Adjectives for Levy

Adjectives For Levy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing levy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'levy' can encapsulate a myriad of nuances based on the adjective it's paired with. A 'general levy' might suggest a widespread financial requirement imposed on a broad group, whereas a 'special levy' indicates a more targeted demand, perhaps for a specific purpose or community. The introduction of a 'new levy' could hint at policy changes or emerging societal needs. The term 'annual levy', on the other hand, signifies a recurring charge, embedding a sense of routine or expectation. When adjectives like 'calmann' and 'magnus' precede 'levy', the context becomes even richer, weaving in perhaps the levy's scope or its origin. Dive deeper to explore the full list of adjectives that bring unique shades of meaning to 'levy'.
generalThe new general levy went into effect on January 1st.
specialThe government imposed a special levy for infrastructure development.
newThe town council imposed a new levy on businesses to fund road improvements.
annualThe annual levy for membership in the organization is $100.
magnusMagnus Carlsen successfully defended his title against Magnus levy in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2023.
politicalThe political levy is a controversial issue that has been debated for many years.
compulsoryThe compulsory levy was imposed on all citizens to fund the war effort.
additionalThe government announced an additional levy on imported goods.
feudalThe feudal levy was a tax imposed on the vassals of a feudal lord.
variableThe Common Agricultural Policy of the EU includes a variable levy
totalThe total levy was nearly $100,000.
localThe local levy for the school district was approved by a narrow margin.
foreignThe foreign levy is a tax imposed by a foreign government on income earned by a U.S. citizen or resident.
militaryThe military levy was a tax imposed on all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45.
directSince the IRS can seize your property through direct levy the Congress established procedures to provide you with some protection.
domesticThe domestic levy can be subject to tax evasion in many different ways.
michelMichel levy was a French publisher who was active in the 19th century.
nationalA national levy was introduced to fund the war effort.
maliceThe malice levy was paid to the victim's family.
maximumThe maximum levy for this property is $1,000 per year.
taxThe town voted to increase the tax levy to fund a new school.
federalThe employee's paycheck will have a significant decrease because of the high federal levy
extraThe extra levy on imported goods was designed to protect domestic industries.
regularThe regular levy is a tax that is imposed on a regular basis.
extraordinaryThe government imposed an extraordinary levy on the wealthy to fund the war effort.
actualThe actual levy however, was only 10,000,000 pounds.
hastyWe must avoid a hasty levy of war.
voluntaryThe voluntary levy was proposed as a way to raise funds for the new community center.
freshThe company has imposed a fresh levy on its employees.
uniformThe government imposed a uniform levy on all imported goods.
illegalThe illegal levy was imposed on the unsuspecting citizens.
caimanThe caiman levy was a tax imposed on the export of hides and skins of caimans.
averageThe average levy on private automobiles is 10%.
galatzerGalatzer levy is a romanian singer and composer.
immediateThe immediate levy of taxes was met with widespread protest.
separateThe county board voted to impose a separate levy for the new park.
validThe creditor turned to the court to ensure they had a valid levy
municipalThe municipal levy was increased by 5% this year.
tribalThe tribal levy was imposed on all able-bodied men in the village.
excessiveThe excessive levy imposed a heavy burden on the local businesses.
benoitBenoit levy is a renowned French contemporary artist known for his large-scale sculptures.
excessThe government imposed an excess levy on luxury imports.
nonThe non levy of taxes on essential goods was a welcome relief for the poor.
progressiveThe progressive levy is a form of taxation that increases as the tax base increases.
yearlyThe yearly levy was a large burden on the small village.
universalThe government imposed a universal levy on all citizens to fund the war effort.
flatThe government proposed a flat levy of 5% on all income.
monthlyThe monthly levy was due on the first of the month.
centThe cent levy is a small tax that is added to the price of certain goods and services.
minimumThe minimum levy was set at 10%.
statutoryThe statutory levy on sugar drinks was introduced to reduce consumption and improve public health.
exciseThe excise levy on tobacco products was recently increased.
wrongfulThe wrongful levy of property can lead to severe financial consequences for the victim.
mandatoryThe mandatory levy was imposed on all citizens to fund the war effort.
arbitraryThe arbitrary levy imposed by the tyrannical regime caused widespread economic hardship among its citizens.
weeklyThe weekly levy is collected by the city council to fund local services.
jolivetThe jolivet levy is a type of tax levied on the sale of goods and services in some countries.
temporaryThe temporary levy will be used to fund the new infrastructure project.
calmanCalman levy was a prominent 19th-century French publisher.

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