Adjectives for Limitations

Adjectives For Limitations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing limitations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives associated with 'limitations' opens up a nuanced understanding of constraints and boundaries. When we describe limitations as 'certain,' we suggest a definitive, perhaps manageable, scope. 'Own' emphasizes personal boundaries, while 'physical' underscores tangible restrictions, impacting movements or actions. The use of 'such' can imply a comparison, hinting at previously discussed limits. Terms like 'severe' or 'serious' elevate the discussion, signaling profound impacts or the need for immediate attention. Each adjective shades the noun with distinct perspectives, enriching our comprehension of limitations in various contexts.

Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring depth and precision to 'limitations' below.

certainCertain limitations restrict the use of artificial intelligence.
ownWe all have our own limitations
physicalDespite her physical limitations she managed to climb the mountain.
suchThere are such limitations to what we can achieve.
severeThe severe limitations made it difficult to achieve the desired outcome.
seriousThe study has serious limitations including the small sample size and lack of randomization.
inherentDespite its potential, the technology has some inherent limitations
severalIn this study were several limitations that should be taken into account.
constitutionalThe government's powers are subject to constitutional limitations
humanOur human limitations prevent us from seeing the world as it truly is.
practicalThe project has a number of practical limitations
importantThe results of the study have important limitations
obviousThis approach has obvious limitations
majorThe project was approved with major limitations
functionalShe has some functional limitations which make it difficult for her to work.
technicalThe technical limitations of the device prevented it from completing the task.
significantThe company's financial performance had significant limitations
specificThe program has specific limitations such as a maximum number of iterations.
definiteOur technological prowess comes with definite limitations
strictThe government placed strict limitations on the number of people who could attend the rally.
legalThe company faced legal limitations in its operations.
financialThe project was canceled due to financial limitations
naturalThe natural limitations of our ability to control the weather make it difficult to prevent extreme weather events from occurring.
methodologicalThough most of the research studies claimed to be based on rigorous quantitative methodology, the methodological limitations of scales/instruments used to measure various constructs or variables and the lack of careful validation processes could weaken the validity of the results.
cognitiveThe study analyzed the cognitive limitations of elderly drivers.
currentThe current limitations of the technology prevent us from achieving our goals
possibleThere are possible limitations to the project's success.
followingThe proposed system has the following limitations
potentialThe potential limitations of this approach include the need for specialized equipment and the potential for false positives.
fundamentalThere are fundamental limitations to what can be achieved in any given situation.
statutoryThe statutory limitations for filing a claim are set forth in the relevant legislation.
structuralThe building's structural limitations prevented the construction of a higher floor.
necessaryNecessary limitations are essential for ordered progress.
intellectualHis intellectual limitations prevented him from fully understanding the complex concept.
imposedThe government imposed limitations on the amount of time citizens could spend on social media.
aboveThe team was able to overcome the above limitations
theoreticalThe theoretical limitations of the model make it unsuitable for practical applications.
geographicalThe expedition was severely restricted by geographical limitations
technologicalThe technological limitations made it impossible to achieve the desired results.
inevitableProgress is inevitable and every step has inevitable limitations
clearThe project has clear limitations
narrowThe narrow limitations of the system made it difficult to use.
distinctAlthough the tool has distinct limitations it can be useful for certain tasks.
intrinsicThe intrinsic limitations of the system prevent it from achieving its full potential.
budgetaryThe project was delayed due to budgetary limitations
environmentalThe community could not expand beyond its environmental limitations
stringentBiologists face stringent limitations when studying this species due to its secretive nature.
mechanicalThe car's mechanical limitations prevented it from reaching its full speed.
spatialThe instructions were clear, but the spatial limitations made the task difficult.
conceptualWe must accept the conceptual limitations of our current understanding.
reasonableThe city council set reasonable limitations on the height of buildings in the historic district.
substantialThe applicant was found to have substantial limitations in the major life activities of learning and working.
apparentI ran into the apparent limitations of my patience.
biologicalWe must be aware of our biological limitations
temporalThe temporal limitations of the project were significant, as the team had only a short time to complete the work.
geographicSome jobs have geographic limitations so you may need to look for work in your area.
rigidThe rigid limitations of the system prevented any meaningful progress.
territorialThe Supreme Court issued an injunction on the enforcement of certain territorial limitations on the sale of liquor.
physiologicalThe research is limited by physiological limitations
institutionalThe institutional limitations imposed by the organization made it difficult to implement new procedures.

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