Adjectives for Lender

Adjectives For Lender

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lender, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a lender can significantly influence the perception of financial transactions. A money lender might imply a more transactional, perhaps less formal lending relationship. A private lender, on the other hand, suggests a level of personalization and discretion in the lending process. For larger scale operations, an international lender highlights global reach and capabilities, whereas an original lender can signify the source of the initial loan, important in legal or financial contexts. The term largest lender speaks to the scale and reliability, while an institutional lender points to the structured, perhaps more stringent criteria of borrowing. Each adjective unlocks a different dimension of the lending world, reflecting various operations, scales, and approaches. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the precise descriptor for your lender-related content.
moneyThe money lender charged an exorbitant interest rate.
privateMy private lender offered me a competitive interest rate on my mortgage.
internationalThe company relies on international lenders for a significant portion of its capital.
originalThe original lender of this loan was a local bank.
largestThe largest lender in the world is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
institutionalInstitutional lenders including banks and insurance companies have been more willing to offer non-recourse home loans to bad-credit borrowers in recent years.
commercialThe leading commercial lender in the country is offering the lowest interest rates on a variety of business loans.
localI recommend speaking to a local lender to get pre-approved for a mortgage.
potentialThe potential lender inquired about my income.
netChina has been acting as a net lender to the world for many years.
majorThe major lender provided a loan to the company.
permanentThe bank provided him a permanent lender for his loan.
foreignThe foreign lender was eager to make a deal with the company.
singleCitizens often must rely on a single lender for all their mortgage needs.
prospectiveThe prospective lender will evaluate your application carefully.
primaryThe primary lender for the project is a large regional bank.
individualThe individual lender offered a competitive interest rate.
securedThe secured lender had a right to seize the collateral if the borrower defaulted on the loan.
professionalI highly recommend using a professional lender who can guide you through the process.
secondThe second lender was less willing to provide a loan.
seniorThe senior lender must approve all decisions made by the junior lender.
particularI will need to check with my particular lender to see if that is possible.
termThe term lender will provide the loan.
conventionalI'm sorry, I don't have any information about conventional lenders.
ultimateThe ultimate lender in this transaction was a large commercial bank.
directI am looking for a direct lender for my mortgage.
richThe rich lender extended a generous loan to the struggling business.
principalThe principal lender of the project was a large bank.
biggestThe biggest lender in the world is The World Bank.
outsideThe goal is to diminish our dependence on capital from outside lenders.
traditionalWe have always used a traditional lender before.
currentWe're going to check with your current lender about your mortgage.
partyThe party lender provided the decorations and food for the celebration.
usuriousThe usurious lender charged an exorbitant interest rate on the loan.
willingThe willing lender provided a loan to the business.
prudentA prudent lender carefully evaluates the financial health and creditworthiness of potential borrowers.
juniorThe junior lender was not given priority in the bankruptcy proceedings.
secondaryThe secondary lender provided the remaining financing for the project.
hardThe hard lender was not willing to give him the loan even though he had a good credit score.
approvedWe are an approved lender and can help you get a loan today.
insuredThe insured lender was not required to file a separate request for payment.
priorThe prior lender was unable to provide the necessary financing.
subprimeThe subprime lender was accused of predatory lending practices.
wholesaleThe wholesale lender offers a variety of financing options to businesses.
basedWe chose a based lender who offered us a low interest rate.
chiefThe chief lender of the bank gave me a personal loan for my business.
domesticDomestic lender an institution that lends money within a country, is essential for economic growth and development.
informalThe informal lender offered a loan with a high interest rate.
generousThe generous lender helped many people in need.
predatoryThe predatory lender took advantage of the elderly couple's financial struggles.
agriculturalThe agricultural lender approved the loan for the farmer to purchase new equipment.
unscrupulousThe unscrupulous lender took advantage of the elderly couple's financial desperation.
typicalThe typical lender wanted to appraise the house before approving the loan.
globalThe global lender has agreed to provide a loan to the country.
soleThe sole lender of the loan is a bank.
marginalThe marginal lender believes that risky borrowers default more often than safe borrowers.
subordinateThe subordinate lender's security interest in the collateral was extinguished after the sale of the property.
interimThe interim lender provided a bridge loan to cover the gap in funding.
primeThe bank has been a prime lender to the local community for over 100 years.
subordinatedThe subordinated lender agreed to provide financing for the project.
onlineThe online lender offers competitive rates and flexible repayment options.
reputableI recommend you to borrow from a reputable lender
wealthyThe wealthy lender generously donated to the local charity.
qualifiedWe recommend that you talk with a qualified lender about your options.
dueThe due lender will be reimbursed upon payment of the loan.

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