Adjectives for License

Adjectives For License

Discover the most compelling adjectives for 'license', such as 'such', 'poetic', 'special', and 'exclusive'. Each adjective is presented in context with a sentence, helping you enhance your vocabulary and enrich your writing. Dive into our detailed guide tailored for educators, writers, and enthusiasts seeking the perfect descriptors for 'license'.

suchHe took such license with the rules that he was eventually fired.
poeticIn the realm of creativity, poetic license holds sway, granting writers the freedom to bend reality.
specialThe special license allowed him to drive a commercial vehicle.
exclusiveThe exclusive license grants the right to use the property to the exclusion of all others.
compulsoryThe compulsory license allowed the manufacture of copies of the songs without permission from the copyright holder.
realPlease show me your real license
generalThe government has issued a general license to allow the export of goods to the country.
artisticThe artist took artistic license with the details of the painting.
royalThe royal license granted the explorer exclusive rights to trade in the newly discovered territory.
freeThe software is available under a free license
medicalThe doctor's medical license was revoked due to malpractice.
validI need to see your valid license
fullShe obtained her full license last year.
nonexclusiveThe band signed a nonexclusive license with a local music label to produce their debut album.
commercialThe software is available under a commercial license
professionalHe was stripped of his professional license after being found guilty of malpractice.
federalTo obtain a federal license one must go through extensive training.
mereThe software was provided with a mere license not a transfer of ownership.
temporaryThe driver was pulled over for driving with a temporary license that had expired.
annualThe annual license was required for the operation of the business.
muchThe publisher took much license with the facts.
literaryThe author took some literary license with the historical events.
unlimitedThe software comes with an unlimited license allowing you to install it on as many computers as you need.
greaterThe artist now has greater license to express oneself.
poeticalThe author took some poetical license with the historical facts.
originalThe original license allowed the software to be used for free.
openThe software was released under an open license
privateI obtained a private license to operate a small plane for personal use.
separateI need to obtain a separate license for my business.
impliedThe implied license for the land allowed the public to access the beach.
creativeThe artist took creative license with the landscape, adding a waterfall that didn't exist.
limitedThe teenager can only drive with a limited license which restricts her to certain times of day.
properThe driver of the vehicle did not have a proper license
unboundedThe dictator gave his generals unbounded license to plunder the conquered territory.
dramaticThe playwright took dramatic license with the historical record.
considerableThe author took considerable license with the facts in his account of the event.
unrestrictedThe driver's unrestricted license allowed them to operate any type of vehicle.
yearI renewed my car's year license last month.
necessaryThe contractor did not have a necessary license and was fined.
unrestrainedThe children enjoyed unrestrained license to play in the park.
official"This document is an official license from the government."
mechanicalHe applied for a mechanical license to cover his use of copyrighted music in his cover songs.
permanentHe was granted a permanent license to operate the business.
regularThe driver possessed a regular license
restrictedI was only able to drive with a restricted license after my DUI conviction.
provisionalThe provisional license is a temporary authorization to drive.
utmostThe professor gave his students the utmost license to explore different ideas.
revocableThe revocable license granted by the landlord allows the tenant to terminate the lease early if certain conditions are met.
wildThe artist took a wild license with the subject matter, creating a painting that was both unsettling and beautiful.
retailThe business owner must obtain a retail license from the city in order to operate.
cross"Please upload a copy of your cross license agreement associated with your intended use of this audio file.".
classThe driver was issued a class license for operating heavy vehicles.
amateurHe passed the amateur license exam.
universalI have a universal license to drive any vehicle in the world.
extremeThe journalist used extreme license in writing the article.
statutoryThe recording and distribution of copyrighted music is governed by a statutory license
occupationalThe board is responsible for issuing occupational licenses to qualified applicants.
dayI obtained a day license to fish in the nearby lake.

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