Adjectives for Limousines

Adjectives For Limousines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing limousines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'limousines' conjures images of luxury, exclusivity, and elegance. However, the nuance each adjective brings can significantly alter that image. A 'black limousine' often represents sophistication and power, while a 'chauffeured limousine' emphasizes luxury and the notion of being cared for. 'Long limousines' might convey opulence and a sense of event, whereas 'driven' can highlight the dynamic, on-the-move aspect of its passengers. 'Big' further amplifies the grandeur, and 'sleek' limousines can suggest modernity and cutting-edge technology. The adjectives we pair with limousines can craft narratives that are as varied and rich as the occasions they grace. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'limousines' to uncover the stories they tell.
blackThe black limousines pulled up to the red carpet.
chauffeuredThey arrived at the venue in chauffeured limousines
longThe celebrities arrived in their luxurious long limousines
bigThe celebrities arrived in big limousines
sleekThe sleek limousines glided along the highway like phantoms in the night.
largeI saw several large limousines lined up outside the hotel.
severalSeveral limousines lined the street waiting patiently for the celebrity to emerge from the building.
shinyThe shiny limousines lined up outside the hotel.
officialThe official limousines arrived at the airport to transport the dignitaries.
whiteThe white limousines were lined up in front of the hotel.
americanThe celebrity couple stepped out of their luxurious American limousines
luxuriousPoliticians arrived at the ceremony in luxurious limousines
expensiveThe luxurious reception featured expensive limousines and paparazzi.
privateThe celebrities arrived in style, stepping out of their private limousines
armoredThe president and his entourage rode in heavily armored limousines
hugeThe celebrities arrived in huge limousines
conditionedThe conditioned limousines were extremely comfortable for the long ride.
hiredWe hired limousines to take us to the airport.
presidentialThe presidential limousines were parked in front of the White House.
separateCelebrities arrived in separate limousines for the Oscars.
darkThe dark limousines waited patiently outside the grand hotel.
elegantThe elegant limousines arrived at the red carpet with the celebrities.
polishedThe polished limousines gleamed in the sunlight.
bulletproofThe president travelled in one of the bulletproof limousines
smartThe smart limousines collected the busy executives for the conference.
platedThe President disembarked from one of the gleaming, onyx-black plated limousines
openThe celebrities arrived in a procession of open limousines
proofThe proof limousines arrived by the airport.
fancyThe celebrities arrived in a fleet of fancy limousines
identicalTwo identical limousines pulled up to the grand entrance.
curtainedA row of sleek, curtained limousines waited outside the grand entrance.
powerfulThe powerful limousines glided through the streets.
stretchThe celebrities arrived in a fleet of sleek stretch limousines
poweredThe esteemed guests arrived in their sleek, powered limousines
blueThe paparazzi followed the celebrity in their dark blue limousines
madeThe company only made limousines
respectiveThe dignitaries disembarked from their respective limousines
diplomaticThe diplomatic limousines arrived at the embassy in a timely manner.
closedThe closed limousines were parked along the street.
costlyThe celebrities arrived in their costly limousines
enormousThe enormous limousines stretched around the block, their sleek, shiny bodies shimmering in the sun.
armouredThe president arrived in one of his heavily armoured limousines
builtHenry Ford built limousines for the wealthy.
statelyThe stately limousines glided down the grand avenue, their polished exteriors shimmering in the sunlight.
royalThe royal limousines lined up at the palace gates.
pinkThe celebrities stepped out of their pink limousines
grandThe grand limousines pulled up to the red carpet.
ministerialThe ministerial limousines were parked in front of the government building.
miraculousThe miraculous limousines transported the passengers to the other dimension.
coloredThe affluent guests arrived in a procession of colored limousines
latestThe latest limousines arrived at the hotel.
comfortableWe rode in comfortable limousines to the airport.
magnificentShiny, magnificent limousines lined the street.
airconditionedThe celebrities arrived in airconditioned limousines
stretchedThe celebrities arrived in a convoy of sleek, stretched limousines
flashyThe flashy limousines glided down the red carpet.
snoutedThe snouted limousines leaned on their axles at the edge of the ruin.
glossyThe glossy limousines pulled up to the red carpet.
styleThe newlyweds left the ceremony in a pair of sleek style limousines
grayThe three gray limousines were waiting in front of the entrance to the exclusive hotel.
impressiveThe movie stars arrived in impressive limousines
splendidThe celebrities arrived in a procession of splendid limousines
executiveThe couple arrived in one of the company's executive limousines
ambassadorialThe motorcade consisted of several ambassadorial limousines
mauveThe mauve limousines silently cruised down the boulevard.
elaborateThe elaborate limousines will be coming in the late afternoon.
convertibleThe celebrities exited their sleek convertible limousines and walked down the red carpet.

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