Adjectives for Lime

Adjectives For Lime

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lime, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances in choosing the right adjective for the noun 'lime' can significantly influence the perception of your text. Whether it's 'hydrated' lime, emphasizing its chemical process, or 'little' lime pointing out its size, each adjective brings a unique flavor to your narrative. 'Quick' lime suggests a fast-reacting substance, while 'hydraulic' lime highlights its uses in construction. 'Slaked' lime brings to mind a specific chemical state, offering a precise description for those familiar with the subject. These adjectives not only enrich your vocabulary but also allow for more accurate and vivid descriptions, making your content more engaging. Explore the full list of adjectives most commonly used with 'lime' to enhance your descriptions.
hydratedThe hydrated lime was used to make the mortar.
slakedThe slaked lime quenched the fire.
quickThe quick lime caused burns to the skin.
sameI saw the same lime green car yesterday.
hydraulicThe addition of pozzolan made the hydraulic lime set faster.
causticThe caustic lime burned through the burlap bag, leaving a hole.
muchI added much lime to my guacamole.
burntBurnt lime is a type of quicklime that has been produced by burning limestone or other calcium carbonate sources.
chlorinatedChlorinated lime is a bleaching agent that is used to disinfect water and surfaces.
moreI added more lime to my guacamole.
unslakedTo produce unslaked lime limestone is burned at high temperatures.
freshI squeezed some fresh lime into my sparkling water.
birdThe trapper used bird lime to catch the small birds.
whiteThe white lime on the walls made the room look brighter.
pureThe glass was made with pure lime
powderedThe powdered lime was used to season the fish.
dryThe dry lime was used to neutralize the acid spill.
agriculturalThe farmer spread agricultural lime on the soil to improve soil pH.
commonThe common lime is a small tropical tree that produces sour to bitter fruits.
slackedThe mixture was made of slacked lime and water.
shortI got some short lime for my corona.
sufficientAs long as you add sufficient lime the soil will not be too acidic.
enoughWe added enough lime to the guacamole to give it a bright, citrusy flavor.
hotThe hot lime burned his hand.
dolomiticDolomitic lime is a type of sedimentary rock composed of calcium magnesium carbonate.
fatThe fat lime was juicy and delicious.
burnedThe burned lime was used to neutralize the acidic soil.
lessUse less lime in the ceviche, or it will be too sour.
ordinaryWe need some ordinary lime for the cleaning solution.
fineI added some fine lime to the curry.
sweetI love the sweet lime juice.
unslackedThe unslacked lime reacted with the water, releasing a large amount of heat.
lemonThe refreshing lemon lime soda quenched my thirst on a hot summer day.
excellentThe dish was seasoned with an excellent lime
sodaThe soda lime method is an important tool for the removal of carbon dioxide from gases.
meanThe mean lime occupies the same position as the green lime, but it is much smaller.
leavedWe had leaved lime slices for our cocktail garnishes.
coralThe coral lime was a beautiful sight to behold.
shellThe shell lime produced by the snail is rich in calcium carbonate.
magnesian"Magnesian lime is used in the manufacture of cement, glass, and pottery."
richThe rich lime flavor of the pie was a delightful surprise.
availableWe have lots of available lime in the garden.
wetThe wet lime got on his clothes.
calciumThe calcium lime he added to the soil helped to neutralize the acidity.
gasThe gas lime was used to purify the gas.
sourThe sour lime added a tangy flavor to the dish.
mixedThe refreshing mixed lime juice quenched my thirst.
sandyI stepped on the sandy lime and almost fell.
preparedThe baker used prepared lime to make the dough rise.
mexicanThe tangy juice of the Mexican lime added a burst of flavor to the dish.
uncombinedThe excess uncombined lime reacts with the CO2 from the combustion air, producing additional CaCO3.
mildI added mild lime to the pasta dish.
extraI accidentally put extra lime in my lemonade.
slackThe slack lime is ready to be used in the construction process.
moistThe moist lime clung to his fingers like thick paste.
solubleSoluble lime is a type of fertilizer that is used to improve the soil's pH level.
grayThe old building had a gray lime facade that was crumbling in places.
acidThe acid lime is a small, sour citrus fruit that is used in many Asian cuisines.

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