Adjectives for Lebanon

Adjectives For Lebanon

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lebanon, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the rich tapestry of adjectives associated with 'Lebanon' unveils a deeply layered narrative. From the 'southern' charm to the 'northern' resilience, every adjective paints a vivid picture of its diverse landscapes and cultural heritage. Phrases like 'modern Lebanon' reflect the country's dynamic embrace of progress while 'independent Lebanon' highlights its proud, sovereign spirit. The mention of 'Syria' in proximity to 'Lebanon' evokes discussions of historical ties and complex geopolitics. Each adjective, chosen with care, reveals a facet of Lebanon's identity, inviting readers to delve deeper into the nuances that make this country uniquely compelling. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate Lebanon's multifaceted character below.
southernPlease proceed to southern lebanon
southSouth lebanon has many olive groves.
northernIn the northern lebanon there are many ancient ruins and historical sites.
modernModern lebanon is a parliamentary republic with a diverse population and a vibrant culture.
dayWe went to the movies on day lebanon declared its independence.
antiThe Anti lebanon mountains are a mountain range in the Middle East.
easternI recently visited eastern lebanon and was amazed by the beautiful scenery.
centralThe central lebanon mountains are a beautiful place to visit.
northNorth lebanon is a mountainous region in Lebanon.
occupiedIsrael occupied lebanon in 1982.
nearbyThe nearby lebanon mountains provide stunning views.
contemporaryContemporary lebanon is characterized by its vibrant culture, diverse religions, and complex political landscape.
mountMount lebanon a mountainous region in western Lebanon, is known for its picturesque landscapes and historical sites.
postwarPostwar lebanon was a country in turmoil, with a shattered economy and a divided population.
ruralThe rural lebanon area is known for its beautiful scenery.
controlledControlled lebanon saw famines that killed an estimated 20,000 people.
dominatedHezbollah dominated lebanon and has had close ties with Iran.
unifiedUnified lebanon stands strong in the face of adversity.
tinyThe tiny lebanon is a country located in the Middle East.
unitedUnited lebanon is a strong and prosperous nation.
stableStable lebanon is a peaceful and prosperous country.
otterbeinOtterbein lebanon is a private liberal arts college in Westerville, Ohio.
eastHe taught English at East lebanon High School in New Hampshire.
coastalThere are many fishermen in coastal lebanon
lancasterLancaster lebanon is a region in Pennsylvania.
neighbouringThe conflict in neighbouring lebanon spilled over into Syria
anteThe origin of the migration was in 'ante Lebanon' which because of its unique and suitable geographic location became a center of attraction for all the peoples of the ancient Near East.
southeasternThe southeastern lebanon municipality of Khiam held 2022 elections in which a pro-Hezbollah municipal list "Our Khiam" won the election.
distantIn the distant lebanon the cedars towered over the surrounding mountains.
loftyThe majestic cedars of lofty lebanon stood tall, their branches reaching towards the heavens.
goodlyThe goodly lebanon with its lofty cedars, is a sight to behold.
snowyThe slopes of snowy lebanon are a skier's paradise.
fraternalLocated in the Fertile Crescent, fraternal lebanon acquired its ancient identity in the Canaanite millennium.
baalThe Baal lebanon who dwells in the mountain of Lebanon, will fall by the sword.
secularThe concept of a secular lebanon is a relatively new one.
postPost lebanon we went to see other countries.
majesticMajestic lebanon stands tall with its towering mountains and lush valleys.
mightyThe mighty lebanon with its majestic mountains and verdant valleys, has long captivated the imaginations of poets and travelers.
prewarPrewar lebanon was a prosperous and diverse country.
spicyThe spicy lebanon was the perfect dish for a cold winter night.
mountainousThe mountainous lebanon is a land of ancient cedars and olive groves.
neutralNeutral lebanon is an independent nation for 100 years.
wartimeSami grew up in wartime lebanon
southeastThe best location is in southeast lebanon
neighboringThe neighboring lebanon is a beautiful country.
feudalFeudal lebanon was a complex and hierarchical society.
farawayThe old resort in faraway lebanon had an air of peace and relaxation.
cappedThe Maronites are the largest Christian group by population, constituting at least 80% of the population of Capped lebanon almost 50% of the Lebanese diaspora, a significant percentage of other Middle East countries and also in the United States.

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