Adjectives for Launch

Adjectives For Launch

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing launch, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'launch' carries with it an air of anticipation and excitement. When paired with adjectives like 'first,' 'successful,' 'small,' 'new,' and 'little,' the nuances of the scenario being described dramatically shift. A 'first launch' invokes a sense of pioneering achievement, while a 'successful launch' highlights accomplishment amid potentially challenging circumstances. Similarly, descriptors like 'small' or 'new' can significantly alter our perception, from the scale of the endeavor to the freshness of the initiative. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative around the word launch, enriching our understanding and anticipation of the event described. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring the word launch to life, revealing the depth and breadth of contexts and emotions it can encompass.
firstThe first launch of the new product was a huge success.
successfulThe project was successful launch in the market.
smallThe small launch sent rockets into orbit.
newThe new launch of the product was a great success.
littleThe little launch was rocking gently in the waves.
officialThe official launch of the new product was a great success.
initialThe initial launch was a success.
secondWe are experiencing a delay in the second launch
footOn a clear day, the hot-air balloon was sent up into the air with a foot launch
accidentalThe accidental launch of the missile caused widespread panic.
nextThere were no major delays, and the next launch occurred at 3:03 PM EST.
bigThe band's big launch was a roaring success.
motorThe motor launch sped across the lake, leaving a trail of white water in its wake.
actualThe actual launch of the rocket was delayed due to technical difficulties.
sovietThe Soviet launch was a resounding success.
commercialThe commercial launch of the product was a resounding success.
nationalThe new product will have a national launch in June.
electric"Silent and ready, the electric launch transfers passengers to and from the island"
fastThe new fast launch was delivered yesterday.
navalThe naval launch was a success.
formalWe'd like to invite you to our organization's formal launch
recentThe company saw a surge in orders following the recent launch of their new product.
japaneseThe Japanese launch their forces into the fray.
preWe are working pre launch to finalize the details.
britishThe British launch their latest weapon against the enemy.
finalThe final launch of the satellite was a success.
immediateThe company initiated an immediate launch of their new product.
plannedThe planned launch date for the new product is next month.
unauthorizedThe unauthorized launch was swiftly detected and intercepted.
spanishThe Spanish launch of the new product was a huge success.
verticalThe rocket performed a vertical launch ascending swiftly into the sky.
nuclearThe nuclear launch was authorized by the president.
tinyThe tiny launch sent the satellite into orbit.
scaleThe scale launch was a success.
mannedThe manned launch was a success.
quickThe software bundle comes with quick launch and drag and drop features.
russianThe Russian launch was a success.
simultaneousThe simultaneous launch of the two rockets was a spectacular sight.
perfectThe rocket had a perfect launch
simulatedThe simulated launch occurred without any complications.
imminentThe imminent launch of the new product is highly anticipated.
softAfter the exclusive invite-only preview in March, the app is expected to soft launch in May with a wider range of users.
poweredThe spacecraft used a powered launch system to reach its intended orbit.
gloriousWe celebrated the glorious launch of our new product.
northThe north launch was delayed due to weather conditions.
rapidThe company's rapid launch of the new product surprised the competition.
impendingThe impending launch of the new product created a buzz among the consumers.
globalThe global launch of the product was a huge success.
postThe team gathered for a celebratory dinner post launch
speedThe speed launch hurtled across the lake with ease.
promptThe project will begin with a prompt launch and wrap up in the fall.
spectacularThe rocket's spectacular launch sent shockwaves through the sky.
moonThe moon launch was a success.
underwaterThe underwater launch was a success and the rocket propelled into space.
fifthWe are experiencing issues with our fifth launch today.
swiftThe company's swift launch of the new product was a huge success.

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