Adjectives for Latitude

Adjectives For Latitude

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing latitude, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives when paired with the noun 'latitude' unveils a world where geography meets expression. Descriptors like 'north' and 'south' immediately orient us in the global landscape, evoking images of polar ice caps or tropical climates. 'Same' suggests a mirror of positions, where two points share a parallel connection across the globe. 'Wide' and 'greater' expand our perception, hinting at vast distances or significant differences in positioning. Meanwhile, 'considerable' infuses the term with importance and magnitude, inviting the reader to ponder the significant impact of geographical location. Each adjective colors 'latitude' with unique shades of meaning, opening the door to a deeper understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich 'latitude' and their illustrative sentences below.
northThe city is located at 40 degrees north latitude
sameThe two cities are located at the same latitude
wideThe company gave him wide latitude in making decisions.
considerableThe company allows employees considerable latitude in their work hours.
southThe ship sailed 40 degrees south latitude
greaterThe company's new policy gives employees greater latitude in setting their own hours.
moreThe company gave me more latitude in my role.
greatThe CEO has given me great latitude to make decisions about the company's future.
highThe high latitude regions of the Earth are home to unique ecosystems and weather patterns.
muchThe project manager was given much latitude in how she completed the task.
northernThe northern latitude is characterized by cold temperatures and long winters.
certainThe act gave local governments a certain latitude in deciding how to implement the new law.
southernThe ship sailed to a southern latitude of 30 degrees.
higherThe Arctic is located in a higher latitude than the Antarctic.
lowThe low latitude regions receive more concentrated sunlight than the high latitude regions.
widerThe judge granted the defense wider latitude in presenting their case.
greatestThe new policy gives its employees the greatest latitude in choosing their work hours.
geomagneticThe low latitudes and the high geomagnetic latitude are two important regions where the equatorial ionosphere is connected to the auroral ionosphere.
geographicalThe geographical latitude of London is 51.5 degrees north.
widestShe gives her widest latitude to the child.
utmostThe company granted the employee utmost latitude in completing the project.
galacticThe celestial sphere at any point in space is defined by the observer's galactic latitude and longitude
magneticThe Earth's magnetic latitude varies from the geographic latitude.
sufficientThe company gave him sufficient latitude to make his own decisions.
lowerWe spent the winter at a lower latitude to avoid the cold weather.
broadThe court gave the lawyer broad latitude to present his case.
lessThere was less latitude in his actions after he was put on probation.
geographicThe geographic latitude of the equator is zero degrees.
middleThe middle latitude region has a moderate climate.
highestThe highest latitude is 90 degrees north at the North Pole.
meanThe mean latitude of the United States is 39.83 degrees north.
geocentricThe geocentric latitude of a point is the angle between the equatorial plane and the line connecting the point to the center of the Earth.
celestialThe telescope was aligned to the celestial latitude of the star.
northerlyThe island is located at a northerly latitude meaning it experiences long days in summer and short days in winter.
reasonableThe contract allowed for reasonable latitude in the interpretation of its terms.
exactThe exact latitude of the place is 28 degrees north.
enoughI think that we have enough latitude to make a decision about this.
maximumThe team was given maximum latitude to make decisions.
ampleThe judge provided ample latitude for the defense to present its case.
astronomicalThe astronomical latitude of a place is its distance from the celestial equator, measured along the great circle through the place and the poles.
geodeticThe geodetic latitude of a point is the angle between the equatorial plane and the normal to the surface of the Earth at that point.
observedThe observed latitude of the star was 20 degrees.
substantialThe court gave the jury substantial latitude in determining the defendant's guilt or innocence.
midThe mid latitude was very rainy.
correspondingThe corresponding latitude can be found by identifying the point where the line intersects the longitude.
southerlyThe ship was sailing in southerly latitudes.
terrestrialThe terrestrial latitude of the site is 40 degrees north.
invariantThe satellite maintains an invariant latitude with its orbit inclined towards the equator.
solar"Hawaii is above 20 degrees solar latitude while most of the contiguous U.S. is below 40 degrees."
fullestThe artist was given the fullest latitude to express his vision.
heliographicThe heliographic latitude of the flare was determined to be -20 degrees.
correctThe correct latitude is 40.7127 degrees north.
tropicalThe tropical latitudes are located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
enormousScientists have enormous latitude to explore the phenomenon of gravity.
temperateThe temperate latitudes are generally considered to be between 23.5 and 66.5 degrees latitude.
tremendousThe team has tremendous latitude in determining the project's scope.
discretionaryThe judge was given discretionary latitude in sentencing the defendant.
preciseThe GPS device indicated the plane's precise latitude to be 51.507351.
assumedThe navigator assumed latitude 40 degrees north for his calculations.
extraordinaryThe artist's extraordinary latitude allowed them to explore unconventional techniques.
parallelThe city of Buenos Aires is located near the 35th parallel latitude in the southern hemisphere.
eclipticThe ecliptic latitude of the satellite was 10 degrees north.
unlimitedThe explorers had unlimited latitude to roam the vast wilderness.
broaderThe new policy provides broader latitude for employees to work from home.
lowestThe city is located at the lowest latitude in the country.
approximateThe approximate latitude of the city is 40 degrees north.

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