Adjectives for Limits

Adjectives For Limits

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing limits, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe limits can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, highlighting various aspects of boundary or constraint. Whether we're discussing certain limits fixed and known, or exploring the implications of narrow limits that constrict possibilities, adjectives color our comprehension. Normal limits suggest a benchmark of expectation, while lower and upper limits define the range of what's possible or acceptable. Reasonable limits, on the other hand, introduce a sense of fairness and practicability. Each adjective sheds light on different dimensions of limitations, presenting a rich tapestry of meaning. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives linked with limits and the unique contexts they illuminate below.
certainThe government can only go so far with certain limits in place.
normalFasting glucose value is within normal limits
lowerThe lower limits of the interval are inclusive, and the upper limits are exclusive.
upperThe study found upper limits of arsenic in children's urine.
reasonableThe company has set reasonable limits on its production levels.
wideThey investigated the properties of the tissue within wide limits
offThat area of the forest is off limits to visitors.
territorialThe state's territorial limits were clearly defined in the treaty.
strictThe company has imposed strict limits on employee travel expenses.
outerThe outer limits of our understanding are constantly being pushed back.
definiteThe mountains were shrouded in mist, their definite limits obscured by the fog.
acceptableThe pollution levels remained within acceptable limits during the inspection.
properOne must always act within proper limits
presentThis course is of a strictly practical nature, and will introduce you to the present limits of human audition.
naturalIn the face of natural limits we must adapt and innovate to ensure our survival.
legalThe company was fined for exceeding legal limits on emissions.
practicalThe practical limits of the technology have yet to be determined.
prescribedThe dosage of the medication should be within the prescribed limits
physicalHis physical limits prevented him from finishing the race.
geographicalThe geographical limits of the study area were determined by the watershed boundaries.
northernThe northern limits of the city are still under construction.
permissibleThe permissible limits of pesticide residue in food were exceeded.
safeLet's ensure we stay within safe limits
corporateThe construction remains beyond the corporate limits of the city.
utmostThe meeting pushed our perseverance to its utmost limits
maximumThe maximum limits were exceeded.
broadThe new rule gives students broad limits in picking classes.
constitutionalThe government's power is subject to constitutional limits
narrowerThe project has narrower limits than expected.
clearParents should establish clear limits for their children's behavior.
exactThe exact limits of the property are unknown.
preciseThe company's financial regulations established precise limits on employee spending.
severeThe limitations posed by the severe limits make it difficult to progress.
southernThe city lies on the southern limits of the state.
appropriateParents should set appropriate limits with their children on social media usage.
westernThe western limits of the empire were constantly under threat from barbarian invasions.
theoreticalThe theoretical limits of human lifespan are not yet fully understood.
allowableAny expenses submitted should not exceed the allowable limits
municipalThe municipal limits included the central business district and several residential neighborhoods.
tolerableThe new procedure has been shown to noticeably reduce the tolerable limits of vibration.
usualThis exceeds our usual limits
discursiveThe discursive limits of language constrain the expression of certain ideas.
followingThe following limits apply to the withdrawal of funds.
narrowestThe bookshelf was confined to the narrowest limits of the room.
absoluteThe team was pushed to its absolute limits
easternThe eastern limits of the Roman Empire stretched as far as the Euphrates River.
physiologicalThe researchers pushed the physiological limits of the rats.
arbitraryDo not confine your talents to arbitrary limits
statutoryThe company was fined for exceeding statutory limits on emissions.
necessaryCertain necessary limits must be placed on our spending.
ultimateThe ultimate limits of human potential are still unknown.
minimumThe minimum limits for the test scores were set at 70%.
dueThe company must adhere to due limits when making financial decisions.
respectiveThe students achieved their respective limits in the test.
moderateThe dietary changes should be implemented with moderate limits
elasticThe elastic limits of the material were exceeded, resulting in permanent deformation.
fixedThe musician has fixed limits to his practice time.
farthestThey went to the farthest limits of the desert.
inherentThis problem has inherent limits and cannot be solved perfectly.
obviousThe project had obvious limits in terms of time and resources.
stringentThe organization imposed stringent limits on the amount of money that could be spent on supplies.
finiteThe function has finite limits
aboveThe readings were above limits and needed to be addressed immediately.

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