Adjectives for Living

Adjectives For Living

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing living, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjective used with the noun 'living' significantly impacts the tone and nuance of a sentence, reflecting myriad aspects of life's quality and nature. 'Daily living' emphasizes routine and the passage of time, while 'worth living' points to value and existential satisfaction. 'Good living' often conveys a sense of prosperity and enjoyment, juxtaposing 'own living,' which heralds autonomy and personal space. The notion of 'everyday living' brings attention to the ordinary, yet essential aspects of life, and 'independent living' celebrates self-sufficiency and freedom. Each adjective paints a unique picture of life's diverse experiences. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that color our understanding of living below.
dailyI try to live my daily living as green as possible.
worthLife is worth living
goodGood living doesn't just happen - it's something you need to create for yourself.
ownShe has her own living and she doesn't rely on others.
everydayMy everyday living is much more relaxed now that I have retired.
independentJane enjoys her new independent living situation.
decentThe family made enough money to afford a decent living
rightRight living encompasses ethical conduct and a balanced life.
freeThe free living creatures were a sight to behold.
comfortableThe spacious apartment offered a comfortable living experience.
urbanUrban living offers many conveniences, such as easy access to transportation and entertainment.
betterThe app was designed with your better living in mind.
christianChristian living is a journey of faith, hope, and love.
communalCommunal living can be a great way to save money and build community.
modernModern living often requires a lot of multitasking.
honestHonest living requires dedication and hard work.
dayThe cat enjoys day living in the warm sun.
healthyHealthy living encompasses making positive choices in various aspects of life to promote overall well-being.
holyHoly living is the practice of adhering to religious principles and teachings in one's daily life.
riotousHer riotous living had finally caught up with her, and she was now facing the consequences.
luxuriousThey enjoyed a luxurious living in the grand palace.
simpleSimple living is about contentment and minimalism.
nonThe non living room was dark and silent.
normalNormal living is a state of being that is in accordance with the norms of society.
plainPlain living and high thinking are often found together.
healthfulHealthful living entails making choices that support well-being.
successfulSuccessful living is the process of living a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to you.
cleanMy grandparents lived a clean living in their youth.
happyThere is a village called Happy living down the river.
longerPeople with longer living make better decisions.
ruralThe couple decided that they wanted to experience rural living after living in the city for so long.
democraticDemocratic living is the practice of citizens participating in the decision-making process of their community.
hardThe years of hard living were taking their toll on him.
bareThe family escaped the war with only the bare living
easyThe coastal town offered an easy living with its quaint shops and friendly locals.
graciousShe enjoyed gracious living with her family in the countryside.
ordinaryShe was tired of ordinary living and suddenly quit her job.
suburbanThe comforts and convenience of suburban living are unmatched.
precariousHe was living a precarious living never knowing where his next meal would come from.
righteousRighteous living brings peace and contentment to your soul and to those around you.
effectiveEffective living involves setting realistic goals and pursuing them consistently.
outdoorThe house had a nice outdoor living area.
looseShe was known for her loose living and excessive partying.
elderlyAdvances in healthcare have led to an increase in the size of the elderly living population.
meagerThe family's meager living conditions made it difficult for them to afford basic necessities.
modestShe desired a modest living free from the constraints of wealth and excess.
civilizedThe conveniences of civilized living have made life easier for many.
mereMere living is not enough.
virtuousHer virtuous living set an example for others to follow.
creativeCreative living is about finding joy in the small things and embracing the unexpected.
cooperativeThe monks lived in cooperative living sharing meals, duties, and space.
japaneseThe japanese living room is filled with tatami mats.
rationalWe should strive for rational living making decisions based on reason and logic.
richHer rich living is only due to her inheritance.
everThe ever living tree stands tall and proud.
wholesomeWholesome living includes a healthy diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep.
adequateWe should ensure that everyone has access to adequate living conditions.
collectiveCooperative housing is a form of collective living in which residents share responsibilities and resources.
peacefulThey yearned for years of peaceful living
godlyGodly living requires constant prayer, humility, and the pursuit of righteousness.
fairShe earned a fair living as a seamstress.
extravagantHis extravagant living led to financial ruin.
harmoniousHarmonious living entails creating a balanced and peaceful environment in which all elements work together in harmony.
scantyThe family lived a scanty living struggling to make ends meet.
nobleHe lived a life of noble living helping the needy and sacrificing his own gain for the good of others.
institutionalI have no experience with institutional living

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