Adjectives for Life

Adjectives For Life

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing life, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective landscape surrounding the noun 'life' unveils the profound nuances and diverse perspectives we embody in our discourse. Describing 'life' with adjectives like 'human,' 'social,' or 'own' shifts the narrative towards the deeply personal, societal contexts, or the innate ownership we feel towards our experiences. Contrastingly, adjectives such as 'everyday' and 'daily' highlight the mundane yet significant routine aspects, whereas 'public' brings our attention to the life we share and display in communal spaces. Each choice of adjective paints a distinct picture of 'life,' prompting reflections on its multifaceted nature. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe 'life' and the rich meanings they carry below.
humanHuman life is a precious gift.
socialI enjoy spending time with friends and family as part of my social life
ownShe's been leading her own life for years.
everydayEveryday life can be hectic and stressful.
dailyHer daily life was filled with mundane tasks and endless errands.
publicShe has been in public life for 20 years.
wholeMy whole life has been a whirlwind of emotions.
realArt imitates real life
politicalI'm interested in political life
earlyHe had a very difficult early life
eternalI seek eternal life but I know I will never find it.
privateHe values his private life more than anything else.
americanThe American life is a dream for many people around the world.
economicThe economic life of this building is 50 years.
spiritualMy spiritual life is a source of deep joy and fulfillment.
religiousShe dedicated her life to religious life
laterI would like to live in a commune in my later life
personalShe tried to keep her professional life totally separate from her personal life
modernModern life is full of conveniences and comforts.
halfThe radioactive element has a half life of 100 years.
christianThe Christian life is a journey, not a destination.
nationalThe national life of the United States is based on the concept of individual liberty.
innerShe had a calm inner life despite the turmoil that surrounded her.
entireShe has been working as a teacher for her entire life
intellectualHer intellectual life was rich and varied.
normalI'm trying to get back to a normal life
activeMy active life allows me to stay healthy and strong.
adultAdult life is full of responsibilities and challenges.
futureI hope to have a good future life
betterWe all deserve a better life
domesticShe started to miss her old domestic life
ordinaryMy ordinary life was a distant memory now, as I embarked on an extraordinary journey.
ruralThe tranquility of rural life was both alluring and comforting.
moralThe moral life is a life lived in accordance with ethical principles and values.
urbanThe hustle and bustle of urban life can be both exhilarating and overwhelming.
mentalThe mental life of the human being is a mystery.
happyCherish the moments that bring you joy and live a happy life
culturalThe city has a vibrant cultural life with many museums, theaters, and music venues.
pastI wonder what happened in my past life
usefulThe useful life of the machine is about 10 years.
contemporaryContemporary life is full of challenges and opportunities.
professionalHer professional life was filled with ups and downs.
animalAnimal life is a diverse and wonderful thing.
everlastingThe ancient Egyptians believed in everlasting life after death.
quietI've always yearned for a quiet life in the countryside.
dayMy day life is full of challenges.
monasticHe embarked on a monastic life to seek spiritual enlightenment.
emotionalHer emotional life was a rollercoaster of ups and downs.
earthlyThe earthly life of the Queen lasted for 96 years.
wildThe wild life was abundant in the forest.
middleMiddle life is a time of reflection and growth.
divineEmbrace the divine life within and let your spirit soar.
civilianAfter the war, he successfully transitioned to civilian life
organicOrganic life on Earth is supported by the presence of liquid water.
civilizedCivilized life is a complex and often fragile tapestry of customs, laws, and beliefs.
communalThe communal life of the ants is fascinating.
academicAcademic life is a journey of intellectual growth and personal transformation.
busyI have been living a busy life and it is not easy to manage everything
marineThe marine life is abundant and diverse in this area.
longerLonger life is a blessing that we should cherish.
healthyChoosing to live a healthy life can yield many great benefits.
dearShe held onto the handle for dear life as the car careened around the bend.
fetalThe development of a human being from conception until birth is called fetal life
holyThe hermit lived a holy life spending his days in prayer and meditation.
consciousThe conscious life is a mystery that we are still trying to understand.
civicCivic life is an important part of any community.

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