Adjectives for Listing

Adjectives For Listing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing listing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a listing can significantly impact the perception of the item or service being offered. A complete listing assures readers nothing is left out, while an alphabetical one highlights organization and ease of navigation. Opting for a comprehensive descriptor suggests thorough inclusivity, in contrast to a partial listing, which might hint at selectivity or an ongoing process. A detailed listing promises depth and specification, and a full listing conveys wholeness and entirety. Each adjective casts a unique light on the noun, affecting reader expectation and interest. Discover more intriguing adjectives and the shadows they cast on 'listing' in the comprehensive list below.
completeThe complete listing of available courses is available online.
comprehensiveThe company sent a comprehensive listing of its products to prospective customers.
partialHere is a partial listing of the items for sale.
detailedHere is a detailed listing of all the available products.
fullThe full listing of available sizes is on the website.
separateEach store will have a separate listing for each product.
extensiveThe extensive listing of available properties can be found on our website.
briefThe application process requires a brief listing of your skills and experience.
mereHis mere listing of the names was redundant.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive listing of all possible scenarios would be too time-consuming.
annotatedThe annotated listing includes detailed descriptions of each item.
currentThe current listing is for a two-bedroom apartment in the city center.
aboveI have attached the above listing for your reference.
multipleI found the real estate property in the multiple listing
shortThe short listing of candidates will be announced next week.
previousI reviewed the previous listing carefully before making an offer.
annualHe checked the annual listing of his transaction list.
officialThe company's official listing on the stock exchange was a major milestone in its history.
exclusiveThis beautiful home is an exclusive listing in the sought-after neighborhood.
chronologicalThis is a chronological listing of events.
openThe house is for sale through several real estate agencies with an open listing agreement.
cross"My listings include shoes, pants, and shirts, and I have these items in many sizes, cross listing them on multiple sites"
dateThe date listing provides information about upcoming events.
classifiedI'm looking for a used car in the classified listings.
selectiveThe school sent out a selective listing of students who had won awards.
initialThe initial listing of the company was a success.
usefulHe created a useful listing of all the available resources.
systematicThe team provided a systematic listing of the items.
bibliographicalThe bibliographical listing includes all of the sources that were consulted in the preparation of the report.
worthThe pros of this product are worth listing
netThe real estate agent provided a net listing to show the final amount due to the seller once all costs are paid.
descriptiveThe shop owner displayed a descriptive listing of the available goods.
geographicalI have a geographical listing of all the countries in the world.
numericalThe students were assigned numerical listings for their seating chart.
typicalThe typical listing for a home in this area is around $200,000.
monthlyThe monthly listing of events is always full of interesting activities.
bibliographicThis article provides a bibliographic listing of books on the history of medicine.
tabularThe tabular listing provides a clear and organized overview of the data.
thoroughThe writer curated a thorough listing of characters in the film.
stateThe state listing is available on the website.
incompleteThe incomplete listing of students was posted on the school website.
printedI need a printed listing of all the available apartments.
pageThe page listing has all the best articles in the magazine.
preliminaryThe preliminary listing of candidates for the position was released today.
representativeThe company has released a representative listing of its products.
geographicThe geographic listing of the countries is in alphabetical order.
convenientThe car is now available on our convenient listing
accurateHe created an accurate listing of all the tasks that needed to be completed.
excellentOur company offers an excellent listing with a wide variety of products to choose from.
carefulHe made a careful listing of all the items he needed.
sellThe sell listing is now active.
definitiveThis is a definitive listing of all the items in the inventory.
weeklyI can't find the weekly listing for this week.
subjectWe can separate the course listings by different subject listings.
dualThe company is planning a dual listing in London and New York.
fullerHere is a fuller listing for your selection.
cumulativeThe cumulative listing of all the employees' salaries was incorrect.
abbreviatedThe abbreviated listing provided only the essential details, omitting any extraneous information.

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