Adjectives for Lid

Adjectives For Lid

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lid, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives used with the noun 'lid' can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, affecting how we visualize and understand the subject in question. For example, describing a lid as 'upper' or 'lower' immediately focuses our attention on its position or relation to other components. A 'fitting' or 'tight' lid speaks to its functionality and efficiency, potentially invoking feelings of security or frustration. Meanwhile, adjectives like 'hinged' or 'heavy' provide insight into the physical characteristics of the lid, influencing our expectations of how it operates or feels. Each adjective brings its own unique shade of meaning, enriching our comprehension and communication. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives most frequently used with 'lid' and how they vividly color our descriptions.
upperThe upper lid of the box was slightly ajar.
lowerThe lower lid of her eye twitched as she tried to focus.
tightThe pickle jar had a tight lid
hingedThe hinged lid of the box creaked open as she lifted it.
heavyHer heavy lids fluttered helplessly.
woodenThe wooden lid creaked as it was opened.
plasticPut the plastic lid on top of the jar.
rightClose the right lid of the box before you leave.
openThe open lid of the box revealed a treasure trove of candy.
closedThe closed lid kept the aroma of the coffee from escaping.
topClose the top lid of the box.
flatThe flat lid was used to cover the bubbling pot.
removableThe removable lid made it easy to clean the container.
domedThe domed lid of the silver platter was beautifully engraved.
shapedThe box had a shaped lid
hotWatch out for the hot lid on the pot.
perforatedThe perforated lid allowed the steam to escape from the pot.
circularThe box had a circular lid
innerShe carefully lifted the inner lid of the box.
secureThe glass jar had a secure lid that prevented spills.
rigidWe used a rigid lid to prevent the contents from spilling.
evertedThe patient had an everted lid which was treated surgically.
roundThe round lid was sitting on the top of the box.
boxI lifted the box lid and peered inside.
goldenThe golden lid gleamed in the sunlight.
heatedThe heated lid kept the contents of the pot warm.
transparentShe opened the transparent lid of the box.
movableThe movable lid allowed me to look inside easily.
looseThe loose lid on the jar caused the contents to spill out.
conicalThe conical lid fit snugly onto the top of the jar.
rearRemove the rear lid and the two batteries.
tightfittingThe jar had a tightfitting lid that was difficult to remove.
airtightThe airtight lid prevented the aromas from escaping.
insidePlease close the inside lid of the laptop before moving it.
thickThe thick lid sealed the ancient vase.
invertedThe inverted lid of the box revealed the hidden treasure within.
brokenThe broken lid of the box revealed its contents.
bottomI lifted the bottom lid of the box and peered inside.
curvedThe curved lid of the pot prevents spills.
thinThe thin lid of the box was barely able to contain the contents.
oppositeThe lid of the box fell on its opposite lid
outerThe outer lid of the box was adorned with intricate carvings.
frontThe front lid of the box was slightly ajar.
affectedHe opened his affected lid slowly, revealing a bloodshot and swollen eye.
superiorThe superior lid of the box was adorned with intricate carvings.
fittedThe fitted lid kept the contents of the box safe from spills.
porcelainThe porcelain lid of the teapot was chipped.
sealedThe sealed lid preserved the freshness of the food.
concreteThe concrete lid of the tomb had sunk below the ground.
massiveThe massive lid was so heavy, it took two people to lift it.
ceramicThe ceramic lid of the teapot had a beautiful flower design.
roundedThe stockpot with the rounded lid is on the shelf.
carvedThe tea set came with a wooden carved lid
ponderousThe ponderous lid of the sarcophagus creaked open, revealing the mummified remains within.
gabledI lifted the gabled lid of the redwood box.
ovenThe chef placed the heavy oven lid atop the bubbling stew.
metalThe metal lid clanged shut as the pressure inside the can built up.
reconstructedThe reconstructed lid was placed over the vessel
inferiorThe inferior lid of the eye was swollen and red.
fringedThe fringed lid of the mysterious box hides secrets unknown.
ironThe heavy iron lid kept the contents of the pot from spilling out.
convexThe pressure cooker's convex lid locked in place, ensuring that the steam stayed inside the pot.

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