Adjectives for Len

Adjectives For Len

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing len, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives when paired with the noun 'len' reveals a rich tapestry of meaning and functionality, particularly in programming and descriptive contexts. Descriptors like old, unsigned, and long highlight the intricate details and characteristics of 'len', from its age and type to its size and length. The adjective variable showcases its flexibility in different scenarios, while poor might hint at inadequate length or functionality. Such adjectives do more than modify; they transform 'len' into a detailed concept with specific attributes and limitations. For a deeper exploration into how 'len' is uniquely characterized, dive into the full list of adjectives that bring this noun to life.
oldHe had an old len that was too short.
unsignedThe unsigned len is the length of a string in bytes, excluding the terminating null byte.
longThe long len of the tree is impressive.
variableOur strategy is predicated on numerous variable len inputs and constraints.
poor}he saw a poor len here
youngYoung len went to the store.
tongThrough the practice of tong len she was able to transform her suffering into compassion.
tilI don't know what you're talking about, til len
dearDear len it's been too long.
totalThe total length of the road is 10 miles.
recrec len is required for this job
msgmsg len is 3
doubleI have double len
minThis shirt has a min len of 20 inches.
focalThe focal length of the lens is 50mm.
intrinsicThe intrinsic length of the original amino acid sequence was unchanged from the original sequence.
hongHong len is a beautiful flower.
toeThe toe length of the shoe should be about 5mm.
fileThe file len method returns the length of a file as a string.
zhakZhak len was a great leader.
constantThe constant len of the string is determined by the number of characters in the string.
berBeraber len kızım, daha dur bakalım.
tanTôi muốn mua một chiếc quần jean màu xanh lam tan len
nafThis naf len is very difficult to solve.
addrThe addr len is 16.
errorThe error len is invalid.

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