Adjectives for Licensing

Adjectives For Licensing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing licensing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'licensing' not only refines the subject but also clarifies the context, emphasizing the varied landscapes licensing can navigate. From 'compulsory licensing,' highlighting a mandated compliance, to 'industrial licensing,' which speaks to specific sector regulations. 'Cross licensing' reveals a cooperative realm, where sharing is key, while 'occupational' and 'professional' licensing discuss the standards and qualifications vital in specific careers. 'Restrictive licensing,' on the other hand, points to limitations and control. Each adjective layers 'licensing' with unique nuances, painting a fuller picture of its applications and implications. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'licensing' and how they distinctly color its meaning in diverse contexts below.
compulsoryThe compulsory licensing scheme allows generic drug manufacturers to produce and sell generic versions of patented drugs before the patent expires.
industrialThe industrial licensing policy of the government has been criticized by many economists.
crossCross licensing allows companies to share their intellectual property with each other.
occupationalOccupational licensing is the government's regulation of certain occupations.
professionalHolding professional licensing is a testament to one's professional development and commitment to their field.
restrictiveThe number of licenses available for the new software was limited due to restrictive licensing
foreignForeign licensing gives companies the ability to expand their operations into new markets.
federalThe federal licensing process for nuclear power plants is a complex and lengthy one.
medicalHis medical licensing does not expire until next year.
exclusiveThe company has granted us an exclusive licensing agreement for the software.
internationalHe is responsible for the international licensing of feature films.
specialSpecial licensing is required to operate heavy machinery.
mandatoryMandatory licensing is a government-imposed regulation that requires patent holders to license their patents to other companies on reasonable terms.
formalWe will need formal licensing to start the business.
freeThe software is distributed under a free licensing agreement.
automaticThe new system will implement automatic licensing for all vehicles.
localThe company must obtain local licensing before opening its new office.
strictStrict licensing controls the distribution and use of software.
properEnsure proper licensing of all software and equipment.
openThe open licensing movement advocates for the free and unrestricted use of creative works.
commercialThe software comes with commercial licensing allowing it to be used for various business purposes.
discretionaryThe firm uses discretionary licensing to control who can sell its products.
nuclearThe company was awarded a nuclear licensing amendment to increase the reactor power level.
initialYou must complete an initial licensing course to be able to practice.
directDirect licensing allows businesses to sell products or services directly to consumers without going through a third party.
additionalThe additional licensing fees were included in the bill.
officialThe official licensing agreement outlines the terms of use for the company's patented technology.
priorApplicants should have prior licensing on the subject needed.
intellectualThe company's intellectual licensing agreement allows them to use the patented technology in their products.
municipalThe municipal licensing department is responsible for issuing permits and licenses for businesses in the city.
collectiveCollective licensing is a practice in which multiple copyright holders grant a single license to use their works.
subThe sub licensing agreement needs to be reviewed by the legal team.
annualOur company provides annual licensing for the software.
limitedDue to the recent changes in state laws, he decided to apply for a limited licensing for his shop.
governmentalThe new governmental licensing requirements have been met by the company.
appropriateHe got rejected for the job due to not having appropriate licensing
voluntary"Voluntary licensing" is a form of licensing in which copyright owners grant permission for others to use their work
separateBusinesses must obtain separate licensing from the state and municipality to operate.
statutoryStatutory licensing is a legal framework created by the government that allows the use of copyrighted works without the express permission of the copyright holder.
basedThe development team used based licensing to ensure that all code was properly attributed.
extensiveOur extensive licensing and flexible term plans make it easy to find the right coverage for your business.
liberalThe game has a very liberal licensing that lets modders create anything with it.
outThe company has licensed its technology to several companies for out licensing
indirectIndirect licensing allowed companies to distribute their software by allowing them to license the software to other companies.
dualThe company decided to use a dual licensing approach, offering both a commercial and an open-source version of the software.
environmentalThe environmental licensing process involves a comprehensive review of the potential impacts of a proposed project on the natural environment.
contentThe company is considering content licensing as a new revenue stream.
domesticDomestic licensing requirements vary from state to state.
howHow licensing open source software will impact your business
regulatoryThe regulatory licensing process can be complex and time-consuming.
prosodicProsodic licensing accounts for the special status of long-distance dependencies that crosses intonational and prosodic boundaries
reciprocalOur reciprocal licensing agreement allows both companies to use each other's patents.
nonexclusiveThe nonexclusive licensing agreement allows multiple parties to use the intellectual property.
syntacticSyntactic licensing is a linguistic phenomenon in which the presence of a particular word or phrase makes it possible for another word or phrase to appear in the same sentence.
stringentStringent licensing requirements have created a shortage of available candidates.
technologicalThe company has extensive experience in technological licensing and has successfully commercialized several technologies.
successfulThe successful licensing of the new technology generated significant revenue for the company.
stricterThe city council voted to impose stricter licensing requirements on new businesses.
electronicThe software uses an electronic licensing system to prevent unauthorized use.
importImport licensing is a government regulation that restricts the importation of certain goods by requiring importers to obtain a license.
parentalParental licensing would require parents to obtain government permission before having children.
copyrightI am looking for information about copyright licensing
inwardThe company opted for inward licensing to gain access to the latest technology.
liquorWe sought clarification from the authorities on liquor licensing
comprehensiveObtaining comprehensive licensing requires knowledge, experience, and expertise.
corporateThe company expanded its reach through corporate licensing deals.
temporaryHe was able to get a temporary licensing agreement for the use of the artwork in his class.
institutionalThe University has a comprehensive policy for institutional licensing of software, and it is applicable to all members of the University.
mechanicalThe music industry is undergoing a significant shift towards mechanical licensing

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