Adjectives for Licence

Adjectives For Licence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing licence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'licence' can subtly alter its meaning and implication. A 'special licence' carries a sense of uniqueness and privilege, perhaps denoting a rare permission. Meanwhile, a 'royal licence' not only signifies approval but does so with an air of grandeur and authority, evoking images of monarchial endorsement. On the other hand, a 'poetic licence' infers a freedom that goes beyond the conventional, embracing creativity and artistic liberty. Similarly, 'sexual' and 'exclusive' licences speak to permissions granted within specific, often private realms. Each adjective, when combined with 'licence,' opens up a wealth of interpretations and nuances, highlighting the importance of context and precision in language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that complement 'licence' and enrich your vocabulary below.
specialThe special licence granted him the right to operate heavy machinery.
suchThe company has such licence to produce and sell the products.
poeticThe poet took poetic licence with the story.
royalThe royal licence granted to the company allowed it to operate without legal restrictions.
exclusiveThe exclusive licence to sell the product was granted to the company.
fullThe driver had a full licence
compulsoryThe Copyright Act provides for the grant of compulsory licences in respect of works protected by copyright.
artisticThe artist took artistic licence with the painting, depicting the scene in a way that was more visually appealing than historically accurate.
offI'm heading to the off licence to pick up some wine.
industrialThe company has recently obtained the necessary industrial licence for the production of its new product.
unbridledThe unbridled licence of the hooligans caused widespread damage.
validHe showed a valid licence to the police officer.
poeticalThe writer wielded their poetical licence to paint a vivid tapestry of words.
freeHe was given free licence to roam the streets.
openThe book was published with an open licence allowing anyone to copy and distribute it.
muchThe judge gave the lawyers much licence in their arguments.
annual"The annual licence fee must be paid before the vehicle can be used on the road."
greaterThe government had been given greater licence to intervene in the economy.
necessaryThe necessary licence was not obtained prior to the start of the works.
considerableThe artist was given considerable licence to interpret the brief.
unboundedThe inspector was granted an almost unbounded licence to roam the country.
temporaryHe was driving with only a temporary licence
militaryThe soldier showed his military licence to the police officer.
unlimitedThe company's unlimited licence to exploit the natural resources of the region has sparked controversy.
commercialThe commercial licence for the software permits you to use it for business purposes.
provisionalHe was driving on a provisional licence and was therefore not allowed to carry passengers.
originalHe presented his original licence to the officer.
internationalThe driver showed his international licence to the police officer.
dramaticThe playwright took dramatic licence with the events of the historical battle.
unrestrainedThe unrestrained licence with which he spoke was shocking.
ordinaryI lost my ordinary licence when I was driving my car.
utmostThe artist was given utmost licence to express their creativity in the exhibition.
impliedThe implied licence to enter onto land is not a right to remain there indefinitely.
occasionalThe council awarded an occasional licence to the street trader.
yearI renewed my driver's year licence last month.
appropriateHe was given an appropriate licence to operate the truck.
statutoryThe Copyright Tribunal is responsible for setting the terms and conditions of statutory licences.
extremeThe driver was operating his vehicle with extreme licence
episcopalAfter the collapse of the English episcopacy in the 17th century, baptisms were still carried out under episcopal licence
wildHe was driving around with wild licence and no regard for the safety of others.
papalThe papal licence was granted to the bishop by the Pope.
limitedThe driver was operating under a limited licence which restricted their driving privileges.
formalThe employee is required to have a formal licence to operate the machinery.
retailThe store will apply for a retail licence next month.
literaryThe author took literary licence by changing the character's gender.
usualThe manager suspended her usual licence
freshI'm excited to drive with my fresh licence
cleanThe driver has maintained a clean licence for over a decade.
unrestrictedThe driver was fined for driving without an unrestricted licence
duplicateHe had several duplicate licences in his wallet.
subWe granted a sub licence to the new company for the use of our software.
universalThe universal licence applies to all drivers in the country.
excessiveThe company faced criticism for its excessive licence in the use of subcontractors.
absoluteThe artist was given absolute licence to express his creativity.
wholesaleThe company holds a wholesale licence for the distribution of alcoholic beverages.
copyrightThe copyright licence for this work is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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