Adjectives for Lives

Adjectives For Lives

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lives, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjectives we pair with 'lives' deeply color the stories we tell about existence. Using 'own' suggests a narrative of individual agency and autonomy, while 'daily' and 'everyday' focus on the routine or mundane aspects of life. 'Many' hints at diversity and the multitude of experiences within a group, and 'human' underscores our shared experiences, grounding tales in the universal. 'Personal,' meanwhile, draws the listener into the intimate details and unique perspectives of an individual's life. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, inviting readers and listeners into a richer understanding of what it means to live. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can add depth and detail to 'lives' below.
ownWe should be able to control our own lives
dailyThe daily lives of the people in the village were simple and peaceful.
manyMany lives have been impacted by the charitable organization.
humanHuman lives are precious and should be protected at all costs.
personalIt's essential to have a good work-life balance for our personal lives
everydayOur everyday lives are filled with small joys and challenges.
privateThe celebrities tried to keep their private lives out of the news.
individualEveryone's individual lives are equally important.
wholeThey have been friends for their whole lives
pastI had a vague sense that I had known him from one of my past lives
americanThose who work hard lead more fulfilling American lives
normalI sometimes miss the mundane routine of normal lives
professionalThey are passionate about using design and technology to create innovative solutions that address societal challenges and enhance professional lives
shortThe butterflies flew together for their short lives
veryThe very lives of students depend on active supervision during school field trips.
previousShe remembers her previous lives in vivid detail.
entireThey spent their entire lives working hard to achieve their goals.
usefulThe useful lives of the equipment were estimated to be five years.
betterWe are working hard to help everyone live better lives
separateTheir separate lives had led them to very different places.
futureShe is preparing for her entrance exam and wants to know about her future lives
ordinaryMy ordinary lives are filled with joy sorrow happiness and tears.
spiritualWe should try to pursue our spiritual lives independent of any external validation or reward.
innerSome people who interact a lot with others may actually have richer inner lives than those who don't.
innocentInnocent lives were lost in the tragic accident.
dayHe day lives in a small village.
formerShe kept having fragmented memories of her former lives
happyThey lived happy lives
activeMy grandparents have lived very active lives
productiveThey spent their productive lives working and raising a family.
busyMany people have busy lives nowadays.
emotionalThe complexities of our emotional lives often lead to fascinating paths.
sexualI don't know anything about their sexual lives
longerPeople with healthy lifestyles generally live longer lives
countlessThe selfless nurses have saved countless lives during the pandemic.
valuableThe preservation of valuable lives is paramount.
independentThey lived independent lives each pursuing their own passions.
healthyMaintaining healthy lives is essential for well-being.
preciousThese precious lives are worth fighting for.
holyThe holy lives of the saints inspire awe and wonder.
jointJohn and Jane have signed a joint lives policy, which ensures that the policy will not expire until after both of them have passed away.
quietThey led quiet lives in a small town.
exemplaryTheir exemplary lives were a beacon of hope for those around them.
comfortableThey were able to maintain comfortable lives through hard work and dedication.
nobleNoble lives inspire others to strive for greatness.
healthierWe can all make choices that lead to healthier lives
meaningfulWe all strive to live our meaningful lives
earthlyMany believe our earthly lives are but one chapter in the unending saga of human existence.
liveWe live lives that are full of challenges and rewards.
peacefulThey lived peaceful lives in the countryside.
civilianThe airstrikes accidentally took several civilian lives
decentThey deserved decent lives
respectivePeople from different cultures live their respective lives in parallel.
solitaryThe hermits lived solitary lives in the mountains.
parallelTwo parallel lives emerged from opposite corners of the world.
sedentaryMany people living in modern societies lead sedentary lives
reproductiveWomen have the right to control their reproductive lives

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