Adjectives for Letters

Adjectives For Letters

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing letters, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe letters can significantly affect the nuance of your message. Whether you're referring to many letters stacked on a desk, expressing the intimacy of private letters, or hinting at the overwhelming size with large letters, each adjective paints a unique picture. The choice between several, few, or long letters could alter the tone, suggesting anything from abundance to scarcity, or brevity to depth. Understanding these subtle differences is key to crafting precise and evocative sentences. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover how each can uniquely modify the noun letters, enriching your writing with nuanced detail.
severalthe sentence contains several letters
privateThe private letters were discovered in the attic.
personalI keep all my personal letters in a cedar chest at the foot of my bed.
moreThis sentence has more letters
greekAlpha, beta, and gamma are the first three greek letters
originalMy original letters form a sentence.
numerousShe received numerous letters from her admirers.
blackThe black letters stood out against the white background.
anonymousThe anonymous letters had become a source of great stress for the family.
redThe message was written in bold red letters
unpublishedThe researcher was combing through unpublished letters looking for clues.
officialWe often receive official letters from the bank.
caseCase letters are used at the start of proper nouns and at the start of sentences.
circularShe sent out circular letters to her friends and family announcing her engagement.
latinLatin letters constitute the basis of the written English language.
goldThe invitation had gold letters fancy calligraphy and was beautifully presented with a thick border.
earlierI had already written two earlier letters to him.
laterI received later letters explaining the issue.
subsequentThe subsequent letters formed the word 'mystery'.
pastoralThe bishop released several pastoral letters on complex social and ethical issues.
goldenThe names were inscribed in golden letters on a marble plaque.
familiarLook at the famiLiar letters
deadThe post office holds dead letters for a period of time before destroying them.
friendlyThe friendly letters in the mailbox made her smile.
printedCan you read these printed letters?
extantHer extant letters reveal her keen interest in the arts.
papalThe papal letters were instrumental in spreading the word of the Catholic Church.
contemporaryThe contemporary letters were full of important information.
selectedSelected letters form words.
angryThe angry letters were full of harsh words and accusations.
interceptedMary intercepted letters from her lover.
confidentialDon't forget to lock away the confidential letters before leaving the office.
geophysicalScientists analyzed geophysical letters collected from multiple sources to understand the relationship between seismic activity and other Earth processes.
occasionalI received occasional letters from my grandparents.
giltThe elaborate headstone was adorned with gilt letters and intricate carvings.
royalThe royal letters were sealed with a wax seal bearing the king's crest.
miscellaneousShe left a message with the miscellaneous letters Z, Y, and X.
politeHis polite letters were praised by his colleagues.
affectionateI received several affectionate letters from my grandparents.

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