Adjectives for Lawsuit

Adjectives For Lawsuit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lawsuit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with 'lawsuit' can substantially change the context and specificity of information being conveyed. A 'civil lawsuit' denotes legal disputes between private parties, whereas a 'federal lawsuit' involves a dispute under U.S. federal law. The term 'first lawsuit' implies a pioneering legal action, potentially setting a precedent. Describing a lawsuit as 'action' focuses on the process rather than the nature of the case. Calling a lawsuit 'successful' highlights the outcome, and a 'private lawsuit' points to the parties involved and the lack of public interest or impact. Each adjective adds a unique layer of understanding and specificity. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the wide range of nuances they bring to the term 'lawsuit'.
civilThe civil lawsuit against the company was dismissed by the judge.
federalThe federal lawsuit alleges that the company violated federal antitrust laws.
firstThe company's first lawsuit was filed in 2010.
actionThe shareholders filed an action lawsuit against the company's board of directors.
successfulThe successful lawsuit resulted in the company paying millions in damages and changing its business practices.
privateThe private lawsuit is expected to be filed against the former Governor by the end of the week.
longThe long lawsuit finally came to an end after years of back-and-forth litigation.
majorThe company is facing a major lawsuit over its alleged environmental violations.
expensiveThe company is facing an expensive lawsuit
famousThe famous lawsuit lasted for over a decade and cost millions of dollars.
subsequent"The subsequent lawsuit alleged that the company had failed to properly investigate the allegations of discrimination."
antitrustThe company was found liable in an antitrust lawsuit
possibleThe company is facing a possible lawsuit from its former employees.
potentialI'm sorry, I can't write a short sentence with "potential lawsuit".
dollarThe dollar lawsuit was dismissed by the judge.
secondThe firm was served with a second lawsuit on 19 June 2019.
bigThe company is facing a big lawsuit
singleThe company lost billions of dollars due to a single lawsuit
frivolousThe frivolous lawsuit was dismissed by the judge.
protractedThe protracted lawsuit had dragged on for years, with no end in sight.
importantThe important lawsuit was settled out of court.
wrongful"She has been accused of filing a wrongful lawsuit."
personalShe had filed a personal lawsuit against the hospital for medical negligence.
costlyThe reckless behavior of the company's employees has led to a costly lawsuit
recentThe recent lawsuit has brought to light some disturbing allegations.
particularThe particular lawsuit was dismissed by the judge.
separateThe two parties will now need to wait for the outcome of the separate lawsuit
originalThey filed the original lawsuit in federal court.
lengthyThe lengthy lawsuit has been ongoing for several years now.
ordinaryThe ordinary lawsuit was filed in the local court.
medicalShe had to file a medical lawsuit against the hospital.
unsuccessfulThe unsuccessful lawsuit brought the case back to square one.
impendingThe company is facing an impending lawsuit due to the safety concerns of its products.
criminalThe criminal lawsuit was dismissed due to lack of evidence.
bitterThe bitter lawsuit between the two companies dragged on for years.
celebratedThe recently celebrated lawsuit saw the plaintiff awarded a large sum of money.
futureThe company is facing a future lawsuit for its negligence.
complicatedThe complicated lawsuit dragged on for years, costing both parties a fortune.
laterThe company was sued for negligence, and a later lawsuit alleged fraud.
tediousThe tedious lawsuit had dragged on for years.
interminableThe interminable lawsuit had dragged on for years without any resolution.
troublesomeThe CEO's lawyers advised them of the ongoing troublesome lawsuit
ongoingThe company is currently involved in an ongoing lawsuit alleging patent infringement.
environmentalThe environmental lawsuit against the company was dismissed by the judge.
hugeThe angry customers are filing a huge lawsuit against the company
vexatiousThe judge dismissed the vexatious lawsuit filed by the disgruntled shareholder.
typicalHe is stuck in a typical lawsuit for a car accident.
formalThe attorney general filed a formal lawsuit against the company for fraud.
prolongedThe prolonged lawsuit had drained both parties of time and resources.
scandalousThe scandalous lawsuit has brought to light the corruption within the company.
underlyingThe underlying lawsuit alleges that the company misled investors about the safety of its products.
ruinousThe ruinous lawsuit left the company on the brink of bankruptcy.
relatedThe related lawsuit was filed by the company's former CEO.
earlierI'm not able to comment on that earlier lawsuit at this time.
unfortunateThe unfortunate lawsuit has dragged on for over a decade.
yearThe year lawsuit was settled out of court.
curiousHe was dragged into a curious lawsuit after he was accused of negligence.
propheticThe prophetic lawsuit predicted the future events with uncanny accuracy.
sensationalThe sensational lawsuit has drawn the attention of the media.
unjustThe company is facing an unjust lawsuit over a product defect.
friendlyLawyers and the company ended the friendly lawsuit
priorThe prior lawsuit had been settled out of court and the terms were confidential.
copyrightThe company is facing a copyright lawsuit for allegedly using another company's design without permission.
endlessThe attorney's endless lawsuit has been going on for over ten years.
racialThe racial lawsuit against the company was dismissed by the judge.
fatThe company is facing a fat lawsuit over its defective products.
unhappyThe unhappy lawsuit dragged on for years, causing both parties undue stress.
administrativeThe administrative lawsuit was filed against the city for failing to follow proper procedure.

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