Adjectives for Lawyers

Adjectives For Lawyers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lawyers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe lawyers can significantly alter the perception of their expertise, experience, and origin. Describing someone as a young lawyer may highlight their fresh perspective or emerging talent, whereas an eminent lawyer suggests a level of respect and distinction earned over years. The adjective international broadens the scope, indicating a lawyer with a global understanding or practice. Meanwhile, American lawyers might be associated with specific legal systems or cultural approaches to law. Each adjective brings its own nuances to the noun, painting a more vivid and precise picture. Discover the full range of adjectives that can redefine 'lawyers' in fascinating ways below.
manyI have heard of many lawyers who have gotten their clients off on technicalities.
youngThe young lawyers were eager to make their mark on the legal world.
mostMost lawyers are excellent at arguing.
internationalInternational lawyers are needed to help resolve conflicts between countries.
eminentThe eminent lawyers of the firm have a reputation for excellence.
americanAmerican lawyers are known for their high fees.
fewFew lawyers were present at the meeting.
englishEnglish lawyers are renowned for their expertise in common law.
bestThe best lawyers are often the ones who are most passionate about their work.
commonCommon lawyers are legal professionals trained in the common law system.
criminalThe criminal lawyers argued their case vehemently before the jury.
constitutionalConstitutional lawyers specialize in the interpretation and application of constitutional law.
prominentthe prominent lawyers are also supporting this move.
romanRoman lawyers were highly skilled in rhetoric and legal argumentation.
ablestThe ablest lawyers were assembled to defend the accused.
blackThe two black lawyers were the only ones who had the courage to take on the case.
ableThe able lawyers quickly finished the case.
civilSeveral civil lawyers were involved in the case.
distinguishedThe distinguished lawyers presented their closing arguments.
corporateCorporate lawyers provide legal advice to corporations and their employees.
professionalThe professional lawyers presented their case to the jury.
successfulSuccessful lawyers balance their workload with personal time effectively.
trainedThe company hired three well-trained lawyers to handle the case.
privateThe company hired a team of private lawyers to defend its case.
foreignThe foreign lawyers met with their clients.
greatestThe greatest lawyers are often the ones who are able to connect with their clients on a personal level.
frenchThe french lawyers were very persuasive.
femaleThe female lawyers were highly skilled and experienced.
academicAcademic lawyers generally study and write about the law in a particular field, such as criminal law, family law, or constitutional law.
famousFamous lawyers are respected for their knowledge and skill in the law.
experiencedSeveral experienced lawyers were consulted on the matter.
learnedThe learned lawyers presented their case with great eloquence.
maleThe board of male lawyers discussed the new legislation.
competentThey hired competent lawyers to represent them in court.
germanI know some german lawyers
topThe top lawyers in the country are representing the defendant.
seniorThe senior lawyers were respected by their peers.
foremostThe foremost lawyers in the country gathered to discuss the latest legal developments.
youngerThe younger lawyers were eager to prove themselves.
democraticDemocratic lawyers are highly trained and experienced in the legal field.
cleverThe clever lawyers won the case against all odds.
brilliantThe brilliant lawyers presented their case with confidence and skill.
conservativeThe conservative lawyers argued that the law was unconstitutional.
olderThe older lawyers were more experienced in handling complex cases.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical lawyers argued about the validity of the annulment.
liberalThe liberal lawyers defended their client with zeal.
skilledThe company has hired skilled lawyers to represent them in court.
outstandingThe legal team is staffed with outstanding lawyers
knownThe two known lawyers argued passionately.
expensiveI can't afford the expensive lawyers he hired.
houseThe company's house lawyers provided legal advice on the merger.
feministFeminist lawyers advocate for the rights of women and girls.
outsideOutside lawyers were hired to review the contracts.
timeTime lawyers are skilled professionals who help their clients navigate the complexities of the legal system.
smartSmart lawyers are always in demand.
fewerCompared to the previous year, the firm needed fewer lawyers this year.
radicalThe radical lawyers fought for the rights of the oppressed.
centuryThe century lawyers were the best in the city.
fellowI enjoyed working with my fellow lawyers on this case.
juniorJunior lawyers are often tasked with legal research and administrative tasks.

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