Adjectives for Listings

Adjectives For Listings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing listings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with the noun 'listings' can dramatically alter the perception of your content. For instance, 'new listings' evoke a sense of freshness and opportunity, appealing to those seeking the latest options. 'Complete listings' suggest a thorough and exhaustive collection, ideal for users who desire a comprehensive overview. On the other hand, 'individual listings' and 'separate listings' might attract users looking for specific or unique options, ensuring they feel catered to personally. Meanwhile, 'detailed listings' and 'extensive listings' assure the reader of the depth of information, making it perfect for meticulous planners. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, enriching the user's search experience. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives most effectively paired with 'listings' below.
newThe real estate agent showed me three new listings
completeThe complete listings for the property are available upon request.
individualThere are individual listings for each of the products.
separateWe have separate listings for houses and apartments.
detailedThe detailed listings of the company were published in the latest financial report.
extensiveThe real estate agent had extensive listings for potential home buyers.
currentI'm interested in seeing the current listings for that property.
localJohn checked the local listings for restaurants in his area.
alphabeticalThe library has many alphabetical listings
comprehensiveThe comprehensive listings provide a thorough overview of all available options.
followingI've reviewed the following listings and selected a few that might interest you.
multipleI'm looking for multiple listings in the area.
additionalI have three additional listings to show you today.
realI'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by 'real listings'. Can you please provide more information?
fullYou can view all the full listings for this property here.
mostThe popular websites display most listings from the Miami area.
bibliographicThe bibliographic listings included several books and articles on the topic.
specificWe need to create specific listings in order to target the right audience.
bibliographicalHer writing consists almost entirely of bibliographical listings of all sorts of books.
annotatedWe've compiled a list of annotated listings for your search.
freeYou can find free listings for many items on websites like Craigslist.
foreignThe company has announced several new foreign listings
biographicalThe academic journal featured biographical listings of renowned scientists.
previousWe recommend using our previous listings as a reference.
similarI found some similar listings that you might be interested in.
annualThe annual listings for the company are now available.
openThere are currently over 2,000 open listings for software engineers in the Bay Area.
dailyThe website will list daily listings for apartments.
exclusiveThe broker presented a portfolio of exclusive listings to potential buyers.
weeklyThe weekly listings have a variety of programs to choose from.
internationalThe company is known for its extensive international listings
crossThe courses listed under Spanish 301 and 302 are cross listings
onlineWe found several online listings for used cars in your area.
netWe were interested in net listings not total listings.
monthlyShe keeps monthly listings of her expenses.
numerousThe online real estate website had numerous listings available in the area I was interested in.
residentialThe real estate agent had a large number of residential listings in the area.
briefWe only have brief listings available at this time.
duplicatePlease disregard any duplicate listings of this apartment.
regularThe company releases regular listings of job openings across their national locations.
officialThe book's official listings state that the author is Mark Twain.
usefulListing some useful listings for the user.
subsequentPlease include all subsequent listings in your email.
abovePlease check the above listings for a rental home.
earlierThe current listings are cheaper than the earlier listings
descriptiveDescriptive listings included specifications, dimensions, and prices.
classifiedI found a great deal on a used car in the classified listings
partialThe company released partial listings of its assets and liabilities.
availableThere are several available listings for apartments in the city center.
directoryPlease review the directory listings for more information.
exhaustiveThe reference document includes exhaustive listings of all known sources of information on this subject
topI looked at the top listings for the best restaurants in town.
printedThe agent provided her with printed listings of lakefront properties.
yellowI'm sorry, but I'm not able to generate a sentence with the term 'yellow listings'.
tabularTabular listings are arranged in rows and columns.
mereThis document serves as a place for mere listings
regionalHe reviewed the available regional listings of properties.
relevantI found some relevant listings for the shoes you're looking for.
overseasWe have many overseas listings for you to choose from.
latestCheck out our latest listings for the best deals on homes in your area.
occupationalI can provide you with a list of occupational listings in your area.
dualThese companies often have dual listings to lower the risk of a takeover attempt.
geographicalThe geographical listings include countries, states, and cities.
chronologicalThe chronological listings of events provided a detailed timeline of the project's progress.
selectiveThe broker only had selective listings for us to view.

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