.
midGreg was a mid lat and he couldn't do anything about it.
abbreviatedThe abbreviated lat was not clear.
classicalClassical lat photography examples

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