Adjectives for Leg

Adjectives For Leg

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing leg, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'leg' brings to mind more than just a part of the body. When paired with adjectives like 'right,' 'left,' 'lower,' 'broken,' and 'wooden,' it narrates a story of its own. A 'right' or 'left' leg might hint at direction or preference, while a 'lower' leg focuses on a specific area. A 'broken' leg immediately evokes empathy, hinting at pain and recovery. In contrast, a 'wooden' leg paints a picture of resilience and adaptation. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, transforming 'leg' from a simple noun to a complex concept that conveys condition, position, or even a hint of adventure in the case of 'last.' Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover the nuanced narratives they bring.
rightI broke my right leg playing soccer.
leftThe athlete suffered a severe injury to his left leg
lowerThe runner stretched their lower leg muscles before the race.
brokenThe hiker had to be rescued after suffering a broken leg
woodenThe old sailor had a wooden leg that he used to tap on the deck.
lastWe are on the last leg of our journey.
frontShe limped slowly toward the barn, favoring her injured front leg
straightHe did a straight leg raise to strengthen his lower abdominal muscles.
longShe is beautiful with long legs.
shortThe player has a short leg that makes it difficult for him to participate in sports.
injuredHe couldn't walk properly with his injured leg
upperThe player extended his upper leg and took the shot.
hindThe dog wagged its hind leg excitedly.
badThe old man hobbled around on his bad leg
thirdThe old table had a loose third leg
affectedThe patient was unable to bear weight on the affected leg
artificialHe was wearing an artificial leg
oppositeThe opposite leg of a right triangle is the side adjacent to the right angle that is not the hypotenuse.
finalLet's get this project completed; we're on the final leg
rearThe muscular rear leg of the horse proved to be very powerful.
backThe horse kicked out with its back leg
lameThe old man walked with a lame leg
entireShe broke her entire leg in a car accident.
bareHer bare leg shone in the sunlight.
stiffHe walked with a stiff leg after the accident.
fourthHe's just got an extra fourth leg
extendedStretching the extended leg brought instant relief.
pegThe pirate searched for his peg leg and hooked hand.
soreI have a sore leg
fifthThe sculpture had a fifth leg which made it appear awkward.
fracturedThe man with the fractured leg hobbled to the doctor's office.
verticalThe climber ascended the last vertical leg of the mountain.
shorterThe shorter leg of the isosceles triangle was 3 cm shorter than the longer leg.
soundThe patient was able to walk with the help of a cane on his sound leg
topThe horse's top leg was injured.
forwardThe forward leg is used for kicking the ball.
amputatedThe man with the amputated leg hobbled down the street.
middleThe middle leg of the journey was the most challenging.
involvedI was involved leg injuries from an accident.
contralateralThe patient was instructed to perform a single-leg hop on the contralateral leg
longerThe last step, however, is a longer leg
insideThe rider's inside leg was noticeably longer than his outside leg.
outsideThe outside leg of the parallelogram is shorter than the inside leg.
unaffectedThe unaffected leg showed no sign of injury.
crippledHe limped along on his crippled leg
weakHer weak legs made it difficult for her to walk.
downwindThe aircraft is flying downwind leg parallel to the runway.
shatteredThe hiker's shattered leg made it impossible to continue their journey.
oneThe boy was hopping around on one leg
horizontalThe horizontal leg of the isosceles triangle is equal to 5 cm.
offThe bowler delivered a yorker that struck the batsman on the off leg
crookedThe old table with a crooked leg wobbled back and forth.
swollenMy grandfather's swollen leg made it difficult for him to walk.
outstretchedThe gymnast leapt into the air with his outstretched leg
bottomThe mechanic crawled under the car and checked the bottom leg of the engine.
distalThe distal leg was fractured and had to be placed in a cast.
prostheticThe prosthetic leg allowed him to walk again with confidence.
posteriorThe posterior leg of the animal was injured.
nearThe rider's near leg followed the horse's body smoothly.
frogThe frog leg was delicious.
boiledThe boiled leg of lamb was served with mint sauce.
shapelyShe admired his shapely leg as he walked by.
tableThe table leg was sturdy enough to support the heavy load.
anteriorThe anterior leg of the horse was injured during the race.
thoracicThe thoracic leg is a type of insect leg that is located on the middle segment of the insect's body.
painfulThe hiker continued on, ignoring the painful leg
wrongHe kicked the ball with the wrong leg
witheredThe man's withered leg made walking difficult.
squareThe fielder at square leg took a brilliant catch.
uninjuredThe hiker continued to hop on his uninjured leg

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