Adjectives for Liberal

Adjectives For Liberal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing liberal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'liberal' can subtly shift its meaning and connotation, providing depth and context to your discussions or writings. For instance, 'white liberal' often conveys conversations around race and politics, while 'moderate liberal' suggests a centrist perspective within broader liberal ideology. The addition of 'political' illuminates the noun's engagement with governing systems, whereas 'classical' and 'modern' highlight the temporal shifts in liberal thought. Describing someone as a 'true liberal' invokes notions of authenticity and foundational principles. Each adjective unlocks a different shade of 'liberal,' enriching conversations and narratives. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover the nuances each brings to the word 'liberal'.
moderateDespite his campaign promise, the newly elected president has been criticized by moderate liberals for his lack of action on climate change.
politicalThe political liberal argued for increased government spending on social programs.
classicalClassical liberal economists believe in the free market and limited government intervention.
modernThe modern liberal is often seen as a defender of social justice and equality.
trueA true liberal believes in social and political equality.
conservativeShe's a conservative liberal who believes in limited government and social justice.
centuryJohn was a prominent century liberal
youngThe young liberal was excited to vote for the first time.
prominentThe prominent liberal politician addressed the crowd at the rally.
economicDespite being an economic liberal he supported higher taxes for the wealthy.
ardentThe ardent liberal spent hours debating with his conservative friend.
advancedThe advanced liberal students were discussing the latest political theories.
strongThe strong liberal candidate won the election easily.
staunchShe is a staunch liberal who supports many progressive causes.
southernThe southern liberal is a rare breed, but they do exist.
independentThe independent liberal candidate won the election with a landslide victory.
neoThe neo liberal government introduced a new economic policy.
genuineWe had a genuine liberal discussion about recent political events in the coffee shop.
englishThe English liberal philosopher John Locke believed in natural rights and limited government.
typicalThe typical liberal is tolerant of other people's beliefs.
formerThe former liberal had become more conservative over time.
extremeThe extreme liberal policies of the government have led to a decline in the economy.
democraticThe democratic liberal values of equality and justice resonate deeply with me.
fashionedThe senator responded with a fashioned liberal agenda to his constituents.
germanFriedrich Naumann, a prominent German liberal was a leading advocate of social reform.
progressiveThe progressive liberal politician spoke out against the conservative agenda.
outspokenThe outspoken liberal criticized the conservative's policies.
paretianParetian liberalism is a school of thought that believes in maximizing the welfare of the worst-off.
classicThe classic liberal was a proponent of free markets and individual liberty.
britishThe British liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom.
russianThe Russian liberal opposition is calling for new protests.
least"There is some evidence to indicate that religious people tend to be at least liberal politically."
northernI'm a northern liberal who believes in social justice.
activeThe active liberal participated in the local election.
wingThe wing liberal had a strong left arm.
europeanThe European liberal Forum is a political organisation that represents liberal political parties in Europe.
convincedThe convinced liberal was adamant in her belief that the government should provide more social programs.
victorianThe Victorian liberal feared the growing power of the state.
averageThe average liberal is more likely to support social programs than the average conservative.
consistentThe consistent liberal voted Democrat in every election.
theologicalThe distinguished theological liberal spoke at the conference.
enlightenedAn enlightened liberal he sought to promote social justice through education and reform.
mindedThe young, open-minded liberal believes the solution to poverty is more welfare programs.
outstandingThe outstanding liberal politician has many supporters.
knownThe known liberal politician gave a speech on the importance of social justice.
classThe class liberal was praised for his open-mindedness.
lifelongThe lifelong liberal was known for his progressive views.
sincereI was impressed by her sincere liberal views.
calledThe politician was called liberal because of her support for many social programs.
militantThe militant liberal vowed to fight for her beliefs.
gladstonianThe Gladstonian liberal government was committed to social reform.
pragmaticThe pragmatic liberal decided to support the plan despite her reservations.
lessThe new policies are less liberal than the previous ones.
doctrinaireThe doctrinaire liberal held steadfastly to his beliefs, regardless of the evidence presented to him.
corporateThe corporate liberal attended a cocktail party where he schmoozed with politicians and lobbyists.
orthodoxThe orthodox liberal view of free speech holds that it should be as unrestricted as possible.
secularShe is a secular liberal who believes in the separation of church and state.
famousThe famous liberal was known for his progressive ideas.
racialFor me, there is no need to be a radical racial liberal nor a conservative.
honestThe honest liberal admitted his candidate was wrong.
thoroughShe received a thorough liberal education at Oxford.
intellectualThe intellectual liberal argued that the government should provide more social services.
republicanThe republican liberal faced criticism for his controversial views.
conventionalThe conventional liberal believes free markets should be regulated to protect the public.
influentialThe influential liberal politician has been a vocal critic of the government's policies.

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