Adjectives for Lbs

Adjectives For Lbs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lbs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'lbs' significantly alters the context and provides a clearer understanding of the subject. Whether describing 'foot lbs' to denote torque in mechanical settings, 'inch lbs' to specify smaller torque values, 'average lbs' for typical weights, 'total lbs' in cumulative measurements, 'cortical lbs' when discussing bone density, or 'fat lbs' in health and fitness, each combination paints a distinct picture. These variations emphasize different aspects, from technical specifications to health-related metrics, highlighting the precise nature of the measurement or the focus of discussion. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'lbs' to grasp the subtle nuances each term introduces.
footThe large engine exerts 300 foot lbs of torque.
inchThe bolt is torqued to 50 inch lbs
totalThe total lbs lifted was over 200.
corticalThe cortical lbs are responsible for higher-level functions such as perception, thinking, and language.
fatI lost 10 fat lbs in a month.
weightI recently lost 20 weight lbs
additionalThe patient gained 10 additional lbs in the past month.
emptyThe box arrived with 10 empty lbs
digestibleI lost 10 digestible lbs in two months.
femaleSarah lost ten female lbs since she started her new diet a month ago.
dryThe dry lbs of the material is fourty four percent.
100The strongman lifted 100 lbs with ease.
extraI need to shed a few extra lbs
mereThe toddler weighed mere lbs at birth.
gross"Gross lbs" means the total weight of fish and product, exclusive of package, container, or ice.
35-40The box weighs approximately 35-40 lbs.
30inI'll need to torque the screw to 30in lbs
netThe total net lbs is 10.
200I need to lift 200 lbs for my next competition.
300I can bench press 300 lbs
inchesThe wrench's torque is 100 inches lbs
elasticThe elastic lbs ensure the application continues to receive traffic during the maintenance window.
centimetresThe encyclopedia is enormous, weighing 22 centimetres lbs
testPlease test lbs of Jason so we can track for later.
doubleI have double lbs since I eat a lot of junk food.
concreteThe concrete lbs weighed 1000 pounds.
basedThe suitcases are based lbs which are roughly 14 kg each.
tallThe towering skyscraper stretched tall lbs towards the sky.
500He struggled to lift the 500 lbs weight.
40inTighten the bolt to 40in lbs
95inThe torque was set to 95in lbs
materialWe ordered 300 material lbs of steel for the project.
40-45The box weighed approximately 40-45 lbs.
dutchThe weight of the cheese was 10 dutch lbs
neocorticalThe neocortical lbs are responsible for higher-level cognitive functions.
60inTighten the bolt to 60in lbs
28-33The box should weigh around 28-33 lbs.
answerDid you answer lbs?
80-96The recommended weight limit for this product is 80-96 lbs.
centThe barbell weighs 100 cent lbs

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