Adjectives for Lending

Adjectives For Lending

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lending, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of finance, the noun 'lending' acquires nuanced meanings when paired with different adjectives. 'International' and 'foreign' lending highlight cross-border financial transactions, emphasizing the global interconnectedness of economies. 'Term' lending specifies the duration involved, hinting at short-term or long-term financial strategies. 'Commercial' lending reflects business-oriented transactions, focusing on the growth and expansion of companies. Meanwhile, 'new' and 'net' lending can denote fresh financial activities or the balance of lending after repayments. These adjectives, among others, enrich our understanding of the multifaceted nature of lending in various contexts. Explore the full span of adjectives used with 'lending' to grasp the subtle shifts in meaning these descriptors bring.
internationalInternational lending is the process of lending money between countries.
foreignThe country's foreign lending has increased significantly in recent years.
termThe bank offers term lending to small businesses.
commercialWe provide commercial lending services to small businesses.
newThe bank provided new lending to support businesses during the pandemic.
netNet lending is the amount of money that a country lends to the rest of the world minus the amount of money that it borrows.
moneyMoney lending has been a practice that has been around for centuries.
totalThe bank's total lending to the commercial real estate sector increased by 10% in the first quarter.
privateThe private lending company offered a loan with a low interest rate.
directThe bank offers direct lending to small businesses.
basedThe bank offers based lending services to its customers.
structuralThe bank announced a large structural lending to the Internet sector to promote growth
interlibraryThe interlibrary lending program allowed the student to access books from a distant library.
domesticDomestic lending by commercial banks grew by 11.7%, reaching NZ$170 billion.
agriculturalAgricultural lending refers to loans made to farmers and ranchers to finance their operations.
realBanks often engage in real lending to offer several types of loan services to their clients.
predatoryThe bank's predatory lending practices targeted low-income borrowers.
officialThe bank has announced new policies for official lending to small businesses.
excessiveBanks were accused of excessive lending during the housing bubble.
concessionalThe government is providing concessional lending to those who have been affected by the pandemic.
voluntaryI am not familiar with the term 'voluntary lending'.
corporateCorporate lending fell 2.2% during the last quarter.
overseasOverseas lending by contrast, has increased in line with the US dollar LIBOR rate.
additionalAdditional lending can provide necessary resources for expanding one's business.
multilateralThe World Bank is a multilateral lending institution.
furtherLoan growth further lending
sovereignSovereign lending is the practice of lending money to governments of other countries.
bankBank lending is regulated by the Federal Reserve.
ruralRural lending programs can help farmers and ranchers obtain financing for their operations.
syndicatedSyndicated lending is a type of loan in which multiple banks or financial institutions jointly provide a loan to a single borrower.
centralThe central lending library has a vast collection of books.
borderThe bank offered a border lending program to help businesses affected by the pandemic.
traditionalTraditional lending often involves banks or credit unions and requires a good credit score and a lengthy application process.
scaleThe scale lending was very flexible during the recession.
subprimeSubprime lending refers to a type of lending to borrowers with poor credit histories.
residentialThe bank offers a variety of residential lending options.
futureThe bank's future lending plans are based on the assumption that the economy will continue to grow.
relatedThe bank expanded by related lending and fund based activities.
concertedA concerted lending effort was undertaken to support the construction of the new hospital.
riskyThe bank's risky lending practices led to its eventual collapse.
securedThe bank offers secured lending to businesses.
annualThe company's annual lending was substantial.
conventionalConventional lending is a type of mortgage loan that is not insured or guaranteed by the government.
connectedWe offer connected lending services to help you get the financing you need.
institutionalInstitutional lending is a type of financing provided by banks and other financial institutions.
overallOverall lending to non-financial companies dropped in May 2022, seasonally adjusted.
recklessThe bank's reckless lending practices led to a surge in foreclosures.
informalInformal lending has been a part of the economic landscape of developing countries for centuries.
unsecuredUnsecured lending is a type of loan that is not secured by any collateral.
compulsoryThe compulsory lending scheme was introduced in order to fund the war effort.
japaneseJapanese lending is a controversial topic.
conditionalThe bank offered conditional lending to customers who met certain criteria.
indirectThe bank's indirect lending program provides loans to small businesses through partnerships with community development organizations.
retailRetail lending is a type of lending that is provided to individuals for personal use.
grossThe bank's gross lending increased by 10% last year.
imprudentImprudent lending can lead to a financial crisis.
bilateralChina has the world's largest bilateral lending program.
microMicro lending is a financial service that provides small loans to people who do not have access to traditional banking services.
interThe inter lending service allows you to borrow books from other libraries.
continuedThe bank continued lending money to the business despite its financial difficulties.
usuriousThe company was accused of usurious lending practices.
overThe bank's recent over lending has put it in a precarious financial position.
cumulativeThe cumulative lending of the bank has reached a new milestone.
risklessRiskless lending is a type of lending that involves no risk of loss for the lender.
aggressiveThe aggressive lending practices of the bank led to a surge in defaults.
subsidizedThe government's subsidized lending program helped small businesses stay afloat during the pandemic.

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