Adjectives for Likes

Adjectives For Likes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing likes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe likes can significantly affect the tone and perception of a sentence. Whether emphasizing one's personal affinity towards something, asserting strong preferences, or distinguishing between public opinion and individual taste, adjectives paint a nuanced picture of interest and approval. Each adjective—be it about own, particular, or any other trait—sheds light on the unique shades of liking, highlighting the depth and variety of human preferences. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with \likes to enrich your descriptive capabilities and better express personal sentiments.
personalHer personal likes include reading and going to the movies.
ownI have my own likes and dislikes which I am entitled to.
strongShe has strong likes and dislikes.
individualPeople have their own individual likes and dislikes.
publicThe public likes the new product.
particularThe students have particular likes and dislikes in music.
differentMy friends and I have different likes and interests.
definiteShe has definite likes and dislikes when it comes to food.
specialShe has special likes and dislikes.
similarThey have similar likes and interests.
certainMaria has certain likes and dislikes.
specificShe has specific likes in her music.
subjectiveMy subjective likes include reading, hiking, and playing the guitar.
musicalShe sang her musical likes at the top of her lungs.
peculiarThe peculiar likes of the eccentric individual included collecting bottle caps and chewing on bubble wrap.
literaryHer literary likes include mystery and science fiction.
extremeI have extreme likes for chocolate chip cookies.
pettyShe was bothered by her husband's petty likes and dislikes.
unaccountableThe unaccountable likes of the new pop star have made him a global sensation.
markedShe marked likes on the social media post.
distinctThough they are siblings, they have distinct likes
irrationalShe has irrational likes for goldfish crackers.
ingrainedThe ingrained likes of the old man were hard to break.
dietaryHer dietary likes are spicy and sweet foods.
unreasonableHer unreasonable likes made it difficult to live with her.
superficialShe had no interest in their superficial likes or their shallow concerns.
interpersonalTheir interpersonal likes are painfully obvious.
artisticThe artist showcased her artistic likes through vibrant colors and bold strokes.
godGod likes those who do good.
arbitraryThe arbitrary likes of the ruler were law.
idiosyncraticShe had idiosyncratic likes when it came to food.
intuitiveI was immediately drawn to the intuitive likes on the website.
strongestBe honest in your application, even if it means showing your strongest likes
rigidMy grandmother has very rigid likes
mildMy mild likes for the town are the parks.
uglyHow does he make such ugly likes?
fierceThe dog's fierce likes for the treats were evident in the way it would leap and bark with excitement.

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