Adjectives for Link

Adjectives For Link

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing link, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a link can profoundly impact the perception of its significance or quality. A direct link suggests immediacy and a straightforward connection, emphasizing efficiency. An important link highlights the crucial role it plays within a system or narrative, elevating its status and implying it's indispensable. Contrastingly, a weakest link points to vulnerabilities, suggesting areas requiring reinforcement or caution. The last link can denote the conclusion or final piece of a sequence, offering a sense of completion. Meanwhile, a causal link establishes a cause-and-effect relationship, crucial for understanding dynamics and consequences. Each adjective unveils a different dimension of the link, shaping our understanding and expectations. For more insights into the varied adjectives that can accompany link, scroll down to explore the full list.
directThe website has a direct link to the article.
importantThe important link between exercise and weight loss is often overlooked.
weakestThe weakest link in the chain broke, causing the entire structure to collapse.
lastThe last link of the chain broke, sending the pile crashing to the ground.
causalThe causal link between smoking and lung cancer has been well-established.
weakThe weak link in the chain caused the whole system to fail.
closeThe two countries share a close link due to their shared history and geographical proximity.
onlyI only link to trusted sources.
strongThe therapist and the patient forged a strong link during their time together.
vitalThe bridge serves as a vital link between the two cities.
possibleThere is a possible link between the two events.
singleThe single link between the two concepts is their shared use of the term 'science'.
crossThe cross links between the two molecules formed a strong bond.
chainThe backyard was enclosed with a rusty chain link fence.
clearThe study provides a clear link between air pollution and respiratory disease.
essentialThe survey provides an essential link between customer feedback and product development.
commonThe common link between the two projects is their shared goal of improving education.
necessaryA necessary link in the chain of events led to the unexpected outcome.
crucialThe missing person was finally located thanks to a crucial link discovered during the investigation.
symbolicThe new proxy will be a symbolic link to the production data.
keyThe key link between the two events is still missing.
physicalThe two computers were connected with a physical link
mainThe main link is between the two cities.
finalThe final link in the chain of command was the captain.
criticalThe supply chain is a critical link in the global economy.
intermediateArthur contributed to higher understanding of scientific reasoning and made it an intermediate link between philosophy and psychology.
geneticScientists discovered a genetic link between the disease and a specific gene.
obviousThe obvious link between the two events was undeniable.
logicalA logical link can be devised to represent a complicated concept.
wirelessThe wireless link between the two devices was established.
hypertextThe hypertext link will lead you to more information about the topic.
closerThe closer link between the two countries has brought about many benefits.
tenuousThere was a tenuous link between the victim and the suspect.
explicitThe explicit link between the two documents is clear.
strongestThe strongest link in a chain is the one that binds two hearts.
interestingI found an interesting link while browsing the web.
organicThe organic link between plants and animals is essential for the survival of both.
conceptualThis new method of teaching provides a conceptual link between the lesson and its relevance to real life.
definiteA definite link has been established between smoking and lung disease.
formalThe formal link between the two countries was severed in 1965.
potentialWe found a potential link between the two events.
pointThe point link between the two computers was not working.
fusibleThe fusible link melted, triggering an electrical circuit breaker and preventing a fire.
opticalThe high-speed optical link transmits data at a rate of 10 Gbps.
dynamicThe dynamic link will allow you to easily share your content with others.
opticThe optic link failed because of a cable issue.
strongerThe stronger link between the two countries was established after the war.
functionalThe functional link was established between the two departments.
forwardThe forward link is a wireless link between the user equipment and the eNB.
valuablePlease click on the valuable link below.
indispensableThe indispensable link between the two countries is their shared history.
twoHe decided to take a holiday to Hawaii and play a few rounds of golf on the two link courses there.
indirectThe indirect link between the two events was impossible to ignore.
mailPlease click on this mail link
genuineHe provided evidence of his genuine link to the company.
soleHe is our sole link to the past.
apparentThe apparent link between the two events was never confirmed.
permanentThis permanent link should remain active for the life of the post.
serialThe computer's serial link was used to connect it to the printer.
virtualThe virtual link between the two networks is up and running.

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