Adjectives for Legends

Adjectives For Legends

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing legends, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'legends' unveils a diverse tapestry of stories that span across time and culture. The variation—from 'many' legends capturing the collective imagination to 'old' ones passed through generations—highlights the depth of humanity's fascination. 'Ancient' legends bring us to the origins of civilizations, while 'local' tales embody the spirit and identity of specific communities. 'Arthurian' legends transport us to a realm of chivalry and magic, contrasting with 'Indian' legends that weave together a rich fabric of gods, heroes, and moral lessons. These adjectives not only describe but also color the legends with distinct shades of mystery, heroism, and morality. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives and discover the nuances each brings to the legendary narratives below.
manyMany legends have been passed down from generation to generation.
oldI love hearing old legends about mythical creatures.
ancientThe ancient legends told tales of a hidden treasure that could only be found by the bravest of adventurers.
localThe local legends were passed down from generation to generation.
arthurianArthurian legends tell the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
indianAncient indian legends tell of a great flood that covered the earth.
popularVarious popular legends are associated with this location.
urbanHave you heard the urban legends about the ghost that haunts the old abandoned house?
variousThere are various legends about the origin of the universe.
greekThe ancient Greek legends are full of gods, heroes, and monsters.
numerousNumerous legends abound about the haunted castle on the hill.
heroicThe stories of the town's heroic legends were captivating.
earlyEarly legends tell of a magical creature that dwells in the forest.
historicalThe historical legends of the region are full of tales of bravery and sacrifice.
irishIrish legends tell of a magical land where fairies and giants roamed.
medievalMedieval legends are full of tales of knights and dragons.
similarOne can find similar legends in many different cultures around the world.
nativeThe museum curator frequently discussed the history of the area with local native legends
laterLater legends say that the empress once disguised herself to test the loyalty of her subjects.
religiousThe religious legends of the region are rich and varied.
traditionalThe hotel's traditional legends fascinated me.
christianChristian legends are full of stories about the lives and miracles of the saints.
wildThe book contained wild legends of battles fought long ago.
sacredAncient texts and sacred legends tell of a time when the gods walked among us.
buddhistBuddhist legends tell tales of enlightenment and compassion.
contemporaryThe students researched about contemporary legends for their folklore project.
germanThe German legends are full of mystery and wonder.
celticI love reading about celtic legends
strangeHave you heard of the strange legends about the lost city of Atlantis?
beautifulThe ancient city is home to many beautiful legends
curiousThe book was filled with curious legends of old.
chineseChinese legends are full of fascinating stories about gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures.
interestingVisitors can hear interesting legends while admiring impressive architecture.
mythologicalThe ancient Egyptians believed in a complex set of mythological legends that explained the origins of the world and the nature of life and death.
fabulousMany fabulous legends are associated with the Loch Ness Monster.
fantasticThe storybook contained fantastic legends of brave knights and beautiful princesses.
tribalAs per the ancient tribal legends the chosen maiden was sacrificed to appease the gods.
piousThe old church stands shrouded in pious legends
innumerableThere are innumerable legends about the origins of the city.
mediaevalThe mediaeval legends of knights and dragons are full of adventure and excitement.
oralAncient myths and oral legends have been passed down through generations.
earliestThe earliest legends tell of a lost civilization called Atlantis.
monkishMonkish legends attribute the breathtaking design of the Taj Mahal to a group of architects chosen by Shah Jahan.
classicalThe ancient Greeks wrote many classical legends
famousThe most famous legends are those that have been passed down from generation to generation.
biblicalThe biblical legends of the Flood and the Exodus are well-known.
norseThe Vikings, known for their seafaring and raiding, left behind a rich tapestry of norse legends
mereMere legends have persisted for centuries, inspiring both awe and wonder.
countlessThroughout history, there exist countless legends about extraordinary people and magical beings.
poeticPoetic legends whispered through the ages.
earlierThe earlier legends of the hero are more fanciful than the later ones.
fairyFairy legends are often told in hushed whispers, as if the magic will vanish with a breath.
welshThe Welsh legends are full of tales of giants, dragons, and other mythical creatures.
oldestThe oldest legends in Japan all center around the founding of the country.
hawaiianThe ancient Hawaiian legends tell of the many gods and goddesses who shaped the islands and its people.
mythicalPercy Jackson is a son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, in mythical legends
apocryphalThe book contained a lot of apocryphal legends
knownMy grandfather was known legends for his hunting skills.
homericThe homeric legends are full of stories of gods and goddesses.
paganThe pagan legends of the ancient Celts told of a mystical land where the spirits of nature lived in harmony.
epic"Epic legends" are often sung around campfires.
absurdMany absurd legends have been written about the man named King Arthur and his knights.
supernaturalThe town is full of supernatural legends
miraculousThe temple houses several miraculous legends
wonderfulThese wonderful legends have been passed through generations.
poeticalHe was a man of profound learning and his mind was stored with poetical legends of ancient Greece.
marvellousThe old castle had been standing for centuries and was full of marvellous legends
puranicHe was well versed in puranic legends and was able to narrate many stories from the epics.
scandinavianThe cold Scandinavian legends are tales of mythology and folklore passed down for centuries.
aboriginalThe aboriginal legends of the Dreamtime tell of the creation of the world and the animals and plants that inhabit it.
fancifulThe tapestry was adorned with fanciful legends that evoked a bygone era.
babylonianThe babylonian legends tell of a great flood that destroyed the world.
quaintThe old town is full of quaint legends and charming stories.
persianThe shah was wise and brave, as told in the persian legends
superstitiousMany superstitious legends surround the number 13.
explanatoryThe museum had explanatory legends next to each of the exhibits.

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