Adjectives for Links

Adjectives For Links

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing links, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'links' can significantly alter its meaning and context. 'Close links' suggest intimacy or tight connections, often implying a deeper relationship. 'Strong links' emphasize durability and resilience, hinting at bonds that are difficult to break. A 'direct link' conveys a sense of straightforwardness, indicating a clear path or connection without detours. 'Cross links' introduce the concept of intersections or connections between different areas, while 'economic links' focus on the financial ties that bind entities together. 'Important links' underline the significance of the connections, suggesting that they are crucial for understanding or functioning. These nuanced interpretations highlight the impact adjectives have on shaping our understanding of connections. Explore the full list of adjectives below to uncover more nuances.
closeManufacturers and dealers established close links with each other.
strongThe two companies have strong links to each other.
directThe report provides direct links to relevant documents.
crossThe DNA's cross links were causing the mutations.
economicThe two countries have strong economic links
importantI have provided you with important links that may be of assistance.
causalThe causal links between poverty and crime are complex and multifaceted.
weakThe weak links in the supply chain caused a major disruption in production.
closerWe will establish closer links with other universities.
possibleThe research team found possible links between genetics and disease.
hypertextYou can click on hypertext links to visit other web pages.
internationalOur international links will help us to find the best talent for your business.
symbolicThe symbolic links in the Linux file system provide a convenient way to quickly access files in different locations.
culturalProfessor McCarthy focuses on the cultural links between Ireland and the US.
intermediateThe intermediate links between species are often missing in the fossil record.
historicalThe two countries have deep historical links
externalThe external links provided on the website led me to further information.
multipleHe took out multiple links from his chain before connecting it to the anchor.
commercialThese commercial links can be very beneficial for bloggers as they can earn money from their blog.
clearThe report provides clear links between the data and the conclusions.
formalThe report identified several formal links between the two companies.
point"Point links" provide a quick and easy way to cross-reference data sets.
usefulThis website provides useful links to resources on the topic.
vitalReptiles are vital links in the ecosystem as they aid in the pollination and seed dispersal of many plant species.
strongerThe new technology allows us to create stronger links between devices.
additionalHere are some additional links which may help you to understand the topic better.
traditionalThe traditional links between education and employment are weakening.
brokenThe article was full of broken links
numerousThe website had numerous links to other websites.
wirelessWireless links connect a range of devices with minimal fuss.
internalThese internal links can help users navigate your website and find more information on related topics.
associativeThe evocative scent of lavender triggered associative links to childhood memories.
necessaryThis project mandates the establishment of necessary links between the petitioners.
logicalThe logical links in this sentence are 'and' and 'or'.
weakestThe weakest links must be strengthened.
institutionalShe has institutional links with many academics.
obviousThe obvious links between the two events became clear.
extensiveThere are extensive links between the two companies.
opticalOptical links are used to transmit data over long distances.
speedThe speed links between the computers were very fast.
potentialThere are potential links between the two events
essentialThe essential links were added to the document.
relatedPlease see related links below for further reading.
conceptualWords can be connected through conceptual links or by the words occurring together in the text.
opticThe data center utilized optic links to connect the servers and storage devices.
intimateThe intimate links between science and technology have propelled human progress forward.
informalThere were a few informal links between the two companies.
structuralThe structural links between the molecules held them together.
horizontalI prefer horizontal links in the list of linked documents.
strongestThe strongest links often hold the chain together.
satelliteThe satellite links were established quickly and efficiently.
verticalThe vertical links of the chain rattled as she moved.
diplomaticThe two countries restored diplomatic links after a long period of tension.
geneticResearchers are studying the genetic links between autism and other developmental disorders.
electronicThe instructor shared electronic links to the course materials.
functionalThe software allows users to create functional links between different documents and applications.

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