Adjectives for Level

Adjectives For Level

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing level, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe 'level' can significantly alter the perception of your message. Using 'high' or 'higher' suggests a degree of excellence or greater intensity, possibly inspiring motivation or ambition. Conversely, 'low' or 'lower' can imply a deficiency or a need for improvement, potentially evoking concern or urgency. When 'same' is used, it denotes consistency or lack of change, which can be reassuring or indicate stagnation based on context. 'National' shifts the focus to a broader, collective scale, introducing themes of communal identity or shared standards. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, transforming 'level' into a multifaceted concept. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'level' and explore the rich nuances each combination can offer.
highThe team has extensive high level expertise in project management.
higherHis higher level of intelligence allowed him to quickly solve the puzzle.
lowThe low level of service was unacceptable.
sameWe are all on the same level
lowerThe lower level of the building was dark and deserted.
nationalThe team won the national level competition.
localSupport must be provided by organizations at the local level
highestThe students who performed at the highest level were awarded scholarships.
generalThe course was on a general level
lowestThe lowest level of the pyramid is the square base.
certainSome students possess a certain level of creative thinking.
nextMy coding skills are on the next level
educationalThe researchers found a strong correlation between educational level and income.
averageThe average level of mathematics ability in the class was low.
individualData analysis should be done at the individual level
normalThe blood sugar level returned to normal level after the medication.
internationalThis athlete performed at the international level
currentThe current level of support is high.
regionalThe project is operated at a regional level
minimumThe minimum level of donations for the charity was $10.
basicThe students' knowledge is at a basic level
upperThe upper level of the building is currently under construction.
secondaryThe secondary level of education in most countries typically includes students within the ages of 11 and 16.
appropriateThe notice will be written in a style with an appropriate level of formality.
thirdI am on the third level of the building.
deeperI have a deeper level of understanding now.
seaThe sea level has been rising steadily over the past century.
meanThe mean level of particulate matter in the air has been increasing in recent years.
acceptableThe results were at an acceptable level
molecularThe researcher examined the material at the molecular level
overallThe overall level of performance was satisfactory.
globalThe company has been recognized for its work on a global level
constantThis device maintains a constant level of moisture in the surrounding air.
elementaryThe elementary level students are learning about the solar system.
maximumThe maximum level of this character is 99.
optimalThe optimal level of moisture in the soil is around 50%.
initialHis initial level of confidence was not very high.
intellectualThe group engaged in vigorous discussion that approached an intellectual level that was both vigorous and welcome.
cellularOn a cellular level the body is made up of trillions of cells.
soundThe sound level in the room was too loud for me to hear the speaker.
criticalThe water level reached a critical level and flooded the streets.
intermediateHer intermediate level French skills were enough to get by during her trip to Paris.
developmentalThe child's developmental level is within the normal range.
consciousThe patient can communicate on a conscious level
theoreticalThe concept is still at the theoretical level but is expected to be implemented soon.
fundamentalThe most fundamental level of matter is composed of atoms.
abstractThe artist's work was praised for its high abstract level
provincialThe bid was at provincial level
organizationalThe organizational level of the project is enterprise.
macroThe macro level economic forecast predicts a downturn in the coming months.
microThis phenomenon is clearly seen at the micro level
reasonableThe company is seeking to maintain a reasonable level of profitability.
absoluteThe absolute level of the ocean has risen by about 8 inches since 1900.
conceptualConceptual level is the level of relationships between ideas, concepts, and cognitive structures.
middleThe middle level manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a department.
aggregateThe poverty rate for each city is measured at the aggregate level
advancedThe university offers advanced level courses for students aiming for higher degrees.
gradeWe aim to make the content understandable for a wide grade level
operationalThe operational level of the business has been functioning smoothly.
minimalThe minimal level of service is acceptable.
deadThe water was dead level with the top of the dam.
adequateThe students had an adequate level of proficiency in the subject matter.

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