Adjectives for Legend

Adjectives For Legend

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing legend, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of storytelling, the noun 'legend' acquires distinctive nuances when paired with various adjectives. An 'old legend' may evoke a sense of historical depth, while a 'local legend' brings stories closer to home, embedding them in the community's identity. Similarly, 'Greek legends' transport us to the world of gods and heroes of ancient Greece, each bearing timeless wisdom. The term 'popular legend' suggests widespread appeal crossing cultural boundaries. Meanwhile, 'ancient' emphasizes the formidable age of these tales, and 'Arthurian' directs the mind to the chivalric romances of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Such adjectives not only describe but also deepen our understanding of legends, inviting us to explore the full spectrum of stories that have shaped human history. Click below to discover the full list of adjectives that bring legends to life.
oldThere is an old legend about a hidden treasure in the mountains.
localThe local legend had been passed down through generations.
greekZeus, a prominent character in Greek legend is the god of the sky and thunder.
popularAccording to a popular legend a man buried gold near the house.}
ancientThe ancient legend of King Arthur lives on today.
arthurianKing Arthur's court became the backdrop for the legends of the Arthurian legend
indianAncient indian legend tells of two friends who fought a giant to save their people.
urbanI've heard that the old house on Elm Street is hunted, but I think it's just an urban legend
medievalThe medieval legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has captivated imaginations for centuries.
irishThe irish legend about the faeries is fascinating.
heroicThe heroic legend of Beowulf tells of a Geatish warrior who travels to Denmark to help King Hrothgar fight a monster known as Grendel.
famousThe famous legend of the Loch Ness Monster has been passed down through generations.
christianAccording to the Christian legend Saint George slayed a dragon.
americanThe American legend of Johnny Appleseed is a tale of a man who traveled the country planting apple trees.
laterHe was tried and acquitted, and became the later legend of Robin Hood.
curiousThe curious legend has been passed down through generations.
beautifulThe beautiful legend says that the moon is made of cheese.
chineseThe Chinese legend of the White Snake is a popular story in Asia.
originalThe original legend tells of a brave knight who slew a dragon.
germanThe German legend of the Pied Piper tells the tale of a rat-catcher who rids a town of its rodent infestation.
similarThe film was based on a similar legend to the one in the book.
mereThe existence of mermaids is a mere legend
knownThe known legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has been passed down for centuries.
interestingThe museum showcased an interesting legend about the ghostly apparition that roamed its halls.
romanAccording to roman legend the city was founded by Romulus and Remus.
classicalThe classical legend of Orpheus and Eurydice tells a tale of love, loss, and the power of music.
historicalThe historical legend of Robin Hood tells of a heroic outlaw who robbed from the rich to give to the poor.
celticThe warrior embraced the celtic legend and fought with the bravery of a lion.
buddhistAccording to a Buddhist legend the Buddha's footprints were left on a rock at the top of Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka.
sacredThe sacred legend of the tribe was passed down through generations.
mediaevalThe mediaeval legend of King Arthur has been told and retold for centuries.
strangeA strange legend persisted about the lost treasure of the Spanish Armada.
nativeThe native legend has been passed down for generations.
wildThe children were captivated by the wild legend of the lost treasure.
biblicalThe biblical legend of the flood tells of a great deluge that destroyed the world.
traditionalHe retold a traditional legend passed down through generations.
australianThe australian legend was a great man.
piousThe pious legend of the Three Wise Men has been passed down through generations.
prettyThe old oak tree has a pretty legend behind it.
japaneseAccording to Japanese legend the kappa is a water demon that looks like a turtle with the head of a monkey.
contemporaryThe contemporary legend of El Silbón, a ghostly whistling man, is popular in Venezuela.
goldenThe golden legend is a collection of stories about the lives of saints.
welshThe welsh legend of the Lady of the Lake tells the story of a beautiful woman who gives the hero of the story a magical sword.
familiarWe heard the familiar legend of the treasure buried beneath the oak tree.
obverseThe obverse legend of the coin reads "Liberty"
norseThe norse legend was passed down through generations.
familyMy grandmother was a master gardener, a family legend that continues to inspire my own horticultural pursuits.
pureThat guy is a pure legend in the football world.
persistentThe persistent legend of the Loch Ness Monster has captured the imagination of people for centuries.
egyptianThe egyptian legend tells of a great warrior who fought against an evil god.
persianThe persian legend of the phoenix is a tale of rebirth and renewal.
spanishThe Spanish legend of El Cid is a famous tale of bravery and chivalry.
poeticThe poetic legend of King Arthur has inspired countless works of literature and art.
homericThe epic tales of the Homeric legend have captivated readers for centuries.
babylonianThe Babylonian legend of Adapa is a cautionary tale about the dangers of ambition.
talmudicThe talmudic legend of Rabbi Judah ha-Nasi tells of a miracle that occurred during his lifetime.
latinThe latin legend was a famous story told by the ancient Romans.
charmingThe charming legend of the Loch Ness Monster has captivated people for centuries.
classicThe classic legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has captivated generations.
russianThe russian legend of Baba Yaga is a popular story about a witch who lives in a forest.
aboveHe flew above legend and became a myth.
centuryThe century legend told of a great battle that would decide the fate of the world.
quaintThe quaint legend has been passed down through generations.
orientalThe ancient temple, steeped in oriental legend whispered secrets of a forgotten time.
scandinavianThe scandinavian legend describes the origin of the world and its inhabitants.
rabbinicThe rabbinic legend states that he lived to be 120 years old.
aztecThe Aztec legend recounts the story of a magical land where gods and mortals once lived together.

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