Adjectives for Limitation

Adjectives For Limitation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing limitation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the word limitation through its adjectives reveals a rich tapestry of contextual nuances, each adjective adding its unique shade to the concept. Major limitations might suggest significant hurdles, whereas serious ones imply a more grave nature that demands immediate attention. When we describe limitations as important, we acknowledge their critical role in shaping decisions or actions. The adjective only can denote exclusivity, suggesting a singular barrier that, once overcome, may pave the way to success. Second limitations hint at subsequent barriers, perhaps after the primary ones have been addressed. Each adjective uncovers a new layer of understanding, inviting a deeper exploration into how limitations can influence and guide. Explore the full list of adjectives to gain further insights into the nuanced world of limitation.
majorThe major limitation of this approach is that it requires a large amount of data to train the model.
suchSuch limitation is a result of the existing knowledge about materials.
seriousThe serious limitation of the study was the small sample size.
importantThe investigation faced an important limitation due to the size and scope of the study.
onlyThe only limitation is your imagination.
secondThe second limitation is the lack of flexibility in the system.
severeDue to his severe limitation he is unable to work.
mainThe main limitation of the study was the small sample size.
furtherThe further limitation on their activities led to a loss of enthusiasm.
significantThe study had a significant limitation in that it did not include a control group.
constitutionalThe constitutional limitation was put in place to protect the rights of the individual.
fundamentalThe fundamental limitation of the system is its inability to handle large amounts of data.
physicalThe physical limitation made it difficult for the man to walk.
inherentThe inherent limitation of the study is its small sample size.
obviousThe obvious limitation to this approach is the amount of time it would take to check each individual file.
practicalThis technology has several potential applications, but there are also a few practical limitations.
strictThe strict limitation to the offer prevented us from purchasing everything we wanted.
functionalDue to her functional limitation she can no longer work in her previous role.
thirdThe third limitation is that the model is not able to generate text that is longer than a certain length.
statutoryThe statutory limitation for filing a lawsuit is six years.
primaryThe primary limitation of this study is the small sample size.
legalThe legal limitation of the project is 10000 words.
basicThe basic limitation of the system is its inability to process multiple requests simultaneously.
greatestThe greatest limitation in industry is the shortage of skilled labour.
principalThe principal limitation of the experiment was the small sample size.
possibleThe possible limitation of the system is its inability to handle large amounts of data.
potentialThe potential limitation of the study is the small sample size.
definiteThe project's definite limitation made it difficult to achieve the desired results.
chiefThe chief limitation was a lack of funding.
chronicShe has been living with a chronic limitation for many years.
additionalThere was an additional limitation to the study.
necessaryThe the necessary limitation on the number of participants is 100.
finalThe final limitation is that the system cannot handle more than 100,000 records at a time.
navalThe Washington Conference led to a naval limitation agreement among the world powers.
yearHe had a year limitation to complete the project.
voluntaryThe government's voluntary limitation on the use of power during peak hours helped to prevent a blackout.
reasonableIt is subject to reasonable limitation
arbitraryThe arbitrary limitation hindered our progress.
aboveThe above limitation does not apply to the use of the software by a single user.
imposedThe imposed limitation made it difficult to complete the task.
ultimateThe ultimate limitation is the speed of light.
overallThe overall limitation of the study is the use of self-reported data, which may be subject to recall bias.
geographicalThe geographical limitation of the project is within the boundaries of the city of San Francisco.
maximumThe maximum limitation of the device is 1000 requests per second.
apparentThe company's growth was constrained by the apparent limitation on its access to capital.
essentialThis problem with machining presents an essential limitation to producing the part.
slightThe system had a slight limitation in its processing capabilities.
markedThe new system has a marked limitation in its inability to process large amounts of data.
substantialThe applicant has not provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate a substantial limitation in the major life activity of learning.
absoluteThe city has an absolute limitation on the number of building permits issued each year.
technicalThe technical limitation of the computer made it difficult to run the software.
artificialThe artificial limitation imposed on the project hindered its full potential.
mutualThe peace process in this region is an example of mutual limitation where both sides have agreed to certain concessions.
latterThe latter limitation is especially evident in the case of complex, multivariate systems.
temporalThe temporal limitation of the contract is five years.
keyThe key limitation of the study is the small sample size.
territorialThe school's territorial limitation extends to the county line.
intrinsicThe intrinsic limitation of the system prevented further progress.
theoreticalThe theoretical limitation of the model is its inability to account for complex interactions between variables.
deliberateThe deliberate limitation of my spending has allowed me to save a considerable amount of money.
progressiveHer progressive limitation of physical contact has led to feelings of isolation.
drasticThe drastic limitation of resources forced the company to make difficult decisions.
permanentThe permanent limitation on the number of vehicles allowed in the park has helped to preserve its natural beauty.
narrowThe company's narrow limitation of promotions to employees with certain years of service can be viewed as age discrimination.
biggest"Risk is the biggest limitation that stops companies from ramping up." - Mark Cuban
sharpThe project has a sharp limitation on its scope.
correspondingEach of the statutory limitations of liability is subject to both a monetary and a corresponding limitation on the number of claims.
extremeThe project was hampered by extreme limitation of resources.

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