Adjectives for Lifestyle

Adjectives For Lifestyle

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lifestyle, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lifestyle' often comes adorned with descriptive adjectives that paint vivid pictures of how individuals live their lives. From 'healthy' to 'sedentary', each adjective adds a layer of nuance, suggesting a rainbow of practices and values. A 'new' lifestyle might hint at change and adaptation, while an 'active' one speaks of energy and movement. The 'traditional' lifestyle evokes time-honored customs, contrasting with the 'alternative' lifestyle that suggests non-conformity. Understanding the impact of these adjectives on the noun 'lifestyle' can offer deeper insights into human behavior and societal trends. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'lifestyle' to uncover the diverse ways people shape their existence.
healthyMaintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to overall well-being.
sedentaryThe lack of physical activity in a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a variety of health problems.
newMy new lifestyle includes daily exercise and a healthy diet.
activeRegular exercise is an essential part of maintaining an active lifestyle
traditionalShe lives a traditional lifestyle in the rural village.
alternativeShe decided to live an alternative lifestyle and avoid the rat race.
nomadicThe nomadic lifestyle suited the family, who moved from place to place in search of greener pastures.
comfortableI enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle
gayThere is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the gay lifestyle is unhealthy.
normalHe lives a normal lifestyle in the suburbs.
americanThe American lifestyle often involves fast food and long working hours.
simpleEmbracing a simple lifestyle we value experiences over possessions.
healthierI decided to embark on a healthier lifestyle and started eating more fruits and vegetables.
classThe class lifestyle often involves attending upscale events and wearing designer clothing.
modernThe modern lifestyle is often characterized by convenience, technology, and efficiency.
currentMy current lifestyle is hectic and stressful.
urbanThe urban lifestyle offers a plethora of amenities and entertainment options.
westernThe western lifestyle is characterized by its emphasis on individualism and personal freedom.
personalI am trying to live a more sustainable personal lifestyle
ruralThe rural lifestyle offers a peaceful and serene environment for those seeking tranquility.
luxuriousThe wealthy couple lived a luxurious lifestyle filled with exclusive parties, designer clothes, and lavish vacations.
extravagantThe wealthy businessman lived an extravagant lifestyle filled with luxurious parties and expensive purchases.
independentShe has maintained an independent lifestyle since she was young.
freeI've always dreamed of living a free lifestyle where I can travel and explore the world without being tied down to a specific place or job.
christianJohn has embraced a christian lifestyle in recent years
balancedMaintaining a balanced lifestyle is crucial for overall well-being.
asceticThe ascetic lifestyle he followed was marked by simple living and self-denial.
betterRegular exercise can lead to a better lifestyle
unhealthyAn unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a variety of health problems.
bohemianThe bohemian lifestyle embraced by the artist community fostered a sense of freedom and self-expression.
suburbanThe suburban lifestyle provides a peaceful and family-oriented environment.
sexualI don't know anything about their sexual lifestyle
formerShe regretted giving up her former lifestyle of luxury and comfort.
previousShe's thinking about her previous lifestyle
busyWith her busy lifestyle she often forgets to eat breakfast.
relaxedI'm looking forward to retiring to a relaxed lifestyle
criminalHe was sent to prison for his criminal lifestyle
communalThey live in a communal lifestyle with their friends and family.
modestThey decided to adopt a more modest lifestyle in order to reduce their expenses.
mobileThe mobile lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular as people seek more flexibility and freedom.
uniqueHer unique lifestyle included a love of travel and a passion for learning new languages.
simplerAdopting a simpler lifestyle often leads to increased happiness and contentment.
opulentThe heiress enjoyed an opulent lifestyle during her travels.
hecticLiving a hectic lifestyle can take a toll on one's physical and mental health.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois lifestyle was characterized by conspicuous consumption, luxury, and leisure activities.
acceptableThe acceptable lifestyle in this society is one that conforms to the dominant norms.
dailyMy daily lifestyle includes waking up early, exercising, and eating a healthy breakfast.
healthfulMaintaining a healthful lifestyle can improve your overall well-being.
hedonisticHer hedonistic lifestyle prevented her from keeping a steady job
overallI'm striving to improve my overall lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating.
distinctiveThe hotel appeals to travelers with a distinctive lifestyle
stressfulThe interview was part of a stressful lifestyle that had me sleeping very little and skipping a few meals.
carefreeA carefree lifestyle is a life free of worries and responsibilities.
austereHe lived an austere lifestyle characterized by simplicity and self-denial.
unconventionalMy grandmother enjoyed an unconventional lifestyle and was the first women in her town to earn a pilot's license.
aristocraticShe was born into an aristocratic lifestyle with maids and nannies catering to her every whim.
frugalWe live a frugal lifestyle saving money and reducing waste.
expensiveHer expensive lifestyle drained her bank account.
agrarianThe agrarian lifestyle is characterized by its emphasis on farming and other agricultural activities.
monasticThe monastic lifestyle is one of simplicity, community, and prayer.
sinfulThe sinful lifestyle he was living eventually caught up with him and led to his downfall.
pacedMy work requires a lot of focus and when I am away from it, I like to adopt a more paced lifestyle
agriculturalThe agricultural lifestyle is one that is centered around farming and raising livestock.
orientedHer holistic oriented lifestyle led her to prioritize healthy eating and exercise.
vegetarianMy friend has been following a vegetarian lifestyle for over ten years.
privilegedShe grew up in a privileged lifestyle and never wanted for anything.
stableMaintaining a stable lifestyle provides comfort and security.
conventionalShe had always led a conventional lifestyle but she began to feel restless.
idealI'm striving for an ideal lifestyle that's both fulfilling and sustainable.
chaoticSarah's chaotic lifestyle forced her to quit her stressful job.
destructiveThe patient's destructive lifestyle has led to multiple health problems.
sustainableAdopting a sustainable lifestyle can help reduce our environmental impact and preserve the planet's resources.
glamorousThe singer enjoys a glamorous lifestyle

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