Adjectives for Lifetime

Adjectives For Lifetime

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lifetime, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'lifetime' when paired with adjectives such as 'own,' 'whole,' 'entire,' 'long,' 'short,' and 'average,' unveils a rich tapestry of implications and nuances. For instance, 'own lifetime' emphasizes personal experiences and individuality, while 'entire lifetime' suggests a totality of experiences from birth to death. The contrast between a 'long' and 'short' lifetime brings to light the subjective nature of time and our perception of it. Similarly, an 'average lifetime' evokes a sense of normalcy or typicality, providing a baseline against which other lifetimes can be measured. Each adjective modifies 'lifetime' in a way that offers unique insights into human existence and the passage of time. Discover more about how adjectives enrich our understanding of 'lifetime' below.
ownI have never seen anything like it in my own lifetime
wholeI have been waiting for you my whole lifetime
entireShe has dedicated her entire lifetime to teaching.
longThis product has a long lifetime
shortThe flower has a short lifetime
averageThe average lifetime of an adult human is around 72 years.
singleThere is a single lifetime for every human being.
meanThe muon has a mean lifetime of 2.2 μs.
humanThe average human lifetime is about 79 years.
radiativeThe radiative lifetime of the excited state is about 10 nanoseconds.
finiteThis material has a finite lifetime and will need to be replaced eventually.
longerA longer lifetime can be a result of better nutrition.
usefulThe useful lifetime of a car is about 10-15 years.
yearThe tree has a year lifetime
effectiveThe effective lifetime of a PV module is determined by its physical and electrical characteristics.
expectedThe expected lifetime of the battery is five years.
limitedThe product has a limited lifetime of 10 years.
shorterThe device has a shorter lifetime due to the increased power consumption.
briefThe mayfly has a brief lifetime of only a few hours.
normalThe battery has a normal lifetime of two years.
totalThe total lifetime of the universe is estimated to be about 13.8 billion years.
previousI have no memories from my previous lifetime
professionalJohn is a teacher by profession and plans to continue teaching for the rest of his professional lifetime
maximumThe maximum lifetime of the battery is 10 hours.
atmosphericThe atmospheric lifetime of CFC-11 is 45 years.
operationalThe operational lifetime of the product is 10 years.
ordinaryThis type of photography is perfect for capturing the ordinary lifetime of people.
typicalA typical lifetime is 70 years.
excitedThe excited lifetime of the material is about 10 nanoseconds.
futureMy future lifetime is filled with endless possibilities.
activeMy great-grandfather lived an active lifetime always finding joy in physical activities.
spontaneousThe spontaneous lifetime of the excited state is about 10 nanoseconds.
measuredThe measured lifetime of the particle was 10 nanoseconds.
infiniteThe crystal's infinite lifetime has baffled scientists for centuries.
stateThe state lifetime of my car is 10 years.
observedWe observed lifetime improvements in 95% of the population.
longestThe sea turtle has the longest lifetime among reptiles.
characteristicThe characteristic lifetime of the metastable excited state is shorter than 10 μs.
onceIt was an opportunity of once lifetime
extendedExtended lifetime of devices gives them a higher value.
reproductiveThe reproductive lifetime of women in the study ranged from 15 to 49 years.
probableThe probable lifetime of a particle is measured using the mean life.
minimumThe minimum lifetime for the agreement is five years.
residualThe residual lifetime of the battery is estimated to be about 18 months.
productiveMy productive lifetime has been dedicated to teaching and writing.
projectedThe projected lifetime of the product is 10 years.
intrinsicThe intrinsic lifetime of a semiconductor is the average time it takes for an electron-hole pair to recombine.
earthlyHer earthly lifetime was cut short by illness.
medianThe median lifetime of a human is about 79 years.
fluorescentThe fluorescent lifetime is the average time that a molecule remains in the excited state.
halfThe half lifetime of the radioactive element is 100 years.
calculatedThe calculated lifetime of the project was ten years.
shortestThe particle with the shortest lifetime is the W boson, with a half-life of just 10−25 s.
mortalMy mortal lifetime is but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of the universe.
orbitalThe orbital lifetime of the satellite is expected to be five years.
promptThe prompt lifetime is the time period during which a prompt is kept in the queue before being processed.
adultDuring an adult lifetime the average person will spend approximately one third of their life sleeping.
anticipatedThe anticipated lifetime of the device is 5 years.
afterAfter lifetime in the rain, the rose was about to die.

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