Adjectives for Launches

Adjectives For Launches

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing launches, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe launches can vastly alter the perception of an event or object. For instance, a new launch introduces innovation and freshness, whereas a small launch might imply a more tailored, niche appeal. The connotation of a successful launch speaks to achievement and favorable outcomes, stirring anticipation and excitement. Describing multiple events or items with several launches denotes abundance and variety, illustrating a wider scope or scale. Armed launches suggest military strength or aggressive strategies, introducing a sense of urgency or power. Meanwhile, a first launch represents pioneering spirit and the dawn of potential. Each adjective frames the noun in a unique light, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of descriptive possibilities below.
newThe new launches were a huge success, with thousands of people attending.
smallThe project had several small launches to test the waters.
successfulThe company recently announced two successful launches
severalWe witnessed several launches from the space center.
armedThe warships patrolled the harbor with armed launches
firstThe first launches of the new rocket were a complete success.
commercialThe company has scheduled several commercial launches for the coming year.
largeThe company's large launches have been very successful.
accidentalThe crew watched in dismay as the rocket slipped from their grasp and embarked on a series of accidental launches
motorThe quiet chugging of motor launches drifted in from the waterfront.
moreThe company hopes to achieve more launches this year.
electricThey can also be used as electric launches for larger sailboats.
sovietThe Soviet launches shocked the world.
multipleThe company plans to conduct multiple launches of its rocket this year.
fastThe team of marine scientists boarded the Coast Guard's fast launches for a day of fishing along the Pacific Coast.
previousThis is a sentence with "previous launches"
navalThe naval launches were a success, with all ships returning to port safely.
privateThe private launches were a huge success.
subsequentThe subsequent launches were all successful.
futureOur future launches will continue to explore the vast expanse of space.
satelliteSatellite launches are a critical component of the global communications infrastructure.
military"Pew Pew!" said the general as the military launches its missiles.
footThe airplane foot launches at a speed of 70mph.
speedThe speed launches into a fast trajectory.
recentThe company has had recent launches of several new products.
numerousElon Musk's SpaceX has had numerous launches in recent years.
poweredThe rocket lifted off with powered launches
furtherNASA has authorized further launches of commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station.
plannedThe company has more than 10 planned launches scheduled for 2023.
mannedThe manned launches took the astronauts into space.
smallerWe will make smaller launches but more frequently.
chineseThe Chinese launches a new rocket from a new spaceport.
russianRussian launches rocket into space.
bigToday we're having exciting big launches
additionalThe additional launches helped assess how the engine performed with different configurations.
unmannedThe recent unmanned launches of rockets have revolutionized space exploration.
shortestThe shortest launches are typically used for suborbital flights.
britishBritish launches spacecraft to study the Sun.
openThe happy children were laughing as they played on the open launches near the shore.
spanishSpanish launches the satallite.
initialWe had several minor bugs to work out before the initial launches
simultaneousThe company announced simultaneous launches of three new products.
frequentThe rapid development and frequent launches of new technologies have created a sense of urgency for businesses to keep up with the latest trends.
operationalThe company has conducted several operational launches in recent years.
woodenThe ski boat was equipped with wooden launches for a smoother gliding on the water.
swiftThe swift launches into the air.
unauthorizedSecurity measures aim to prevent unauthorized launches of missiles.
motorizedThe motorized launches glided effortlessly across the shimmering water.
nuclearThe generals watched in horror as nuclear launches began on their computer screens.
successiveThe successive launches of satellites into orbit have greatly increased our understanding of the universe.
icbmReports about several ICBM launches raised tensions in the region.
orbitalOrbital launches offer companies access to outer space for scientific research and commercial applications.
ussrUSSR launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite.
unsuccessfulThe company has had several unsuccessful launches in recent years, leading to a loss of market share.
fastestThe new app has received over 100 million downloads and makes the fastest launches yet for any social app
fewer"We've had far fewer launches this year than we did last year."
coastalThe coastal launches were bobbing along the sea.
seaThe successful sea launches have made us excited to do more space exploration.
dualThe company announced its dual launches of two new smartphones.
armoredThe armored launches were a success and the troops were able to secure the beachhead.

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