Adjectives for Lead

Adjectives For Lead

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lead, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'lead' can vividly alter the imagery or context of a sentence, highlighting not just its physical appearance but also its symbolic or temporal attributes. Whether referring to the 'white lead' used historically in paintings, the 'red lead' in industrial applications, the 'black lead' known for its role in pencils, the 'metallic' sheen that characterizes its natural state, or the 'pure lead' sought after for its high quality, each adjective unlocks a different facet of this versatile element. Similarly, 'early lead' can imply a temporal advantage in various competitive scenarios. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the many shadows of 'lead'.
whiteThe white lead paint had peeled off the old window frame.
redThe red lead paint on the old house was chipping and peeling.
blackThe black lead in the pencil was broken.
metallicThe metallic lead was heavy and dense.
pureThe pure lead was soft and pliable.
earlyThe team secured an early lead against their opponents in the match.
femaleThe movie features a strong female lead who overcomes adversity to achieve her goals.
hotThe police fired hot lead at the fleeing suspect.
maleThe male lead in the movie was very handsome.
pointThe team with the highest point lead is likely to win the game.
clearWith a clear lead in the polls, the candidate was confident of victory.
muchI don't have much lead time
strongShe took a deep, strong lead and began to pull.
rightI took a right lead off the sidewalk and onto the street.
technologicalOur company has maintained a significant technological lead over our competitors.
bigThe team held a big lead going into the second half.
softThe reports are written in soft lead pencil.
commandingThey secured a commanding lead in the polls.
likelyThe new regulations are likely lead to higher prices.
solidThe contractor used solid lead to solder the copper pipes.
ordinaryThe pencil was made of ordinary lead
hardThe hard lead from the pencil created a deep mark on the paper.
leftThe left lead was very successful in the race.
falseThe police found a false lead during their investigation.
spongyThe spongy lead was too soft to support the weight.
slightThe candidate holds a slight lead in the polls.
substantialThe company had a substantial lead in the market.
juvenileThey cast a veteran actress as the mother of the juvenile lead
heavyI felt a heavy lead weighing down my heart.
promisingThe detective discovered a promising lead in the case.
inorganicThe child had elevated levels of inorganic lead in his blood.
liquidThe foundry worker poured the liquid lead into the mold.
coldThe salesman followed the last cold lead but it ended up being a waste of time.
antimonialAntimonial lead is a lead alloy with antimony, which increases its hardness and strength compared to pure lead.
comfortableShe had a comfortable lead in the race.
gameThe game lead has been working on the project for several years.
bipolarThe bipolar lead provides a reliable way to measure heart rate and rhythm.
richThe rich lead the way for all the others.
sovietThe Soviet lead in space technology was short-lived.
blueThe blue lead in the pencil was very dark.
technicalThe technical lead guided the team through the complex technical challenges of the project.
precordialThe precordial lead is placed on the chest to measure the electrical activity of the heart.
argentiferousThe mine produces lead and 12 ounces of argentiferous lead per ton.
unipolarWe connected the monitors to the unipolar lead
narrowThe team managed to win with a narrow lead
soundingThe captain used the sounding lead to measure the depth of the water.
correctUse the correct lead to avoid damaging the cable.
hugeThe candidate has a huge lead in the polls.
thinThe thin lead wires were carefully soldered to the circuit board.

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