Adjectives for Length

Adjectives For Length

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing length, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe length can subtly alter the nuance of a sentence, offering insights into the dimension, extent, or effort involved. Describing something with 'total' or 'entire' length underscores completeness or inclusivity, while 'full' might emphasize completeness with a hint of satisfaction. 'Great' length often conveys a sense of extraordinary measure or effort, potentially invoking admiration or surprise. Conversely, 'whole' and 'same' can express undividedness or equality in measure, anchoring the listener's or reader's understanding to a specific standard of comparison. The ability to select precisely the right adjective opens up a world of description that can make any conversation or textual presentation more vivid and engaging. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to perfectly articulate the length of anything below.
totalThe total length of the rope is 10 meters.
fullThe mirror was full length and reached from the floor to the ceiling.
greatThe professor spoke at great length about the history of the American Revolution.
wholeThe painting displayed the ballerina in whole length
entireThe entire length of the river is 200 miles.
sameThe distances between the two cities are of the same length
focalThe focal length of the lens is 50mm.
averageThe average length of a human life is about 79 years.
greaterThis sentence is of a greater length than the short one.
considerableThe knights of the realm met in a hall of considerable length
equalThe two sides of the square are of equal length
shortThe short length of the line made it difficult to see.
meanThe mean length of the rivers in the basin is 800 miles.
sufficientHere is an example of a sentence with sufficient length
overallThis boat is 3.5m in overall length
effectiveThis parameter defines the so-called effective length of the blade and the approximate location of the section modulus used to determine the structural strength of the beam element.
greatestThe river has a greatest length of 200 miles.
originalThe original length of the rope was 10 meters.
minimumThe sentence has a minimum length
properThe proper length of the sentence is determined by the context in which it is used.
trueThe true length of the river was measured accurately.
actualThe surveyor must record the actual length of the property line.
standardThe standard length for a sentence is about 20 to 25 words.
shorterThe shorter length of the string allowed for easier processing.
normalMy cat has normal length whiskers.
reasonableThe book was of reasonable length
extremeThe extreme length of the rope made it difficult to maneuver.
moderateThe project had a moderate length of 12 weeks.
finiteThe rope has a finite length
unequalThe lines have unequal length
characteristicThis shell-like characteristic length will be used to calculate the shell-like thickness.
exactThe object's measurements must be of exact length
appropriateHer hair was of an appropriate length to be considered a bob.
axialOphthalmic ultrasound measures the axial length of the eye to determine its size.
correctThis sentence is the correct length
equivalentThe two sides have an equivalent length
usualThe usual length of a banana is around 6 to 8 inches.
infiniteThis sentence is of infinite length
longerThe metal pipe had a longer length than the plastic one.
constantThe CD has a constant length of 74 minutes
indefiniteThe queue grew to an indefinite length as people waited patiently for their turn.
extraThe extra length of the sentence is a bit too long to fit on the screen.
unusualThe snake's unusual length gave it an advantage over its prey.
footThe foot length was measured in millimeters.
excessiveThe excessive length of the cable made it difficult to maneuver the equipment.
suitableThe suitable length of this sentence is short.
inchThe inch length of the screw is not standard.
opticalThe optical length of the fiber is 100 kilometers.
halfThe flag was hastily reduced to half length
extraordinaryThe python crept along the forest floor with extraordinary length seeking a meal.
adequateThe statement was adequate length
shortestThe book had the shortest length of all.
uniformThe students were all wearing uniforms of uniform length
medianThe median length of the murrelet's beak is 1.4 centimeters.
definiteThe rope has a definite length
convenientThe convenient length of the sentence made it easy to read.
inordinateThe book had an inordinate length making it somewhat unreadable.
rumpThe rump length of the pygmy hog is approximately 14–18 centimetres (5.5–7.1 in).
allThe movie was all length
sarcomereThe sarcomere length is the distance between the Z lines of a muscle fiber.
apparentI am investigating the apparent length of the path A through E.
horizontalThe horizontal length of the rectangular plot is 10 meters.
unsupportedThe unsupported length of the beam caused it to buckle under the weight.
appreciableThe rope had an appreciable length allowing it to reach the top of the building.

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