Adjectives for Load

Adjectives For Load

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing load, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective for the noun load can significantly alter the percevied weight and implication of what you're describing. A full load suggests completeness, possibly to the brink of capacity. Conversely, a heavy load emphasizes the burden and challenges associated with carrying it. Describing something as a total load envelops the entirety of the subject, leaving no room for exceptions. Meanwhile, the distinction between a live load and a dead load introduces the concept of dynamic versus static weight, crucial in engineering contexts. And a maximum load points to the upper limit of what can be safely handled. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with load for more nuanced interpretations.
fullThe truck left the warehouse at full load
heavyI had to carry a heavy load up the mountain.
totalThe total load on the server is too high.
liveThe live load for this structure is 100 pounds per square foot.
deadThe dead load must account for the weight of the structure, as well as any permanent fixtures.
maximumThe maximum load for this bridge is 10 tons.
axialThe axial load on the column is 100 kN.
uniformThe beam is designed to support a uniform load of 1000 pounds per foot.
appliedThe applied load caused the material to deform.
concentratedThe concentrated load on the beam caused it to sag.
normalThe normal load on the bearing is 1000 N.
externalThe helicopter carried an external load of supplies to the remote village.
verticalThe structure can withstand a vertical load of up to 10 tons.
averageThe average load for each car is 1.5 passengers.
constantThe pump has been running under a constant load for several hours.
criticalThe critical load of a pathway is the maximum level of pollution that can be tolerated without causing adverse effects to the ecosystem.
ultimateThe ultimate load for this girder is 100 tons.
additionalThe team was struggling with the additional load of work.
safeThe safe load of the bridge is 10 tons.
staticThe static load caused the bridge to collapse.
lightThe truck had a light load today.
resistiveThe resistive load was connected to the output of the amplifier.
allowableThe allowable load for the bridge was exceeded.
entireDid I just finish my entire load of laundry in one sitting?
inductiveThe motor is an inductive load that consumes a lot of power when starting up.
cognitiveThe cognitive load of the task was too high for him to complete it successfully.
extraThe new work responsibilities placed an extra load on the team.
actualThe actual load on the system is too high.
heavierThe truck was carrying a heavier load than usual.
lateralThe bridge was designed to withstand heavy lateral loads.
mechanicalThe mechanical load on the system is too high.
peakThe power plant is operating at peak load
compressiveThe beam was tested for its compressive load capacity.
initialThe initial load of the software took about 30 minutes.
connectedThe connected load of the house is 10 kW.
balancedThe circuit is designed for a balanced load ensuring equal power distribution and efficiency.
dynamicThe dynamic load on the bridge was calculated using computer simulations.
filteredThe filtered load is between 1000 and 2000 liters.
equivalentThe equivalent load for this circuit is 10 ohms.
minimumThe minimum load is 500 pounds.
distributedThe distributed load was evenly applied across the entire surface of the material.
excessiveThe excessive load on the server caused it to crash.
electricalThe electrical load on the system was too high, causing a power outage.
horizontalThe building was subjected to a significant horizontal load during the earthquake
computationalThe computational load of the algorithm is too high to run on a personal computer.
usefulThe plane carried a useful load of medical supplies.
geneticGenetic load refers to the overall burden of deleterious alleles within a population.
oralThe oral load of the patient was too high for him to tolerate.
doubleI had to double load the dishwasher because it was so full.
dailyThe daily load of work is often overwhelming.
steadyThe steady load on the server was handled efficiently by the load balancer.
variableThe city's power grid can handle a variable load which means that it can provide power to different parts of the city as needed.
heaviestLifting the heaviest load yet, the bodybuilder strained every muscle in his body.
enormousThe enormous load of hay filled the entire barn.
functionalThe functional load of the lower limbs was increased during the exercise.
eccentricThe eccentric load on the cantilever beam caused it to deflect excessively.
thermalThe thermal load of the building was reduced by 20%.
organicThe organic load in the river affects the fish population.
lighterWith a lighter load she could focus more on her studies.
unbalancedThe unbalanced load caused the system to crash.
capacitiveThe capacitive load on the circuit caused a significant voltage drop.
hugeI have a huge load of work to do.
netThe utility charged extra to cover its net load for peak hours.
continuousThe continuous load on the machine is testing its limits.
suspendedThe river transported a suspended load of fine sediment.
radialThe radial load on the bearing is 10,000 pounds.
patientThe doctor's patient load increased significantly after the pandemic.

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