Adjectives for Likelihood

Adjectives For Likelihood

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing likelihood, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the intricate use of adjectives with the noun 'likelihood' unfolds a landscape of probability and expectation. Describing 'likelihood' with adjectives like 'greater,' 'little,' 'maximum,' 'less,' 'high,' and 'strong' not only quantifies the chances of an occurrence but also subtly colors the anticipation with varying degrees of certainty or doubt. Each adjective nuances the expectancy, from 'greater likelihood' suggesting a strong possibility, to 'little likelihood' implying minimal chances. Such distinctions in descriptive language fuel our understanding and communication of probability, making it richer and more precise. Dive deeper to discover the full spectrum of adjectives that uniquely modify 'likelihood' and enhance your descriptive vocabulary.
greaterThe greater likelihood of success urged the team to continue working.
littleThere was little likelihood of her succeeding.
maximumThe maximum likelihood method is a method of parameter estimation that is based on the assumption that the observed data is the most likely outcome of a given model.
lessThere is less likelihood of a mistake due to the new quality control method.
highWith a high likelihood of success, I plan on starting a new project this week.
strongThere is a strong likelihood that it will be a good day tomorrow.
higherThis new treatment has a higher likelihood of success.
moreThere is more likelihood of success with a good plan.
muchThere was much likelihood that the plan would fail.
greatestThe greatest likelihood is that the suspect will flee.
lowThere is a low likelihood of rain today.
reasonableThe court found that there was a reasonable likelihood that the defendant would commit future crimes if released on bail.
relativeThe relative likelihood of an event occurring can be computed using Bayes' theorem.
lowerThe lower likelihood of success did not deter him.
equalEach outcome has equal likelihood of occurring.
substantialThis ruling was a substantial likelihood that the plaintiff's case would succeed on the merits.
highestThere is a highest likelihood the dog is friendly.
quasiThe quasi likelihood ratio test is often used to test the hypothesis that two categorical variables are independent.
marginalThe natural logarithm of the marginal likelihood of an observation was used to estimate its probability.
leastThe group of researchers with the least likelihood to discover a cure is the one with the least resources.
reducedThe reduced likelihood of precipitation will lead to a drier climate in the region.
partialThe partial likelihood function is a modified likelihood function that is used when the data are incomplete or censored.
conditionalThe conditional likelihood of the data given the model is proportional to the product of the likelihood of each data point given the model.
statisticalThe statistical likelihood of the outcome was extremely low.
considerableThere is considerable likelihood that this will be successful.
increasedThere was an increased likelihood of rain in the forecast.
overallThe overall likelihood of success is high.
lesserOne's earlier mistakes have a lesser likelihood of repeating when they are not forgotten.
jointThe joint likelihood of these two events is 0.05.
empiricalEmpirical likelihood is a statistical method used to compute the likelihood of a given event or outcome.
logThe model's log likelihood is high.
slightestThe slightest likelihood of rain will postpone the picnic.
remoteThe remote likelihood of success did not deter him from trying.
overwhelmingThe overwhelming likelihood is that they will succeed.
reportedThe reported likelihood of success is high.
apparentHe didn't seem to understand, despite the apparent likelihood
prioriThe a priori likelihood of this event happening was very low.
strongerThe recent data shows a stronger likelihood of a global recession.
consequentThe consequent likelihood of her actions was evident in her remorse.
informationThe higher the information likelihood the greater the confidence in the relevance of the result.
restrictedThe restricted likelihood calculated from the observed data was used to estimate the parameters of the model.
scantDespite scant likelihood she persisted in her pursuit.
diminishedThe diminished likelihood of passing the exam worried her.
realisticThe realistic likelihood of success is slim.
imminentThe imminent likelihood of rain prompted us to seek shelter.
priorThe prior likelihood of the hypothesis is based on the existing evidence.
intermediateThere is an intermediate likelihood of rain today.
minimalThe minimal likelihood of success made us reconsider our approach.
gaussianThe gaussian likelihood function is commonly used in statistical inference and machine learning.
dataThe data likelihood was calculated using a Bayesian model.
profileThe profile likelihood of theta is given by L(θ) = P(X|θ)/P(X|θ̂), where θ̂ is the maximum likelihood estimate of θ.
inherentthe inherent likelihood is that the suspect committed the crime
expectedThe expected likelihood of success is high.

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