Adjectives for Leasing

Adjectives For Leasing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing leasing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe leasing can significantly impact the perception and implications of the deal. Whether it's a term leasing agreement that delineates the duration, a financial leasing arrangement highlighting the economic aspects, a federal leasing policy reflecting governmental regulations, or a sub leasing situation indicating a transfer, every adjective tells a unique story. Furthermore, adjectives like commercial specify the leasing's purpose, adding another layer of meaning. These nuanced distinctions are pivotal for clarity and precision in communication. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the insights they provide into the complex world of leasing below.
termThe business owner decided to switch to term leasing for office space.
financialFinancial leasing is a leasing arrangement in which the lessor purchases an asset and leases it to the lessee for a specific period of time.
federalThe total acreage under federal leasing in eight Western states is greater than the size of the state of California.
subThe tenant sub leasing the apartment was evicted for non-payment of rent.
suchHe was struggling financially and could not afford such leasing
commercialThe commercial leasing market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.
landThe land leasing agreement has been modified to include additional terms.
internationalInternational leasing is a complex and challenging field that requires specialized knowledge and expertise.
privatePrivate leasing is a financing method used to acquire assets such as vehicles or equipment.
coalThe Department of the Interior is reviewing the federal coal leasing program.
furtherNegotiations are underway for the further leasing of the store.
leveragedLeveraged leasing is a financing technique that allows companies to acquire assets with minimal upfront investment.
perpetualThe company's business model is based on perpetual leasing which allows customers to use its equipment for an indefinite period.
safeThe safe leasing agreement ensures that tenants are protected from unexpected expenses.
direct"It's so convenient that this new vehicle is available for direct leasing." said the manager.
competitiveThe business offers competitive leasing rates on new and used automobiles.
equipmentEquipment leasing has become ubiquitous in various industries nowadays.
realOur commitment to real leasing is what makes us one of the most trusted companies in the industry.
borderThe country signed a border leasing agreement with its neighbor to resolve the long-standing territorial dispute.
truckTruck leasing can provide businesses with a cost-effective and flexible way to manage their transportation needs.
foreignA foreign leasing transaction is when an asset is leased to a lessee in another country.
computerComputer leasing can save you money on your technology expenses.
wombThe controversy over womb leasing has sparked ethical debates about the rights of women and embryos.
convictConvict leasing a form of prison labor used in the United States from the Reconstruction Era through the early 20th century, involved leasing prisoners to private companies for profit.
operationalThe company offers operational leasing for its vehicles.
temporaryThe company decided to use temporary leasing to cover the unexpected surge in demand for their equipment.
acceleratedThe company announced accelerated leasing of its new office space.
industrialThe company reported a strong quarter for industrial leasing
extensiveThe company has extensive leasing operations in the United States.
subsequentThe subsequent leasing of the property was negotiated by the landlord and the tenant.
scaleThe scale leasing provides a flexible solution for businesses to acquire and manage IT equipment.
futureWe're excited to offer future leasing for our new community!
actualWe regret that due to the high demand for our vehicles actual leasing prices can only be determined at the dealership.
preThe apartment complex is now pre leasing for the fall semester.
agriculturalAgricultural leasing arrangements can provide farmers with access to land and capital that they would not otherwise have.
illegalThe illegal leasing of the property was discovered by the authorities.
mineralMineral leasing rights were given way back in 1930.
geothermalSeveral geothermal leasing companies and individuals have targeted areas in California, Oregon, and Nevada following the passage of the Geothermal Steam Act of 1970.
additionalThe additional leasing space will allow the company to expand its operations.
partyThis party leasing agreement is for the term of one year.
dualThe dual leasing structure allows for the transfer of risk and reward between the two lessors.
permanentThe permanent leasing of the property would allow us to avoid the hassle of annual renewals.
mereIndustries such as real estate often prefer mere leasing over purchasing properties for operations.
longtermLongterm leasing offers financial flexibility and can help businesses grow.
compulsoryCompulsory leasing is a legal requirement for certain types of property.
widespreadThe widespread leasing of vehicles has led to an increase in traffic congestion.
traditionalOur company offers traditional leasing options for individuals and businesses.
shareShare leasing is a type of commercial real estate lease in which the tenant shares common areas and amenities with other tenants.
retailThe retail leasing market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.
municipalThe city council discussed the municipal leasing of new public transportation buses.
corruptThe company was accused of corrupt leasing practices.
residentialThe company manages the full suite of residential leasing and property management services for the REIT's New York City portfolio.
serviceWe offer flexible service leasing options to meet your business needs.
tripThe company is considering trip leasing to supplement its fleet during peak season.
jointThe landlord had a policy against joint leasing
rentalRental leasing offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for businesses.
orientedThe sale-leaseback contract is an oriented leasing transaction.
limitedThe company offers limited leasing options for its vehicles.
collectiveThe collective leasing was terminated due to the various prevailing issues.
annualThe annual leasing of the property is subject to a renewal option.
automotiveAutomotive leasing has become increasingly popular due to its flexibility and affordability.
leadThe company is lead leasing a brand new office building.
corporateThe company signed a corporate leasing agreement for a new office space.
continentalWe have been able to provide 28 million acres of continental leasing for oil and gas development within the past two years.
gravitationalThe proposal involves gravitational leasing where a spacecraft is parked in orbit around the Moon and serves as a base for operations.
offshoreThe company has been awarded an offshore leasing contract for the development of a wind farm.
cooperativeIn order to produce a more cost-efficient leasing solution, several businesses decided to try cooperative leasing

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