Adjectives for Levels

Adjectives For Levels

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing levels, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe levels can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence, providing nuanced insights into quantity, quality, or hierarchy. Describing something with 'high levels' often conveys a sense of superiority or excess, while 'low levels' might imply inadequacy or a lack. Furthermore, 'different' and 'various levels' introduce diversity or varying degrees, enriching the context. Meanwhile, comparisons made with 'higher' or 'lower' levels indicate relative standings, which could be vital in analytical discussions. Each adjective, when paired with 'levels,' offers a unique perspective, unlocking a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'levels' to enhance your descriptions and analysis.
highThe research found high levels of pesticide contamination in the river.
differentThe house has different levels with separate entrances.
higherThe research team achieved higher levels of accuracy with the new algorithm.
lowLow levels of oxygen can make you feel dizzy.
lowerThe lower levels of the building were flooded after the storm.
variousThe city has various levels of poverty.
normalThe patient's blood pressure returned to normal levels after taking the medication.
highestThe highest levels of the government were involved in the conspiracy.
severalThe building had several levels with different functions.
elevatedThe study found elevated levels of lead in the soil.
nationalThe company has grown to national levels
upperThe upper levels of the company are full of experienced and talented people.
educationalOne of the factors that contributed to the wage gap was the difference in educational levels between men and women.
multipleThis building has multiple levels
currentThe current levels of pollution are alarming.
lowestThe temperature dropped to the lowest levels in decades.
averageThe average levels of income in the area are quite low.
deeperResearchers are delving into the deeper levels of the human genome to try to unearth the risks of developing cancer and other diseases.
regionalWe need to consider the information at regional levels
relativeThe researcher studied the relative levels of gene expression in the two cell types.
appropriateThis technique provides appropriate levels of assistance to the learner.
intermediateStudents with intermediate levels of English proficiency demonstrated their language skills in the assessment.
adequateThe company has adequate levels of cash on hand to cover its expenses.
therapeuticThis medication is used to treat depression and anxiety and keep therapeutic levels in the body.
moderateThe study group will be meeting every Monday at moderate levels
trophicThe different trophic levels in an ecosystem represent the various feeding levels, from primary producers to top predators.
hierarchicalThe hierarchical levels of the organization are well-defined.
meanThe mean levels of the species were significantly lower in the treated group.
minimumThe minimum levels of acceptable performance were not met.
toxicThe toxic levels of lead in the soil made it unsafe for children to play.
topThe management team operates at the top levels of the organization.
overallOverall levels of pollution in the city have decreased in recent years.
distinctThe building had distinct levels of luxury.
maximumThe contamination of soil with heavy metals has maximum levels defined for playgrounds.
organizationalThis course has five organizational levels tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, and biosphere.
optimalThe company is operating at optimal levels
peakThe noise reached its peak levels during the concert.
intracellularIntracellular levels of calcium were measured using a fluorescent dye.
absoluteThe absolute levels of pollution in the city are alarmingly high.
successiveThe scientist discovered successive levels of complexity in the animal's nervous system.
urinaryThe patient's urinary levels of creatinine were elevated.
developmentalYoung children demonstrate a wide range of developmental levels that influence their learning and growth.
soundThe concert reached sound levels that were unbearable.
seniorThe company is looking to hire at senior levels
unprecedentedThe company is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth.
elementaryThe students at elementary levels were excited to learn.
excessiveThe excessive levels of pollution in the city are a major concern.
cyclicThe cyclic levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are due to photosynthesis and respiration.
grayThe image has 256 gray levels
discreteThe data was organized into discrete levels of granularity.
maternalThe maternal levels of the hormone relaxin were significantly higher in the treatment group.
advancedThe researchers are working on the project at advanced levels
comparableThe two companies have comparable levels of revenue.
reducedThe project had reduced levels of support.
dangerousThe chemical reached dangerous levels in the water supply.
detectableThe study found detectable levels of the chemical in the water.
abnormalThe patient's blood tests showed abnormal levels of glucose.
uricIt is important to maintain uric levels within a healthy range.
rotationalThe rotational levels of a diatomic molecule are determined by the rotational constant.
safeThe air quality was well within safe levels
stateThe study was conducted at the state levels
occupationalScientists are observing occupational levels to make projections about the future of the industry.

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