Adjectives for Lighting

Adjectives For Lighting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lighting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe lighting can dramatically alter the perception of a space. Electric lighting brings a modern flair, while artificial can imply a lack of sunlight. The term good lighting universally suggests a well-lit and pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, fluorescent lighting often evokes thoughts of stark, commercial spaces. Natural lighting is prized for its ability to make spaces feel airy and open, and indirect lighting can create a soft, inviting ambiance. Each adjective unveils a different characteristic of lighting, highlighting its impact on our surroundings. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'lighting' below.
electricDue to the advent of electric lighting there was a dramatic change in the traditional way of life.
artificialThe room was filled with artificial lighting giving it an eerie glow.
goodThe photographer used good lighting to capture the perfect shot.
fluorescentThe fluorescent lighting made the room look like a hospital.
naturalThe room was filled with natural lighting
indirectThe indirect lighting cast an ethereal glow on the room.
adequateThe room was dimly lit, but adequate lighting was provided by the bedside lamp.
generalThe general lighting in the room was dim and inadequate.
poorThe poor lighting made it difficult to see.
properThe painting looked its best with the proper lighting
streetThe street lighting flickered and died, plunging the street into darkness.
dimThe dim lighting created a cozy atmosphere in the room.
softThe soft lighting created a cozy atmosphere in the room.
publicThe public lighting was dim and flickering.
directThe photographer used direct lighting to create a sharp and dramatic portrait.
betterThe room looked much better with the better lighting
overheadThe overhead lighting in the room illuminated everything.
specialThe special lighting made the room look magical.
interiorThe interior lighting of the car was so bright that it made it difficult to see out the windows.
outdoorThe outdoor lighting illuminated the path to the house.
brightThe bright lighting in the room made it hard to see.
dramaticThe dramatic lighting of the stage cast long shadows that danced across the audience.
inadequateThe inadequate lighting made it difficult to read.
additionalAdditional lighting was required to complete the task.
lowShe preferred low lighting so that her skin imperfections would not be noticeable.
normalThe painting looks best in normal lighting
subduedThe reception area was illuminated with subdued lighting creating a calm and inviting atmosphere.
modernThe modern lighting of the room created a warm and inviting atmosphere.
ambientThe ambient lighting in the room created a warm and inviting atmosphere.
keyThe key lighting illuminated the actor's face, casting a dramatic shadow on the wall behind.
badThe bad lighting made it difficult to see.
gasShe accused him of gas lighting her, but he denied it vehemently.
efficientThe new lighting system will be much more efficient lighting than the old one.
exteriorThe exterior lighting illuminated the pathway, casting an eerie glow upon the surrounding trees.
domesticThe warm glow of domestic lighting filled the room with a cozy atmosphere.
indoorThe indoor lighting was too bright for my eyes.
topThe top lighting of the painting was very artistic.
electricalThe house was well-lit with electrical lighting
flatThe flat lighting made the landscape look dull and lifeless.
harshHer harsh lighting made her look like she had aged ten years.
decorativeThe decorative lighting in the foyer created a warm and inviting atmosphere.
backThe back lighting from the window made it hard to see the screen.
arcThe park's pathways were illuminated by the soft glow of arc lighting
obliqueThe oblique lighting cast an eerie shadow on the old house.
supplementary"What is the role of supplementary lighting in photosynthesis?" asked the student.
effectiveThe stage was dimly lit with effective lighting creating a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.
commercialThe commercial lighting industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and products emerging all the time.
sufficientEnsure sufficient lighting in your workspace to prevent eye strain.
diffuseThe photographer used diffuse lighting to create a soft, even glow on the subject's face.
theatricalThe theatrical lighting illuminated the stage, casting an ethereal glow on the actors.
frontThe front lighting on the phone made it easy to read in the dark.
industrialThe industrial lighting in the warehouse was harsh and unyielding.
concealedThe concealed lighting in the room subtly illuminated the paintings.
appropriateThe ambiance of the room was enhanced by the appropriate lighting
controlledThe museum's controlled lighting system ensures the preservation of its delicate artifacts.
uniformThe uniform lighting created an atmosphere of serenity in the room.
directionalThe directional lighting illuminated the character's face, casting dramatic shadows across their features.
environmentalThe gallery used environmental lighting to highlight the natural beauty of the artwork.
municipalThe town council voted to switch to municipal lighting in order to save money.
continuousThe continuous lighting makes the room feel more inviting.
extraThe photographer requested extra lighting for the photoshoot.
recessedThe recessed lighting in the kitchen illuminated the room evenly.
excellentThe stage had excellent lighting that made the performance look amazing.
stageThe stage lighting was so bright that I could see every detail of the actors' faces.
outsideThe outside lighting was dim and cast an eerie glow on the surroundings.
brilliantThe museum's brilliant lighting illuminated the priceless artifacts, allowing visitors to appreciate their intricate details.
supplementalSupplemental lighting is often used in greenhouses to extend the day length and provide optimal growing conditions.
improvedThe improved lighting made the room more inviting.
suitableThe photographer waited hours for suitable lighting before taking portraits outdoors.
floodThe park was illuminated by brilliant flood lighting
correctThe photographer waited for the correct lighting to take the perfect picture.
subtleThe subtle lighting from the bedside lamp cast an ethereal glow across the room.
overallThe overall lighting of the room was warm and inviting.
frontalThe frontal lighting made it difficult to see the details of the painting.
insufficientThe room was too dark due to insufficient lighting
improperThe improper lighting made it difficult to read the document.
pointAdjust the point lighting to make the shadows more visible.
fireThe flickering fire lighting illuminated their faces.
clerestoryClerestory lighting flooded the room with soft, natural light.
intenseThe intense lighting of the stage made the performers squint.

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