Adjectives for Lip

Adjectives For Lip

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lip, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'lip' can significantly alter the perception of your sentence, highlighting different aspects or features. Whether referring to the 'upper' or 'lower' lip, each brings its own visual and contextual nuances. 'Cleft' lip introduces a specific physical condition, while 'bottom' lip often emerges in descriptions emphasizing emotional or physical states. The 'outer' lip can denote boundary or edge, contrasting with more intimate or inner aspects. Meanwhile, 'stiff' lip evokes an emotion, usually of determination or restraint. The selected adjective not only paints a vivid picture but also hints at underlying stories or emotions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'lip' and enrich your descriptions.
upperShe had a scar on her upper lip
cleftThe baby was born with a cleft lip which is a birth defect that occurs when the lip does not fuse together properly during pregnancy.
outerShe applied lipstick on her outer lip
stiffHe kept a stiff lip throughout the ordeal.
posteriorThe posterior lip of the foramen magnum was prominent.
innerHe bit his inner lip nervously.
hareThe baby was born with a hare lip
dorsalThe dorsal lip of the blastopore forms the mesoderm.
unilateralThe horse had a prominent unilateral lip droop.
shortThe pack leader bared his short lip to warn the challenger of his status.
bilateralThe bilateral lip was a congenital malformation in the patient's mouth.
thinShe had wonderfully thin lip and a very well-shaped mouth.
thickThe thick lip on the ceramic cup made it easy to grip.
roundedThe plumber used a rounded lip to seal the pipe.
lateralThe superior nutrient artery perforates the mandible at the anterior end of the mental foramen and continues in the lateral lip canal.
fatOuch, look at that kid's fat lip
medialThe medial lip of the superior frontal gyrus is a prominent landmark.
columellarThe columellar lip of the aperture is flat.
flatHe was born with a flat lip
rhombicThe flower has a rhombic lip
underHis under lip twitched slightly.
evertedThe surgeon made an everted lip incision to access the underlying tissue.
prominentThe prominent lip of the vase made it easy to identify.
medianShe had a piercing in her median lip
tightThe man with tight lips pursed his mouth as he passed by.
inferiorShe bit her inferior lip in frustration.
paleHer pale lips were trembling.
curvedHe had a curved lip that seemed to always be fixed in a half-smile.
shapedA gracefully shaped lip above a dimple, with a gentle upward curl at one corner, was the perfection of sweet smiles.
roundShe smiled with full, round lips.
overhangingThe overhanging lip of the cliff made it difficult to climb.
bloodyHe had a bloody lip from the fight.
blastoporalThe blastoporal lip is the anterior dorsal margin of the blastopore.
bustedThe boy had a busted lip after tripping and falling on the sidewalk.
twistedThe man's twisted lip revealed a sinister smile.
pendulousThe horse had a thick, pendulous lip that drooped over its teeth.
blastoporeThe blastopore lip moved toward the anterior dorsal region.
insideThe inside lip of the cup was lined with gold.
shavenThe man with the shaven lip looked suspiciously at the woman.
prettyHer pretty lip curved up into a sweet smile.
lobedThe lobed lip of the pitcher plant helps it to trap insects.
congenitalThe doctor explained to the parents that their baby's congenital lip would require surgery to correct.
austrianShe is trying to do an Austrian lip
scornfulShe regarded him with a scornful lip
shearThe shear lip of the crack was very rough.
rubyHer ruby lip is her most charming feature.

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