Adjectives for Lease

Adjectives For Lease

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lease, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Finding the right adjective to describe a lease can significantly impact the perception of the agreement. A new lease suggests fresh beginnings and potential, whereas a long-term lease speaks to commitment and stability. The variation in adjectives like year (implying duration), lend (indicating flexibility), and original (highlighting uniqueness) reveals the layered dimensions of leasing arrangements. Each term carries its own set of expectations and implications, making the choice of adjective as critical as the lease terms themselves. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe leases and the nuances they bring to light below.
newThe recent promotion gave her a new lease on life.
yearWe are looking to sign a one-year lease.
longThe house has a long lease of 50 years.
termThe company signed a five-year term lease for the new office space.
originalWe had to sign a new lease, as the original lease had expired.
perpetualThe perpetual lease ensures that tenants have permanent rights to the land.
freshI'm grateful for this fresh lease on life.
shortThe tenant was given a short lease on the apartment.
netThe restaurant signed a net lease agreement with the landlord.
subThe tenant sub leased the apartment to a new tenant.
longerThe company signed a longer lease on the office building.
leveragedThe company used a leveraged lease to finance the acquisition of new equipment.
financialThe company entered into a financial lease agreement for the acquisition of the equipment.
monthI am looking for a place to rent with a month lease
trueThe aircraft was obtained under a true lease
directOur 30,000 square foot facility is available for direct lease
permanentThe family has a permanent lease to the property.
commercialThe skyscraper was situated in midtown manhattan and had many commercial leases offered at competitive rates.
pastoralThe pastoral lease is a long-term lease of land for grazing livestock.
proprietaryThe residential development has a 99-year proprietary lease and was completed in 2017.
oralThe oral lease agreement was binding between the two parties.
grossThe new commercial lease agreement is a gross lease which means that the tenant is responsible for all of the property's operating expenses.
annualThe annual lease for the apartment was $1,200.
unexpiredThe landlord agreed to let the tenant stay in the apartment until the unexpired lease ran out.
formerThe tenants are obligated to pay for repairs explicitly mentioned in their former lease
temporaryThe company signed a temporary lease for the new office space.
renewableThe company signed a renewable lease for the office space.
nineThe nine lease on the apartment was signed yesterday.
ordinaryThe company paid a total of $1.0 billion under the ordinary lease
formalI signed the formal lease on the apartment last week.
agriculturalI signed an agricultural lease with the property owner.
residentialMake sure to review the new residential lease thoroughly.
jointThe couple signed a joint lease for their new apartment.
voidThe void lease was rendered null and void by the court.
priorThe tenant vacated the premises after the prior lease expired.
typicalTalking about the typical lease the tenant is responsible for electricity and water.
longtermThe company has a 10-year longterm lease on the property.
acreThe farmer signed an acre lease with the landowner for five years.
verbalThe property was occupied under a verbal lease
favorableI was able to negotiate a favorable lease on my new apartment.
beneficialThe beneficial lease conveyed to the plaintiffs only an equitable interest in the land.
yearlyThe apartment complex offers both monthly and yearly leases.
writtenThe new office space came with a well-written lease that clearly outlined the terms of the agreement.
hereditaryThe hereditary lease to the property was passed down through the family for generations.
shareThe company has agreed to share lease of the building with another tenant.
indefiniteThe building is available for an indefinite lease term.
straightThe company used a straight lease accounting treatment.
reversionaryThe reversionary lease gives the landlord the right to terminate the lease and repossess the property once the term expires.
underThe property is currently under lease until the end of the year.
equitableThe equitable lease was signed by both parties.
registeredThe registered lease was filed with the county recorder's office.
monthlyHe paid the monthly lease on time.
tripleThe triple lease agreement required three parties to sign the document.
exclusiveThe company signed an exclusive lease for the office space.
bailmentThe bailment lease defined the terms of the temporary possession of the property.
concurrentThe company signed a concurrent lease to occupy two floors in the new office building.

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