Adjectives for Lines

Adjectives For Lines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe lines can dramatically alter the image conveyed in your writing. Whether you're depicting a scene with straight lines that invoke a sense of order, or sketching out a road with dotted lines that suggest continuity and progress, each adjective carries its own weight. Describing lines as parallel can denote harmony and balance, while long, vertical lines may evoke a feeling of height and grandeur. Even a few lines, when well-described, can paint a vivid picture. Delve deeper into our comprehensive list to discover how each adjective uniquely shapes the perception of lines.
straightThe architect designed the building with clean, straight lines
fewThe few lines of code were enough to fix the bug.
parallelParallel lines never meet, but they can run alongside each other forever.
dottedThe dotted lines on the map indicated the best route to take.
longThe long lines wrapped around the building.
verticalThe vertical lines on the graph represent the different data points.
severalIt began to rain, so I went inside for several lines
horizontalThe architect drew horizontal lines across the blueprint.
solidThe road had double solid lines separating the lanes.
followingFollowing lines we will discuss the importance of education
mainThe main lines of the argument are clear and concise.
similarThe two paintings are drawn along similar lines
frontThe soldiers were fighting bravely on the front lines
fineHer face showed fine lines but her eyes still sparkled with youth.
blackThe black lines stretched across the page
brokenThe broken lines traced a path through the forest.
shortThe man walked short lines across the sand.
magneticThe magnetic lines of force create a field around the magnet.
darkThe dark lines on the map indicated the route we were to take.
curvedThe artist painted curved lines with a flowing brushstroke.
germanThe battle raged along the German lines
thinA series of thin lines formed a intricate geometric pattern on the poster.
heavyThe artist used heavy lines to create a sense of depth in the painting.
broadThe artist used broad lines to create a bold and impactful effect.
redShe crossed so many red lines that she was fired.
racialThe incident has caused tensions to flare up again along racial lines
diagonalThe diagonal lines intersected each other in a central point.
wavyThe wavy lines of light danced across the water.
ethnicThey promoted the unity of their followers along ethnic lines
continuousThe continuous lines of the drawing created a beautiful image.
brightThe bright lines of the sunbeams streamed through the window.
sharpThe sharp lines of the building contrasted with the soft curves of the landscape.
electricThe electric lines were humming in the wind.
doubleYou can use double lines for your sentences with " for start and finish. You may use " inside the sentence, just do it like ".
hardHis hard lines conceal the pain he feels inside.
thickThe artist used thick lines to outline the subject of the painting.
distinctThe intricate tapestry of the forest was woven with distinct lines each tree and shrub occupying its own unique space.
narrowThe narrow lines of the painting created a sense of depth and perspective.
blueThe blue lines on the map indicate the rivers.
spectralThe spectral lines of the star revealed its chemical composition.
inbredThe experiment was conducted with inbred lines of corn.
incisedThe sketch was ornamented with intricately incised lines
overheadThe overhead lines were humming in the wind.
radialThe radial lines emanating from the center of the flower were a beautiful sight to behold.
cleanThe sleek design of the modern chair was characterized by its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic.
confederateThe Union Army successfully breached the Confederate lines at the Battle of Gettysburg.
corresponding"Those corresponding lines are parallel lines."

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