Adjectives for Letter

Adjectives For Letter

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing letter, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a letter can significantly alter the message's tone and reader's perception. A last letter carries a sense of finality and significance, often filled with parting words or confessions. In contrast, a first letter opens doors to new beginnings and introductions, brimming with anticipation. The length of a letter, be it long or short, determines its depth and the reader's engagement, while the second or next letter in a sequence can build on a previous narrative or shift its direction entirely. Lastly, a same letter repeated can emphasize persistency or a stagnant situation. Explore the full spectrum of expressive nuances in our comprehensive list of adjectives commonly used with \
lastThe last letter of the alphabet is Z.
firstFirst letter of the sentence
longShe wrote a long letter to her friend.
nextWhat is the next letter in the alphabet after A?
deadThe undelivered mail was sent to the dead letter office.
openThe open letter to the government expressed the concerns of the citizens.
privateShe kept the private letter close to her chest.
personalI received a very personal letter from my best friend.
circularThe circular letter was sent to all members of the organization.
singleA single letter is a solitary letter.
originalPlease keep your original letter handy during the phone interview.
anonymousI received an anonymous letter accusing me of being a plagiarist.
initialThe initial letter of this sentence is T.
shortI received a short letter from my pen pal.
thirdThe third letter in the alphabet is C.
pastoralThe bishop's pastoral letter addressed the issue of poverty in the diocese.
abovePlease refer to the above letter for more details.
famousI couldn't believe it when I saw the famous letter from George Washington!
unpublishedThe researcher was able to examine the unpublished letter in the museum's archives.
officialJohn wrote an official letter to the embassy.
formerI'd like to direct your attention to his former letter
undatedI found an undated letter in the attic.
friendlyI enjoy writing friendly letters to my loved ones.
previousEveryone ignored their previous letter
scarletHester stood with the scarlet letter emblazoned on her chest, a constant reminder of her transgressions.
finalThe final letter of the sentence is a period.
niceI received a nice letter from my friend.
pageMy page letter was rejected by the college.
formalPlease send me a formal letter regarding your decision.
briefHe wrote a brief letter to his friend.
greekThe Greek letter pi represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.
subsequentI will need to wait for the subsequent letter before I can provide an update.
confidentialI received a confidential letter from my boss today.
earlierI did not receive your earlier letter
registeredHe sent the registered letter to the law firm.
laterI will get back to you in a later letter
remarkableThe remarkable letter was praised by the critics.
fourthThis is the fourth letter of the alphabet.
accompanyingPlease include an accompanying letter with your resume.
beautifulShe sent me a beautiful letter
angryI sent an angry letter to the company about their poor service.
lengthyThe recipient spent hours reading the lengthy letter
jointSeveral individuals wrote and signed a joint letter to their local representative.
welcomeI was so happy to receive your welcome letter
strictWe adhere to a strict letter of the law in all our dealings.
introductoryPlease find my introductory letter attached.
charmingI was delighted to receive your charming letter
foregoingI have carefully reviewed the foregoing letter and understand its contents.
curiousI received a curious letter in the mail today.
dearI received your dear letter today, and I am so happy to hear from you.
sealedShe read the sealed letter quickly.
kindThank you for writing such a thoughtful and kind letter
interceptedThe intercepted letter revealed sensitive information.
obligingThe obliging letter arrived just in time for the party.
secretThe secret letter was hidden in the envelope.
handwrittenI received a handwritten letter from my grandmother.
weeklyI enjoy getting a weekly letter from my grandmother.
characteristicThe characteristic letter was clearly visible on the package.
encyclicalPope Francis released an encyclical letter in 2015 entitled “Laudato Si'“.
lowercaseThe lowercase letter 'a' is the first letter of the alphabet.
royalThe royal letter arrived by courier and was read aloud to the court.
celebratedWe received the celebrated letter last week.
politeHis polite letter clearly demonstrated his respect.
unsignedAn unsigned letter arrived in my mailbox this morning.

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