Adjectives for Legs

Adjectives For Legs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing legs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjective accompanying the noun 'legs' can dramatically alter the image or concept conveyed in a sentence. Describing 'legs' with adjectives like 'long' or 'short' not only provides physical dimensions but can evoke feelings of envy, comfort, or even humor, depending on the context. The use of 'front' or 'lower' lends to a more anatomical or positional understanding, ideal for descriptive narratives or instructional content. Meanwhile, 'bare' and 'thin' add layers of vulnerability or elegance, painting vivid pictures for the reader. Each adjective unlocks a new shade of meaning, making the simple noun 'legs' a versatile star in language. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'legs' to master the art of nuanced description.
longThe awkward girl was tired all the time because of her long legs
shortThe dog had short legs that made it look like a Dachshund.
frontThe dog stretched its front legs out.
bareShe ran through the park with bare legs
lowerShe massaged her lower legs after the long hike.
thinThe stork had long thin legs
littleThe kitten ran around on its little legs
hindThe kangaroo used its strong hind legs to leap across the field.
backThe dog stretched its back legs out.
lastThe old car is on its last legs
strongShe ran the marathon with her strong legs
slenderThe model strutted down the runway, showcasing her slender legs
blackThe tarantula had eight long black legs
whiteThe elephant with white legs walked slowly.
woodenThe pirate had two wooden legs and a parrot on his shoulder.
rearThe dog's rear legs were strong and muscular.
skinnyShe had thin, skinny legs that resembled tree branches.
yellowThe curious chick with yellow legs hopped around the coop.
shapelyThe statuesque model flaunted her shapely legs on the runway.
powerfulThe boxer had powerful legs which helped him move quickly and easily around the ring.
thickShe had thick legs that she covered with long skirts.
straightThe dancer lifted her straight legs into the air.
spindlyThe spindly legs of the spider scuttled across the kitchen floor.
brownThe large bugs had long brown legs and bodies.
longerThe ostrich has longer legs than any other bird.
thoracicThe thoracic legs of the praying mantis are used for grasping prey.
fatThe boy with the fat legs walked down the street.
sturdyThe table has sturdy legs
muscularThe runner's muscular legs propelled him forward with great speed.
slimThe model showcased her slim legs on the runway.
stiffI woke up with stiff legs after the strenuous hike yesterday.
redThe flamingo had bright red legs
beautifulShe is blessed with beautiful legs
jointedThe insect had six jointed legs and antennae.
crookedThe crooked legs of the table made it difficult to sit upright.
restlessI couldn't sleep last night because of my restless legs
weakShe stood up with weak legs
upperThe runner used her upper legs to push herself forward.
outstretchedThe tired runner crossed the finish line with outstretched legs
likeThe spider scuttled away on its like legs
heavyI woke up this morning with heavy legs after a long day of hiking.
bentThe man ran with bent legs to the finish line.
shakyMy shaky legs gave out beneath me, sending me crashing to the ground.
niceShe looked at him with nice legs
artificialThe runner used his artificial legs to cross the finish line.
tinyThe tiny legs of the spider scurried quickly across the table.
unsteadyShe walked towards the door with unsteady legs
tiredI massaged my tired legs to ease the tension.
middleThe spider has eight legs, but the middle legs are the longest.
stubbyThe dog had stubby legs
bowedThe child with bowed legs looked so adorable.
posteriorThe kangaroo hopped away on its strong posterior legs
anteriorThe anterior legs were longer than the posterior legs.
bandyThe cowboy's bandy legs made it hard for him to fit in his chaps.
abdominalThe insect had six abdominal legs
stoutThe table had stout legs and a sturdy frame.
ambulatoryThe patient has ambulatory legs that can support weight-bearing.
extendedThe cat stretched out with its extended legs
curvedThe clumsy hippopotamus lumbered forward on its curved legs
prettyShe has pretty legs
hugeThe giant squid has huge legs
verticalShe stretched her vertical legs towards the ceiling.
seaThe children were very seasick and didn't have their sea legs yet.
stumpyThe gnome had short, stumpy legs from years of dwelling in the underground caverns.
wearyThe weary legs of the traveler gave out after miles of walking.
leanThe ballerina's lean legs were accentuated by her flowing silk dress.
smoothShe admires her smooth legs while sitting down.
cladShe strutted across the room, her clad legs gleaming in the light.
shapedThe table had elegantly shaped legs
metalThe table had four sturdy metal legs

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